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September 2021

1. Viet Nam to begin acceptance of requests for PPH in second half period of 2021
2. Eleventh Japan-ASEAN Heads of Intellectual Property Offices Meeting Held
3. "Fast movie" and Copyright
4. Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property / Tokyo 2021 to Be Held
5. Posted on JPO Website: English Translations of Appeal Decisions etc. Added in August 2021

Download(PDF 2,669KB)

August 2021

1. International Intellectual Property Symposium on WIPO GREEN
2. The 14th IP5 Heads of Office Meeting
3. Partial Revision of Trademark Act and Design Act for Import of Counterfeit Products for "Personal Use"
4. mRNA vaccine
5. Intellectual Property Promotion Plan - On Establishment of System for Centrally Managing Copyrights -

Download(PDF 2,513KB)

July 2021

1. Partial Abolishment of Affixing Seals in JPO-Related Procedures
2. Promulgation of "Bill for Act of Partial Revision of Patent Act and Other Acts"
3. Trademarks and designs after UK's withdrawal from EU (Brexit) -How to confirm registration in UK
4. Passage and enactment of "Bill for Partial Revision of Copyright Act"
5. Live streaming of school athletic meet and music copyright: MEXT's view

Download(PDF 2,737KB)

June 2021

1. Current State of AI Research in China
2. Fair use and copyright
3. First sound trademark including voice with classical music registered
4. Amendment of Chinese Patent Law
5. Belarus joins Hague System

Download(PDF 1,644KB)

May 2021

1. Extension of US-JP Collaborative Search Pilot Program
2. JPO Status Report 2021
3. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Announces List of Seeds Prohibited From Being Taken Out Overseas
4. Patent Examination Highway (PPH) Program - Morocco
5. Revised Design Act Enforced on April 1, 2021

Download(PDF 1,757KB)

April 2021

1. Notice of Relocation of Tokyo Head Office to new WTC Building South Tower
2. Cabinet approves bill to partially revise the Patent Law
3. The 4th JPO-DPIIT Review Meeting Held
4. Examples of design applications for registration of images filed after the revision of the Japanese design law in 2020
5. Publication of the number of PCT applications in 2020
6. Pakistan Joins Madrid Protocol

Download(PDF 1,839KB)

March 2021

1. Promotion of Open Innovation
2. New System for Preventing Spread of Misinformation
3. A Trademark System Suitable for During-coronavirus and Post-coronavirus Eras
4. World Ranking of Patent Holders
5. Sorting out Copyright Issues in Relation to Cosplay

Download(PDF 1,603KB)

February 2021

1. New Year's Message from Commissioner of JPO
2. JPO's Measures Concerning Re-Declaration of State of Emergency
3. Revisions to Trademark Act and Design Act – Imported Counterfeit Products Will Be Confiscated Even for Personal Use
4. Relaxation of Limit on Number of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Requests in Brazil
5. Copyright System and Related Policies in Digital Age

Download(PDF 1,638KB)

January 2021

1. Yasuo Nishiyama – Attorney-at-law and Patent and Trademark Attorney
2. Acceptance of Requests for PPH Pilot Program between JPO and IPO (Second Term) Started
3. Impact of Brexit on Trademarks and Designs after the Transition Period
4. Revision of International Application Fees
5. Japan and France to Commence Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Program
6. Building for Hospital Was Registered as Design for the First Time in Japan

Download(PDF 1,613KB)

December 2020

1. Tokyo Head Office will be relocated to new "World Trade Center Building South Tower" in spring of 2021
2. Number of AI-related Patent Applications in China in 2019
3. Discussions on Revision of the Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act
4. Designs of newly added protection subjects registered
5. Trend toward new lending method using intangible assets as collateral
6. Strengthening crackdown on counterfeit sales by cross-border E-Commerce - Considering revisions of Trademark Act

Download(PDF 1,829KB)

November 2020

1. 2020 Nobel Prize
2. JPO Announces Complete Electronic Filings
3. Revised Design Act - Report on Applications for Designs under Newly Expanded Scope of Protection – Part II
4. Novel Coronavirus and Patents
5. Revised Copyright Act Partly Came into Effect on October 1

Download(PDF 1,458KB)

October 2020

1. Revision to International Application-related Fees
2. IP Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS)
3. 2019 revision to Design Act (which will be in force on April 1, 2021)
4. 10th Special Meeting of Commissioners of Japan and ASEAN IP Offices
5. Myanmar to Launch Soft-opening Period for Trademark Applications from October 1

Download(PDF 2,239KB)

September 2020

1. Fight against Illegal Posts on SNS
2. Announcements from JPO
3. Release of Japan-Korea Concordance List of Similar Group Codes(Compliant with Nice International Classification[11th Edition, Ver. 2020])
4. China Revises its Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
5. Appointment of HELLO KITTY as "Copyright Promotion Ambassador"

Download(PDF 2,028KB)

August 2020

1. Support Measures / Countermeasures in the Fight Against COVID-19
2. 10th "Japan-ASEAN Heads of Intellectual Property Offices Meeting"
3. Revised Design Act - Report on Applications for Designs under Newly Expanded Scope of Protection
4. PPH Portal
5. New JPO Webpage Regarding 2019 Revision of the Design Act

Download(PDF 2,027KB)

July 2020

1. Expansion of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program between the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Egyptian Patent Office (EGYPO)
2. Regarding ABJ mark
3. "2019 Knowledge Collection of the Project for Dispatching IP Strategy Designers to Universities" Released
4. Individual Designation Fee: Mexico (Hague Agreement)
5. Information on changes to JPO operations for readers based in Japan (Japanese language only)

Download(PDF 2,078KB)

June 2020

1. ICT (Information Communication Technology) as Essential Technology
2. Handling of Patent Rights for Fifth-generation Mobile Communications System (5G)
3. Osaka Institute of Technology Prepares and Publishes "Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material" for Teachers Online
4. E-mail Communications with Examiners are Now Permitted
5. "New Type" Trademarks - Looking at a Registered Example of a Hologram Trademark-

Download(PDF 1,881KB)

May 2020 (2020.05.22 up)

1. Open COVID-19 Declaration
2. Emergent Responses by the Five IP Offices
3. Geographical Names in Japan - Background of Increase in Trademark Applications outside Japan
4. Patent Right Obtained by JPO
5. Yokai "Amabie"-Related Goods and Copyrights

Download(PDF 2,145KB)

May 2020 (2020.05.15 up)

1. Treatment of procedures affected by new coronavirus infection
2. Survey on trends in technologies used in patent applications in FY 2019
3. Exploitation of copyrighted work in online classes is now allowed without permission - compensation-free until the end of FY2020
4. Invitation to the Intellectual Property Acceleration Program (IPAS) in FY 2020 Launched
5. Procedure for seeking application of "exception to lack of novelty of design" provision JPO's response to COVID-19 situation

Download(PDF 1,992KB)

May 2020

1. China Filed the Most International Patent Applications in 2019
2. Blockchain-related Patent Applications in China
3. Move to Register a Trademark for Tochigi's Oldest Craftwork, "Tenmyoimono"
4. France and Google Engaged in Struggle over Copyright
5. Q&A on Expansion of Related Design System

Download(PDF 2,039KB)

