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In the background of the HARAKENZO trademark is a global map wherein countries/regions are sized according to the number of patents registered there in 1991.

Privacy policy

Information on Hiroshima Office
In charge of Hiroshima Office
Representative of Hiroshima Office
: Shinji IMANO
: Naoyuki TAKENO
: + 81-82-545-3680
: + 81-82-243-4130

Hiroshima Office of HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK was established in June, 2012. Since then, we are smoothly running our business thanks to your support and reliance.

Hiroshima Office is situated in the very center (Tatemachi, Naka-ku) of Hiroshima City, the biggest city in Chugoku-Shikoku region. Hiroshima Office as a branch office of the “large scale, international, integrated office” has a mission to offer, in particular, a Chugoku-Shikoku region-based total intellectual property service. Our well-experienced staffs capable of managing individual situations work hard for accomplishing this mission.

Specifically, we can provide the following service from Hiroshima Office.

1. Service Concerning Overseas Applications

In HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, highly specialized patent attorneys, staffs having ph.D., patent engineers, and translators are present in all intellectual property fields. By taking advantage of this office scale, Hiroshima Office offers a strong support for intellectual property strategies in each country. For this purpose, we have established the following Support Stations familiar with intellectual property situations in respective countries so that we can fully satisfy recently increasing demands from globalization in business. We also provide intellectual property information on emerging countries, such as Brazil, India and so on.

2. Television Conference System

Hiroshima Office is equipped with a television conference system which enables us to have a meeting with our Osaka and Tokyo Head Offices.

With this television conference system, our client can have a thorough discussion with our well-experienced and high-specialized staffs present not only in Hiroshima but also in Osaka and Tokyo Head offices, while greatly cutting time and costs.

In addition, with the television conference system, foreign patent attorneys and enterprises can have a real-time conference with us while we are in Japan.

Information on Our Television Conference System

3. Presentation of Information on “Facebook”

We offer, on Facebook, useful information for individuals in Chugoku-Shikoku region including Hiroshima prefecture.

In particular, we actively provide (i) news related to financial support or cost reduction, which we consider useful for small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises and (ii) information on intellectual property seminars held in an area around Hiroshima, for example.

Further, we also offer, on Facebook, information on recent events around Hiroshima Office and the air of Hiroshima Office. Tatemachi where Hiroshima Office is located is very active area between Haccho-bori and Kamiya-cho which are known as the heart of Hiroshima. Therefore, we would like to share energy of this area of Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Office’s facebook ( )

4. Free IP Consultation

Hiroshima Office offers you "Free IP Consultation", which is a free initial consultation service on intellectual properties such as patent, utility models, design, trademark rights, copyrights etc. For more details of the free IP Consultation, please see the box below.

  • Venue for free initial consultation: Hiroshima Office
  • Please make a reservation in advance for consultation by phone ( +81 - 82 - 545 - 3680 ) or email ( ).
  • Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes) is free of