April 2020

1. Study of Technology Trends at Universities
2. Genome Editing Technology CRISPR/Cas9 in Japan
3. Ordinance Partially Revising Trademark Law Enforcement Regulations
4. Fundamentals of Design Applications for Buildings and Interiors
5. Final Bill Revising Civil Justice System

Download(PDF 2,506KB)

March 2020

1. Publication of Reference Materials for Inventive Step Examination
2. Fiscal 2020 IP Strategy Designer Dispatches - Recruitment Begins
3. The Effect of Brexit on Trademarks and Designs
4. Results of Investigations into Trends in Patent Applications etc. Published
5. Revised Design Law

Download(PDF 1,991KB)

February 2020

1. Regulation of GAFA in Japan
2. Points to Note Regarding New Implementations of Anti-monopoly Law
3. First GI Registration in Shimane Prefecture
4. JPO Director's Thoughts for Start of 2020
5. Fifth Meeting of Major Five Design Offices Held in Japan – Electronic Exchange of Priority Documents etc. Confirmed

Download(PDF 2,098KB)

January 2020

1. World Intellectual Property Report 2019
2. International Patent Application Fees Revised
3. Examination Guidelines for Similar Goods and Services (International Classifications 11-2020)
4. Enforcement Date for Revised Design Law
5. Expansion of Patent Prosecution Highways (PPH)

Download(PDF 2,057KB)

December 2019

1. Additional Content Added to IP Community Portal Site "IP BASE"
2. Patent Prosecution Highway Trial Program to Commence between Japan and Saudi Arabia
3. Myanmar: "Soft-Opening" to Accompany Enforcement of Trademark Law
4. Most Valuable Consumer Brands
5. Full Patent Prosecution Highway to Commence between Japan and Taiwan

Download(PDF 2,142KB)

November 2019

1. Numbers of Standard Essential Patents for Next-Generation Communications Standard 5G
2. Strengthening of IP Protections for Agricultural Varieties Abroad
3. Vietnam, Samoa and Israel Join the Hague Agreement
4. Background to New Recruitment of Trademark Examination Assistants
5. Reselling and Second-hand Selling of E-books in EU

Download(PDF 2,057KB)

October 2019

1. Investigative Report into the Relationship between IP and Economy in Japan
2. Dialogue on Japan-Africa Patent Office Policy
3. JPO Publishes Table of Corresponding Groups of Similar Goods/Services in Japan and Korea
4. Sea Urchins Reared in Hamanaka-cho to be registered under Geographical Indicator Protection System
5. Matching Tool Effective in Business Corporation

Download(PDF 2,038KB)

September 2019

1. Announcement Regarding Change in Japanese Consumption Tax Rate
2. Apple Inc. Files Applications for Registration of 'Apple Card' and 'Apple Cash' Trademarks in Japan
3. Publication of Annual Report on Patent Administration for 2019
4. Design Registered for Material Intended for Recycling
5. Enterprises Selected for Support under First Intellectual Property Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS) 2019
6. ASEAN Intellectual Property Offices Symposium in Japan 2019 Held

Download(PDF 2,167KB)

August 2019

1. Situation regarding Applications for AI-Related Inventions
2. Trends in Business-Related Inventions
3. Malaysia Revises Trademark Law and Joins Madrid Protocol
4. Collection of Consultation Examples Related to Anti-Monopoly Act
5. Smooth Examination of Trademarks by Using Non-governmental Investigators

Download(PDF 2,039KB)

July 2019

1. Major Design Law Revision
2. Change of Procedures for Requesting International Preliminary Examinations
3. Granting Non-Exclusive Rights to Use Well-Known Trademarks of Public Entities Becomes Possible
4. Survey of Technology Trends in Patent Applications
5. Outline of IT Policy

Download(PDF 2,104KB)

June 2019

1. New Version of J-PlatPat with Added Functions Released
2. Outline of Revisions to Design Examination Guidelines
3. Promulgation of Revised Patent Law
4. Japan-China Cooperative Research Report on Intellectual Property in 2018 Published
5. Recruitment for Intellectual Property Acceleration Program (IPAS) 2019 Begins

Download(PDF 2,087KB)

May 2019

1. Is It Possible to Register 'Reiwa' as Trademark?
2. Trends in International Patent Applications
3. Report on Content Services Utilizing Blockchain Technology
4. Collection of Cases of Partial Designs Registered as Related Designs
5. 5G Mobile Communications System

Download(PDF 2,111KB)

April 2019

1. Bill Partially Revising Design Law
2. PCT Collaborative Search Trial Program
3. Current State of Patent Opposition
4. Increase in Examination Fees
5. Example of Registered 3D Trademark: "Diamond-cut"
6. Vietnam PPH: Increase in Number of Cases Handled

Download(PDF 2,189KB)

March 2019

1. Trends in AI-Related Applications Worldwide
2. New Fee Reduction System for Patent Fees (1st-10th year) and Examination Fees
3. Trademarks Indicating Eras in Japanese Calendar
4. Only 7 of 500 Color-only Trademark Applications Registered
5. Expansion of Patent Prosecution Highway between Japan and Brazil
6. Revisions to Patent Infringement Litigation System

Download(PDF 1,982KB)

February 2019

1. Patent Office Director's Thoughts at the Start of 2019
2. Understanding How the Name "Kobe Beef" is Used
3. International Data Distribution Zones
4. Partial Revision to Design Law Examination Guidelines
5. Adjustment of systems related to IP in China

Download(PDF 2,048KB)

January 2019

1. Number of Patent Applications Worldwide
2. Design and Trademark Examination/Appeal Documents to be Made Available via J-PlatPat
3. Baby Girls Born from Embryos Modified with Genome Editing Technology
4. Changes to Official Fees for International Applications
5. Humanoid Robot 'Pepper' Registered as 3D Trademark

Download(PDF 1,990KB)

December 2018

1. Revision to Patent Dispute Processing System
2. Difficulty of Registering Trademarks Consisting Only of Colors
3. Amendments to Stipulations in AIA Patent Reviews
4. Overview of Draft Revisions to Trademark Examination Guidelines
5. Trial PPH to Begin between Japan and India

Download(PDF 1,893KB)

November 2018

1. Collection of Examples of Enterprises Using IP 2018
2. Introduction of "Fast-track Examinations" for Trademarks
3. Handling in Japan of Trademark Applications with "Providing Casino Facilities" as a Designated Service
4. Drug Fees and IP
5. From Application to Use

Download(PDF 2,066KB)

October 2018

1. Relief Measures Regarding Disasters
2. Proposed Revisions to Design Law
3. Guidelines for Accelerated Examinations/Trials for Trademarks Revised
4. 8th Japan - ASEAN Patent Office Directors' Meeting
5. US Patent for Genome Editing Technology CRISPR/Cas9

Download(PDF 1,967KB)

September 2018

1. JPO Begins 'Design Administration'
2. Patent/Trademark Data Exchange between Japan and Malaysia
3. Usage agreement for nōhaku trademark
4. Canada Joins the Hague System
5. Relaxation of Requirements for Powers of Attorney in Korea

Download(PDF 2.018KB)

August 2018

1. Examination Handling of Trademarks Consisting of or Comprising Names of Imperial Eras
2. Guidelines for Contracts regarding use of AI and Data
3. Cup Noodle's Belt-shaped Design Registered as Position Mark
4. Outline of the GDPR
5. Blockchain Technology in Japanese Society
6. Strengthening Cooperation with USPTO in the Field of Designs

Download(PDF 1.999KB)

July 2018

1. Bill Partially Revising Unfair Competition Prevention Law, etc.
2. Change to Period for Exception to Lack of Novelty for Invention
3. Period for Exception to Lack of Novelty for Designs Extended to One Year
4. Strengthening of Requirements for Divisionals of Trademarks Applications
5. Cooperative International Search Reports by "Big Five" Patent Offices
6. Support Program Subsidizes Half of Foreign Filing Fees

Download(PDF 1.805KB)

June 2018

1. "Kinoko-no-yama" Registered as 3D Trademark
2. 2017 Survey of Technology Trends in Patent Applications
3. TPP-Related Bill under Discussion
4. UK Ratifies Unified Patent Court (UPC), with Only Germany Remaining
5. Explanatory Materials Regarding Use of Trademarks in Accelerated Examinations
6. IP Merit Awards Ceremony Held

Download(PDF 2.123KB)

May 2018

1. Proposed Revision to Unfair Competition Prevention Law etc.
2. Legal Responsibility in Accidents Involving AI Products
3. United Kingdom Joins the Hague System
4. Concrete Examples of Method of Counting Similar Groups
5. Site Blocking Highlighted as Means of Content Protection

Download(PDF 1.794KB)

April 2018

1. Reduction System for Patent Fees, etc.
2. 2018 Guidebook on Regional Collective Trademarks
3. Change to Method of Counting Similar Groupings
4. WIPO High-level Forum
5. Tripolar Patent Office Directors Meeting

Download(PDF 2.060KB)

March 2018

1. Regional Collective Trademark Symbol
2. Expansion of applicability of Super accelerated examination for Ventures
3. Accelerated Trademark Examination System in Japan
4. Revision of IP System to Handle 4th Industrial Revolution etc.Announced
5. Global IP Strategy Forum 2018 Held

Download(PDF 1.771KB)

February 2018

1. Introducing our “Nagoya Office”
2. Revised Unfair Competition Prevention Law in Force in China from January 1, 2018
3. Role of Patent & Trademark Attorneys in Distribution and Use of Data
4. Diversification of Information Senders and Amendments to the Law
5. JPO Produces List of Unusable Designations of Goods and Services
6. Transfer to New "Madrid Monitor" Service

Download(PDF 1.934KB)

January 2018

1. Revision of Patent Law Forthcoming
2. Notice from European Commission regarding Great Britain's Departure from EU
3. Revision of Fees for International Applications
4. Worldwide Patent Application Figures (Fiscal 2016)
5. Japan, China and Korea Patent Office Directors' Meeting
6. 3rd Industrial Design 5 (ID5) Forum Held

Download(PDF 915KB)

December 2017

1. Recent Situation Regarding Design Application Registrations
2. Draft Ordinance Partially Revising Trademark Law Enforcement Regulations
3. Facet Classification Symbols Partially Abolished
4. Japan-US Joint Search Trial Program Re-Opened
5. Trial Patent Prosecution Highway Opens between Japan and Peru

Download(PDF 916KB)

November 2017

1. First Registration of Sound Trademarks Composed Solely of Musical Elements
2. FRAND is process
3. Special Exceptions Regarding Potential Registrants of Regional Collective Trademarks due to Application of Regional Future Investment Promotion Law
4. Confusion Surrounds Cryptocurrencies
5. Machine Learning and Copyright

Download(PDF 1186KB)

October 2017

1. University of Tokyo Allows IP to be used for Free in Connection with Tokyo Olympics
2. Philippines: New Requirement to Submit Declaration of Use Within One Year after Trademark Renewal
3. Imports Blocked due to IP Infringement in Over 15,000 Cases
4. Line Drawn Under Court Battle over Who Owns Copyright of "Monkey Selfie"
5. Handling of Applications for Trademarks Formed from Famous Pictures, etc.

Download(PDF 812KB)

August 2017

1. Regulations of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT Regulations) Revised
2. Patent Administration Annual Report 2017 Published
3. Patent Prosecution Highway Started Between Japan and New Zealand
4. Examination of Trademark Applications that are Later Applications of Procedurally Flawed Applications
5. New "Madrid Monitor" Service

Download(PDF 854KB)

July 2017

1. 2017 IP Advancement Plan Decided
2. Sudden change to handling of Copyright
3. Data Monopolization and Revisions to the Antimonopoly Law
4. Examples of "Bad Faith Trademark Applications" in Japan, the US,Europe, China and Korea(Extract from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website)
5. India Publishes Guideline on Applications for Recognition of Prominent Trademarks

Download(PDF 1022KB)

June 2017

1. Canadian Enterprise Acquires Rights to World's Most Famous Beagle
2. Application of Foreign IP Lawsuit Fee Insurance System Expanded
3. Photos May be Taken Freely at Exhibition at Mori Art Gallery, Roppongi
4. Revisions to Design Examination Guidelines

Download(PDF 1486KB)

May 2017

1. Patent Office Status Report 2017
2. Expansion of Patent Prosecution Highways – South America
3. Tripolar Patent Office Directors’ Meeting and Tripolar Patent Office Directors’ Meeting with Users
4. Revision to Trademark Examination Guidelines

Download(PDF 813KB)

April 2017

1. First Decisions to Grant Registrations Issued for Color-only Trademarks
2. Amended Trademark Regulations come into effect in India
3. Large Increase in Patents Granted by European Patent Office in 2016
4. Global Sharing of Patent Information on Internet of Things to Start January 2019

Download(PDF 786KB)

March 2017

1. Scope of Effectiveness of Extended Duration Patent Rights
2. Damage Compensation Claim against Online Sales of Cracking Software Approved
3. Necessity of Registering New Plant Varieties Overseas
4. Expansion of Cyber Attacks
5. Expansion of Applicability of Accelerated Examinations and Accelerated Appeal Examinations for Trademark Applications

Download(PDF 814KB)

February 2017

1. Revision to Geographical Indication Law
2. Comparison of Prior User Rights Systems in Japan, China and Korea
3. Trademark Examination Handbook Revised
4. 2016 Top 100 Global Innovators

Download(PDF 755KB)

January 2017

1. A Foldable Design and Glass Body for the Next iPhone?
2. Shizuoka Prefecture sets up Intellectual Property Research Group
3. Toyota Increases Compensation for Employee Inventions by 20%(Maximum 2.15m Yen)
4. Three-Nation Patent Office Directors’ Meeting Between Japan, China and Korea

Download(PDF 825KB)

December 2016

1. <IMPORTANT> Support for plant variety registration applications abroad
2. Newly-established Patent Classification for IoT-related Technologies
3. INPIT sets Period for Strengthening Support for Development of Official Regulations on Employee Inventions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
4. WIPO Publishes Global Innovation Index
5. Fifth Meeting of Five Trademark Offices (TM5)

Download(PDF 1128KB)

November 2016

1. Introducing "HARAKENZO more "’s Industrial Design Homepage
2. WIPO General Assembly 2016
3. PPH Requests to Vietnam Patent Office Halted
4. Free Access to Part of Tokushima University’s Patent Portfolio for Under a Year, from October 2016
5. Joint Declaration regarding Patent Examinations between

Download(PDF 997KB)

October 2016

1. Wakayama Prefecture Blocks Unauthorized Trademark Registration in China
2. Cambodia Joins the PCT
3. 11 New Countries Added to Google Patent Search Service
4. WIPO Publishes 2016 Global Innovation Index
5. Status of Customs Injunctions in First Half of 2016

Download(PDF 941KB)

September 2016

1. Patent Examination Information from Various Countries Available Together
2. Strengthening of IP Cooperation Program between Japan and ASEAN
3. Pre-publication Applications become Eligible for Applications for US-Japan Collaborative Searches
4. International Information Bulletin on English Translations of Japanese Judgment Precedents

Download(PDF 1909KB)

August 2016

1. 2016 Annual Patent Administration Report
2. Total Number of Registered Regional Collective Trademarks Reaches 600
3. Controversy over Guidelines on Derivative Works Based on ‘Star Trek’ Series
4. Regional IP Support Projects
5. Thai Utility Models and Trademarks added to FOPISER

Download(PDF 847KB)

July 2016

1. Establishment of Foreign IP Litigation Cost Insurance System for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
2. Status of Patent Opposition Filings
3. Efforts to Broaden Use of Patent Information
4. Meeting of Directors of the Five Largest Patent Offices (IP5)

Download(PDF 739KB)

June 2016

1. Relief Measures etc. for Deadlines Expired due to Kumamoto Earthquake
2. The FRANCK MULLER trademark case
3. Employee Inventions Policy Published
4. IP Cooperation System between Japan and Vietnam
5. The European Trade Mark and Design Network and the national IP offices of all EU states publish a Common Communication for their common practice on the graphical representation of designs

Download(PDF 814KB)

May 2016

1. Move towards Using AI in Patent Examinations
2. National Application Figures for 2015
3. Slogans and Catchphrases to become Eligible for Trademark Registration
4. International Patent Application Figures – First Ever Reduction for No.1 Applicant USA
5. Damage to Japan’s Industrial Sector by Counterfeits at Home and Abroad, and Relevant Countermeasures

Download(PDF 769KB)

April 2016

1. Abandonment Orders Issued by the Indian Trade Marks Registry
2. Entry into Patent Law Treaty and Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks and accompanying preparation of national legal stipulations
3. Searching English-language Goods and Services Using Japanese Similarity Group Codes
4. 2015 Status of Blocked Goods Infringing IP and Enactment of Bill Partially Revising Customs Tariff Law
5. EUIPO becomes EUIPO

Download(PDF 840KB)

March 2016

1. Indian Prime Minister Modi Announces Measures Supporting Startup Enterprises
2. Developments Regarding Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (Summary)
3. ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Copyright Issue Resolved
4. Microsoft Acquires Patent for Modular Computer

Download(PDF 1122KB)

February 2016

1. Legislation Partially Revising Patent Law, etc. - Enactment Date and Related Ordinances Prepared
2. Changes to Handling of Extensions to Response Period for Notices for Reasons for Refusal
3. JPO Director General’s Start-of-Year Impressions
4. First Regional Collective Trademark Registrations by an Association of Commerce and Industry and a Chamber of Commerce and Industry
5. Most Recent Trends in Business-related Inventions
6. Revision of Official Fees

Download(PDF 882KB)

January 2016

1. For revision of examination guidelines relating to application for registration of extension of term of patent right - Supreme Court decision on November 17, 2015
2. Japanese Trademark Information Added to “TMview” Trademark Database
3. Published referential example of asserting/proving "impossible or impractical circumstances"
4. TRIPO (Trilateral IP Offices) Website Established in IP Collaboration between Japan, China and Korea

Download(PDF 1355KB)

December 2015

1. Elementary School Student in Aichi Prefecture Acquires Patent for Box Separating Used Aluminum and Steel Cans
2. Status of Patent Oppositions
3. First Decisions to Grant Registration Issued for ‘New Type’ Trademarks
4. JPO Publishes Regional Collective Trademark Registered Following Expansion of System
5. Heads of JPO and KIPO Convene, Agree to Further Strengthen Japanese-Korean IP Cooperation

Download(PDF 973KB)

November 2015

1. JPO to Expand Jurisdiction over International Searches and International Preliminary Examinations for PCT International Applications
2. Revisions to Trademark Law Regarding TPP and Combating Counterfeit Goods
3. Reduction in Patent Examination Time Planned in Cooperation with Vietnam
4. The JPO Launches Similar Image Search Service

Download(PDF 853KB)

October 2015

1. Protection for employee’s rights regarding invention patents - guidelines for revised patent law and terms of employer retention
2. JPO Assists Intellectual Property Office of Singapore in Improving Examination Ability
3. Advance Inspection of Symbol for Iseshima Summit Prefectural Residents’ Conference
4. Bill to Streamline Cabinet Affairs Passed

Download(PDF 825KB)

September 2015

1. Trademark registered for ”防災植物” (“Bōsai Shokubutsu”) - Food Security in Times of Disaster
2. Free “Safeguard” Service Protecting the IP of Japanese Enterprises to Start Next Year
3. JPO Begins Providing WIPO with Information on Japanese Registered Designs
4. Korea Patent Court Establishes New International Court Division

Download(PDF 1034KB)

August 2015

1. Bill Partially Revising Patent Law, etc. Approved, Passed by Diet
2. Strengthening Cooperation with Indian Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
3. Expansion of Patent Prosecution Highway Participants
4. JPO Announces Current Policy Implementation regarding PBP Claims

Download(PDF 895KB)

July 2015

1. Supreme Court Decision on ‘Product by Process’ Claims
2. 2015 Annual Patent Administration Report
3. Results of JPO Investigations into Trends in Patent Applications in Highly-Scrutinized Technical Fields Published
4. Patent Prosecution Highway Commences Between Japan and Egypt
5. Expansion of Cooperative Links between Japan and China During Patent Trials

Download(PDF 857KB)

June 2015

1. Japan-US Joint Research Begins Aimed at Improving Examination Efficiency
2. JPO Issues First Publications of Sound Trademarks
3. JPO Formulates IP Support Guide for Small/Medium-sized Enterprises and Business Ventures
4. Supreme Court Rules JASRAC’s Blanket Contract a Violation of Antimonopoly Law

Download(PDF 835KB)

May 2015

1. International Design Registration System to be Enacted on May 13, 2015
2. Patent Application and Examination Information from JPO, EPO, KIPO and SIPO made collectively available from April 15, 2015
3. JPO Publishes Figures for ‘New Type’ Trademark Cases Received, etc.
4. International Patent Applications in 2014

Download(PDF 817KB)

April 2015

1. Legislation Partially Revising Patent Law, etc. Effective from April 1,2015
2. JPO Begins Accepting ‘New Type’ Trademark Applications
3. Cabinet Decision on Draft Bill Partially Revising Patent Law, etc. Made March 13, 2015
4. Restoration of Priority Rights under the PCT Regulation
5. New Patent Information Platform ‘J-PlatPat’

Download(PDF 881KB)

March 2015

1. Announcements about Our Services in Relation to New Patent Opposition System
2. Japan Signs Geneva Act of Hague Agreement
3. Global IP Strategy Forum 2015 Held
4. JPO to Reduce Fees for Trademark Registration
5. Tables Comparing Similarity Group Codes of Japan-Korea and Japan-Taiwan Published

Download(PDF 921KB)

February 2015

1. 2014 Revisions to Patent Law, etc. to be Enacted on April 1, 2015
2. China Tops World Rankings for Number of Patent Applications in 2013
3. “Funabashi Pears” Registered as Regional Collective Trademark
4. JPO Coordinates with National Police Agency and Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry on Protection of Business Secrets
5. Toyota Provides Free Access to its Patents on Fuel Cells

Download(PDF 854KB)

January 2015

1. JPO and Cambodia to Strengthen Cooperation in Field of Intellectual Property
2. Courses of Action in Revision of Employee Inventions System
3. JPO Starts Providing Trademark Publications for World’s Largest Trademark Database
4. Partial Revision to Copyright Law to be Effected

Download(PDF 1000KB)

December 2014

1. Chinese and Korean Patent Literature to be Searchable in Japanese
2. Policy of Employee Inventions Belonging to Corporations Strengthened
3. JPO Proposes Revisions Under Principles for Handling Business Secrets
4. Thomson Reuters Selects its Top 100 Innovative Firms
5. Patent System Subcommittee Discusses Revising Patent Fees, etc.

Download(PDF 906KB)

October 2014

1. Request for Injunction against Import of Illegal B-CAS Cards Approved
2. Regional Collective Trademark “Aomori Black Garlic” Applied for
3. China Establishes IP Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
4. Revision to Employee Inventions System Obligates Incentives for Inventors

Download(PDF 320KB)

September 2014

1. JPO Announces Cooperation Agreement with NICT on Machine Translations of Patent Literature
2. The JPO Strengthens Cooperation with Colombia in the Field of Intellectual Property
3. Thomson Reuters’ Predictions for Breakthroughs in the Next 10 Years
4. Saga Prefecture Cooperative’s ‘有田焼’ (‘Arita-yaki’) Trademarks Approved in China
5. Partial Amendment to Patent Law Enforcement Regulations
6. Registration Subjects for Regional Collective Trademarks Expanded

Download(PDF 868KB)

August 2014

1. Proposed Revisions to Law in 2015 Regarding Employee Inventions Reverting to Enterprises
2. Overseas Usage Fees for IP, etc. Produce Large Profit
3. Six Companies Including Canon and Google Sign Anti-Patent Troll Lawsuit Accord
4. Japan Leads in Applications for High-Tech Patents – Toyota No.1 in Automatic Driving Vehicles
5. Handling of Change to Postal Address System in Republic of Korea

Download(PDF 810KB)

July 2014

1. Bill Partially Revising Patent Law, etc. Promulgated, Enactment Dates Set
2. Results of Seventh ‘Big Five’ Patent Office Directors’ Conference
3. IP High Court Approves Extension of Patent Duration based on Further Approval of Pharmaceutical Product in Reversal of JPO Decision
4. Honda’s “Supercub” 3D Trademark Registration Approved

Download(PDF 843KB)

June 2014

1. JPO and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Agree on Cooperation
2. Society for National Commitment to IP Aims to Stimulate Japanese Economy Using IP
3. JPO Devises Strategies to Combat Japan Lagging Behind as Patent Filing Destination
4. Who Owns Employee Inventions ? – 4th Patent System Subcommittee Meeting Held
5. Revisions to Copyright Law Aimed at Combating E-book Piracy Enacted

Download(PDF 915KB)

May 2014

WIPO Publishes International Patent Application Numbers for 2013
JPO Achieves Long-term Goal of Issuing First Action Examination Reports within 11 Months
Improvement of Comprehensive IP Support Portal for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
JPO Changes Implementation of Interrogations

Download(PDF 819KB)

Aplil 2014

1. Announcement Regarding Change in Japanese Consumption Tax Rate
2. Cabinet Decides on Bill to Partially Amend Patent Law, etc.
3. JPO Aims to Halve Time Taken to Grant Patent Rights
4. Results of 2013 User Survey on Patent Examination Quality Released
5. Focused Crackdown by National Police Agency on Copyright Infringement Cases

Download(PDF 363KB)

March 2014

1. Maximum Term of Patent Right for Drugs and Devices for use in Regenerative Medicine to be extended to 25 years
2. Patent, Trademark, Design and Patent Attorney Laws to be Revised Together
3. STAP Cells: RIKEN etc. File International Patent Application
4. JPO Reviews Examination Standards Protecting Graphic Design of Graphical User Interfaces
5. 2014 Compilation of Precedents of Enterprises Utilizing Intellectual Property

Download(PDF 925KB)

February 2014

1. Approx. Two-thirds Reduction in Patent Fees for Small and Medium-sized Companies, Venture Companies and Small-scale Enterprises
2. IP High Court Refuses Registration of ‘LADY GAGA’ Trademark
3. Cancellation of ‘Arita-yaki’ Trademark in China
4. EPO Publishes Patent Application Figures for 2013

Download(PDF 494KB)

January 2014

1. Announcing a Change in Our Firm’s Japanese Name and the New Roles of Executive Chairman and Director General
2. 2,350,000 Patent Applications Filed Worldwide in 2012 – a 9.2% Increase Over 2011
3. “TOKYO 2020” in Standard Characters Registered as Trademark on Nov. 1, 2013
4. JPO Publishes Data on Trends in Business-related Inventions
5. Strengthening Cooperation with Korea Patent Office in the Field of IP

Download(PDF 1263KB)

December 2013

1. Announcement of Taking on the Role of Executive Chairman and Handing Over the Position of Director General
2. Re-announcement of a Change in Our Firm’s Japanese Name
3. JPO Reached Agreement on Global Patent Prosecution Highway
4. Meeting of Directions of Japan, China and Korea Patent Offices Held – Shared Website Announced
5. Consortium Including Apple and Microsoft Brings Case Against Google, etc.
6. JPO Announces Information on Olympics-related Trademarks
7. JFTC and JASRAC Bring Final Appeal to Supreme Court in Copyright Usage Fee Lawsuit

Download(PDF 791KB)

November 2013

1. Re-announcement of a Change in Our Firm’s Japanese Name
2. Court Judges Apple Infringed Patent Held by Individual Japanese Inventor
3. Contract Established Regarding Patents Concerning iPS Cells
4. Thomson Reuters Publishes Top 100 Innovative Companies List
5. Onsen ken Oita (“Onsen Prefecture Oita”) Trademark Approved

Download(PDF 862KB)

October 2013

1. Announcement of a Change in Our Firm’s Japanese Name
2. Trademark protection becomes available for software start-up sounds, etc.
3. Consideration of Employee Inventions System: Assigning Rights to Enterprises Instead of Employees
4. New Zealand General Assembly Passes Bill Preventing Software Patenting
5. TPP Negotiations to Create IP Protection Rules Run Into Trouble

Download(PDF 1,147KB)

September 2013

1. Agency for Cultural Affairs to Establish Digital Publishing Rights
2. Iwate Prefecture Lodges Opposition to Chinese ‘Iwate’ Trademark
3. International Patent Litigation by Korean Enterprises rises to 131% of Previous Year
4. Toyo Tires Files Request for Import Suspension with ITC

Download(PDF 336KB)

August 2013

1. Revision of Patent Examination Standards
2. Move toward Revision of Employee Inventions System
3. Japan Science and Technology Agency Announces “Support for Increasing the Value of University Patents” as Yearly Topic
4. 2013 World Technological Innovation Rankings

Download(PDF 1149KB)

July 2013

1. Cabinet Decides Basic Principles of Intellectual Property Policy
2. U.S. Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Unpatentable
3. India and Rwanda join the Madrid Protocol
4. PPH Between JPO and Russian Patent Office Expanded
5. Results of User Survey on Quality of Patent Examinations Etc. Reported

Download(PDF 471KB)

June 2013

1. JPO Publishes Application and Registration Figures for 2012
2. Trial Patent Prosecution Highway with Indonesia to Begin on June 1
3. Movement Towards Reducing Patent Examination Periods
4. Revision of Rules on Employee Inventions Proposed
5. Clear Course of Action in Revisions to Law over Introduction of New Trademarks

Download(PDF 373KB)

May 2013

1. JPO Begins Integrated Examinations Corresponding to Business Strategy
2. WIPO Publishes International Patent Application Numbers for 2012
3. New TV Conference System for Conducting Interviews
4. Reduced Risk of Litigation over Employees’ Inventions
5. JPO Expands it Jurisdiction Regarding International Searches and International Preliminary Examinations

Download(PDF 959KB)

April 2013

1. Planned Revisions to Patent Examination Standards
2. Japan Patent Office Publishes ‘Regional Body Trademarks 2012’
3. The EPO Publishes Patent Application Numbers for 2012
4. JASRAC Brings Legal Proceedings Against Illegal Music Uploaders

Download(PDF 793KB)

March 2013

1. Reduction of Patent Examination Time for Research and Development by Foreign Enterprises in Japan
2. Korean and Japanese Patent Offices Strengthen Cooperation in Examinations and Trials
3. Japan Patent Office Begins Development of Automated Translation System for Chinese Documents
4. Panasonic Speeds Up Sale and Provision of Patents
5. JPO Publishes Point-by-Point Explanation of Industrial Property Law(19th edition)

Download(PDF 918KB)

February 2013

1. Reduction of Patent Examination Time for Research and Development by Foreign Enterprises in Japan
2. Korean and Japanese Patent Offices Strengthen Cooperation in Examinations and Trials
3. Japan Patent Office Begins Development of Automated Translation System for Chinese Documents
4. Panasonic Speeds Up Sale and Provision of Patents
5. JPO Publishes Point-by-Point Explanation of Industrial Property Law(19th edition)

Download(PDF 888KB)

January 2013

1. China Overtakes United States with Most Patent Applications
2. Nissin Foods Institutes Lawsuit Over Infringement of ‘Straight Noodle Manufacturing Process’ Patent
3. Mexico Joins the Madrid Protocol
4. Monteroza to File Lawsuit in Australia Over Infringment of ‘Wara Wara’ Trademark

Download(PDF 885KB)

December 2012

1. EuroClass Services Now Available Via Japanese-Language Page
2. 10th Edition of Trademark Examination Criteria Partially Amended
3. IP High Court Invalidates Nissen's '4-Line' Trademark
4. Wakayama Prefecture Opposition to Chinese Trademark 'Kishu'
5. Cost Reductions and Expansion of Accelerated Examinations based on Law on Promotion of Asian Consolidation

Download(PDF 787KB)

November 2012

1. Sato Foods Co., Ltd. Loses Rice Cake "Kiri-Mochi" Patent Infringement Lawsuit
2. Unauthorized Sales of Yamagata Prefecture's Rice Variety 'Tsuyahime' Ruled Unlawful
3. Apple Appeals to IP High Court in Japanese Patent Case
4. Japan-China PPH Trial Program Extended, Procedures Eased
5. Public Comments on Draft Ordinance for Partial Revision to Patent Law Enactment Regulations, Etc.

Download(PDF 920KB)

October 2012

1. METI Discussing New System for Raising Objections to Validity of Patented Technology
2. Japan Moves to Ratify ACTA
3. Kyocera Acquires Patent for Solar Cell Module with 3-Bus Bar Electrode Configuration
4. "Ordnance for Partial Revision of Law Enforcement Regulations Regarding Patent Law and of International Applications etc. Based on PCT" Effective from October 1, 2012
5. Partial Enactment of Revised Copyright Law

Download(PDF 918KB)

September 2012

1. Hikone City in Favor of Mutual Settlement in 'Hikonyan' Lawsuit
2. With Trademark Case Settled, New Model of iPad Goes on Sale in China
3. Priority Registration of Japanese Prefectural Domain Names Begins
4. Millionth Invention Patent Registered in China
5. Acceptance Period for Public Comments Ends for JPO's "Draft Ordnance for Partial Revision of Law Enforcement Regulations Regarding Patent Law and of International Applications etc. Based on PCT"

Download(PDF 783KB)

August 2012

1. Policy of Revised Trademark Law: Protecting Scents and Sounds
2. Colombia Joins the Madrid Protocol
3. Revised Copyright Law Bill Approved
4. WIPO Announces "Global Innovation Index 2012"
5. 2012 Annual Report on Patent Administration

Download(PDF 777KB)

July 2012

1. JPO Expands Types of Cases Able to Use PPH with Korea Patent Office
2. More Organizations Participating in World's First International IP Exchange Market
3. Formulation of IP Promotion Plan 2012
4. Reinforcement of Measures Against Copyright Infringement Through Illegal Use of Content

Download(PDF 1856KB)

June 2012

1. Hiroshima Office Established
2. JPO Publishes Application and Registration Figures for 2011
3. Japanese, Chinese and Korean Culture Ministers Select Program for I.P.Protection
4. Settlement Reached in Word-Processor Patent Invention Compensation Lawsuit
5. Proxy Book Digitization Lawsuit: Proxy Scanning Firm Acknowledges Demands

Download(PDF 982KB)

May 2012

1. Japan Patent Office Begins Trial of Patent Prosecution Highway with Portuguese Industrial Property Office
2. Web Design Subject to Design Right
3. Revised Trademark Law Enacted
4. Government Plans for IP Protection in International Standards: LEDs and Robotics Technologies
5. 2011 Reforms - Transfer Request System Established

Download(PDF 748KB)

April 2012

1. 2011 revisions - relief regulations in cases of deadline expiration
2. JPO: Japanese-language Searches of Chinese Utility Models Now Possible
3. First Compulsory License of Generic Drugs Effected in India
4. Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 2012
5. WIPO: 2011 Had Most Patent Applications on Record

Download(PDF 966KB)

March 2012

1. U.S. Attorney-at-Law Mizuki Sally Hashiguchi Joins Our Firm
2. Start of Patent Prosecution Highway with Philippines Intellectual Property Office
3. Supreme Court refuses registration of 'Kitakata Ramen' as regional organization trademark
4. Supreme Court: Right of Publicity Formalized as Legal Right
5. Revision of Design Registration Fees and Fees Related to International Applications

Download(PDF 943KB)

February 2012

1. Rapid Advances Made by Asian Enterprises in Acquiring U.S. Patents in 2011
2. Revision to Similar Products/Services Examination Standard for Trademarks
3. Japan Post loses trademark infringement lawsuit regarding "ゆうメール" (Yu-mail)
4. Proxy Book Digitizing - Proxy Firms Scanning Books Sued by Authors
5. End of Examination Payment Deferment System

Download(PDF 804KB)

January 2012

1. Proposal to add sounds and logo movement to items protected by trademark law
2. Patent Prosecution Highway begins between Japan and Norway, Iceland from December 1, 2011
3. METI cooperates with BRICs regarding intellectual property
4. Comparative study of examination practice at JPO, SIPO and KIPO
5. Case regarding file-sharing software 'Winny' reaches not guilty verdict

Download(PDF 944KB)

December 2011

1. Partial amendments to Patent Law will come into effect on April 1, 2012
2. WIPO and pharmaceutical companies to collaboratively share drug patents
3. Hitachi expands its patent search service to countries outside Japan
4. Employee invention compensation for label printer set at 56 million yen
5. Malaysia expresses interest in joining the Madrid Protocol

Download(PDF 924KB)

November 2011

1. Eight countries sign Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
2. Expansion of cases eligible for Patent Prosecution Highway between the JPO and Danish Patent and Trademark Office and initiation of Patent Prosecution Highway with Nordic Patent Institute
3. The JPO revises examination criteria for "Description requirements for specifications and scope of claims"
4. JPRS decides to found "Prefecture-type JP domain names"
5. Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program between Japan and China to commence on November 1, 2011

Download(PDF 1,071KB)

October 2011

1. Introduction of New Member,Former JPO Trial Examiner, Toshio Uchida
2. Enactment of U.S. Patent Act Reform Bill
3. State of injunctions against products which infringe intellectual property at the Japan Customs
4. Patent Infringement Lawsuit: Intellectual Property High Court recognizes Satosyokuhin Infringement
5. Japanese and Korean Governments reinforce collaboration in copyright field, conclude MOU
6. Publication of Guideline on Obtaining Eligibility for Exception to Loss of Novelty

Download(PDF 839KB)

September 2011

1. Commencement of accelerated examination and trial examination as post-disaster reconstruction support
2. Sony and LG Electronics reach settlement over patent infringement lawsuits
3. 1.2 billion cases of illegal download according to RIAJ investigation

Download(PDF 704KB)

August 2011

1. The commencement of PPH MOTTAINAI trial program
2. The revision of examination request fees
3. Regarding the U.S. Patent Act Reform Bill
4. The JPO collects public comments-applicant's draft manual for eligibility for regulations concerning exception to loss of novelty

Download(PDF 911KB)

July 2011

1. Regarding the law partially amending the Japanese Patent Act, etc.
2. The JPO to revise design examination criteria
3. Regarding the commencement of Patent Prosecution Highway

Download(PDF 922KB)

June 2011

1. Patent Prosecution Highway Pre-pilot Program between Japan and China to be initiated
2. Brand Value Ranking: Apple overtakes Google, moves into first place
3. Results of “FY 2010 Field Survey of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement in China” announced
4. Japanese Supreme Court approves patent term extensions for drugs
5. Application and registration figures in Japan for fiscal 2010

Download(PDF 1.23MB)

May 2011

1. International trademark applications in 2010 marked a 12% increase
2. Osaka High Court orders injunction against Hikonyan-similar goods
3. Taiwanese Patent Act amendment bill passes examination by the Economics Committee of the Legislative Yean

Download(PDF 904KB)

April 2011

1. Japan Customs: Track record in import and export injunctions for 2010
2. Concerning the patent disputes between Sony and LG Electronics -- an injunction against import of PlayStation 3 in the Netherlands
3. U.S. Senate passed a bill to review patent examination: from “first-toinvent rule” to “first-to-file rule”
4. "Bill to partially amend the Japanese Patent Act etc." to be submitted to the Diet

Download(PDF 1.045KB)

March 2011

1. Number of International Patent Applications by Country for 2010
2. Panasonic the Leader for Two Consecutive Years in Number of International Patent Applications by Company for 2010
3. A Settlement over the iPS Cell Patents Dispute
4. Applications for Publishing Information on Preparedness for Assignment and/or License in the Gazette

Download(PDF 1.180KB)

February 2011

1. IBM awarded highest number of US patents in 2010 (over five thousand) for eighteenth year in a row
2. China to conclude a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) arrangement with Japan even this year
3. A first patent auction’s rate of contract formation reaches 40%
4. Regarding the International Comparative Research on Industrial Property Systems Report

Download(PDF 552KB)

January 2011

1. EPC Rule 141 revised regulation effective; new requirement and exemptions regarding submission of search results
2. “Kiri-mochi" Infringement lawsuit, Echigoseika appeals
3. Chinese Trademark Registration Applications expected to surpass 1 million in 2010
4. Registered Trademark for “Sanuki” Invalidated in Taiwan

Download(PDF 597KB)

December 2010

1. Japanese authors’ best-sellers available for sale on Apple website without authorization
2. Dutch court issues injunction against Sanrio
3. Apple and Motorola sue each other over mobile phone-related patents
4. Licensing agreement signed over therapeutic use of iPS cells
5. Four Office Statistics Report released by the JPO
6. JPO decision to reject Yakult’s bottle as a 3D trademark overturned by the IP High Court

Download(PDF 717KB)

November 2010

1. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement between Japan, USA, Europe and others nearing finalization
2. Implementation of the Japan-Spain PPH
3. Apple ordered to pay damages in Cover Flow patent infringement case
4. Microsoft sues Motorola, claims that Android cell phone is infringing on its patents

Download(PDF 697KB)

October 2010

1. Microsoft co-founder takes eleven big names to court for patent infringement
2. Microsoft takes patent infringement case over Word to the US Supreme Court
3. “Sasebo Burger” makers unite to obtain regional brand protection
4. Japanese IP High Court rejects defendant’s appeal in video-sharing website copyright infringement case
5. New layout for JPO patent and trademark certificates

Download(PDF 580KB)

September 2010

1. Patent filings by China and India increase exponentially
2. NEC, Apple, etc. sued for patent infringement
3. Viacom files an appeal against the ruling of YouTube copyright lawsuit with Google
4. A first intellectual property fund in Japan is established

Download(PDF 563KB)

August 2010

1. Information on our new Chief of China Support Station
2. China ranks 5th in the world in the number of International Patent Applications filed in 2009
3. files a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft
4. US Supreme Court decides on software patent issue
5. Approximately half Japan’s companies sustain damage from counterfeits on the Internet

Download(PDF 630KB)

July 2010

1. Nichi-iko Pharmaceutical announced its cooperation with a major French company
2. Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 2010
3. China did not accept trademark registration of seven Japanese prefecture names
4. Revision of Examination Guidelines for“Amendments of the Specification, Claims, and Drawings (New Matter)
5. Enforcement date of a law revising a part of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law

Download(PDF 617KB)

June 2010

1. Nokia sues Apple, alleging that the iPad and iPhone infringe its patents
2. US company obtains a license for iPS Cells
3. US expresses concern about China in Annual Report
4. Map of Registered Designs

Download(PDF 536KB)

May 2010

1. China Compulsory Certification for IT Products, Japan and China agreed with exclusion of Chinese state enterprises from application
2. Taiwanese manufacturer files suit against Apple for violation of multi touch patent
3. Fujitsu Laboratories developed high accuracy translation technologies of English patent documents
4. JPO to act as International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority for PCT applications filed in Thailand
5. JPO releases comparative reports on country-by-country IP policies
6. JPO releases a report on the latest trends in trademark applications for fiscal year 2009 - report on trademark applications, focusing in particular on the filing and management strategies adopted by companies for trademark and their relation with unused trademarks (summary)-

Download(PDF 599KB)

April 2010

1. The JPO’s proposal “iPAC” was agreed at the APEC-IPEG Meeting.
2. Registered Trademark “Chaku-Melo” Sold for JPY 25.5 Million.
3. The U.S. Court of Appeal Has Again Denied Microsoft’s Appeal against the Word Patent Infringement Ruling.
4. JPO publishes 18th edition of the clause by clause explanation of Industrial Property Law.

Download(PDF 677KB)

March 2010

1. The JPO issued a Draft Revision of the Design Examination Standard for Examination Procedures
2. Japan National Police Agency administering “P2P monitoring system”
3. Proposal of the JEPA on the e-Books distribution concept of the National Diet Library

Download(PDF 548KB)

February 2010

1. Downloading of illegal files prohibited(a revised copyright law took effect)
2. IBM tops the list of US patents granted in 2009 for the seventeenth successive year
3. Reinforcement of Intellectual property right protection for Shanghai Expo
4. Patent Prosecution Highway (PCT-PPH) between JPO and USPTO,JPO and EPO using PCT international results

Download(PDF 600KB)

January 2010

1. EU Patent System: a new step forward
2. China surpasses Europe, United States in patent filings growth rate
3. Two iPS cell-related patents are granted in Japan

Download(PDF 577KB)

December 2009

1. The JPO enhances cooperation with foreign countries
2. “Criteria for Examination of Similar Goods/Services” to be revised
3. Nissan licenses its painting technology related patent to NTT DoCoMo.

Download(PDF 668KB)

November 2009

1. JPO revises industrially applicable inventions and examination guidelines for medical inventions
2. “Green” applications become eligible for Accelerated examination
3. ITC to investigate an alleged car patent infringement by Toyota
4. Third revision of Chinese industrial property law on patent, utility model and design
5. Supreme Court of Japan orders a ban on the sales of budget Charlie Chaplin DVDs
6. China remains the world’s trademark powerhouse – 2009 filings exceed one million cases

Download(PDF 636KB)

October 2009

1. The JPO implements a prior art search support program for fiscal year 2009
2. The University of Tsukuba develops an automatic structure for a patent glossary in collaboration with NEDO
3. Japan and China agree to strengthen their cooperation regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of trademark matters and counterfeiting control
4. Japan-Canada PPH program starts on a trial basis, while JPO establishes specialized PPH website
5. Expansion of the Super Accelerated Examination to PCT National Phases in Japan

Download(PDF 601KB)

September 2009

1. Japanese government is considering a reinforcement of the measures regarding unused trademarks
2. JPO publishes a draft revision of the Examination Guidelines regarding“industrially applicable inventions” and “medicinal inventions”

Download(PDF 580KB)

August 2009

1. Japanese government issues the 2009 Plan for the Promotion of Intellectual Property
2. Patent Prosecution Highway continues its worldwide expansion with the inclusion of Hungary
3. China tightens its trademark examination
4. Sony joins a defensive service against patent trolls

Download(PDF 604KB)

July 2009

1. Microsoft files a patent application for a Magic Wand
2. Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard renew patent cross-license agreement

Download(PDF 548KB)

June 2009

1. Japan holds over 70% of next-generation car patent applications, according to a JPO survey
2. EU Parliament extends copyright term for performing musicians
3. Video content: establishment of a centralized organization for copyright handling
4. McDonald's vs. McCurry : no trademark infringement, says Malaysian Court of Appeal

Download(PDF 786KB)

May 2009

1. ITC recognizes Funai's claims in TV patent infringement case
2. Patent Prosecution Highway: Japan secures an agreement with a sixth country while worldwide use of the program is on the rise
3. Spansion and Samsung settle a patent infringement dispute regarding flash memory technology
4. China tops world trademark rankings for the seventh consecutive year
5. Microsoft and TomTom settle a patent infringement litigation

Download(PDF 794KB)

April 2009

Regarding the revision of the Japanese Industrial Property Law to take effect on April 1, 2009

1. Introduction.
2. Reconsideration of the registration system for non-exclusive license.
3. Extension of the period for demanding an appeal.
4. Expansion to additional countries of the electronic exchange system of priority documents.

Download(PDF 696KB)

March 2009

1. The JPO releases a series of videos on its website to introduce the Japanese Design System
2. The Agency for Cultural Affairs discloses a draft government ordinance adding Blue-ray discs to the Compensatory payment system; gathers public feedback; implementation scheduled for April 1, 2009
3. The JPO releases a draft revision of the Handbook of Guidelines for the Formal Examination regarding provisional patent licensing and gathers public feedback
4. The JPO sets up a online database of specialists to support the use of intellectual property in the business strategies of local communities and medium-sized and small companies

Download(PDF 711KB)

February 2009

1. Determination of the date of enforcement of a number of revisions to Japanese Intellectual Property Law, including the reconsideration of the registration system for non-exclusive licenses
2. Revision of the Japan Copyright Law: download of pirated versions by using peer-to-peer software to become illegal
3. The National People's Congress of China adopts the revision of the Patent Law
4. Sounds and moving images may become registrable as trademarks

Download(PDF 763KB)

January 2009

1. New venture set up to protect companies against patent trolls
2. U.S. judicial precedent regarding the overcoming of a rejection through commercial success
3. A revision of the patent law brings an increase in the number of plant seed-related patent applications in Korea
4. The Japan Patent Office (JPO) publishes the results of a case study on inventive step as part of the comparative studies of examination practice conducted by the Trilateral Offices

Download(PDF 760KB)

December 2008

1. The JPO has started from October to accept applications for a revised registration system of non-exclusive license
2. Federal Appeals Court rejects a business model invention due to lack of patentability
3. The EPO takes a step towards unification regarding the patentability of computer programs
4. The JPO publishes a digest regarding the necessity of microorganism deposit, starts to gather opinions from the public

Download(PDF 757KB)

November 2008

1. The JPO starts the pilot program Super Accelerated Examination
2. Trademark registration: Japanese place name Sanuki, already registered in Taiwan, is now applied for in China
3. Microsoft wins a patent infringement suit connected to MP3 technology
4. Publication of the Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2008

Download(PDF 905KB)

October 2008

1. JPO starts a trial version of the Patent Strategy Portal Site
2. Bosch, DuPont and Xerox join the Eco-Patent Commons program to help the environment by releasing ecological patents
3. The DVD6C reduces royalty rates on DVD decoders and DVD encoders
4. A patent infringement suit against Nintendo's Wii has been filed
5. US court (CAFC) rules that open source software can be covered by copyright
6. A handling guideline of period in which applicant including resident outside Japan may file an appeal under the law revised in 2008.

Download(PDF 1133KB)

September 2008

1. Osaka's emblematic restaurant Kuidaore shuts down
2. Japan filing the highest number of patent applications in the world; China rapidly progressing (WIPO announcement)
3. Nissan Motor to start a fully-fledged license business centered on the company's own technology

Download(PDF 877KB)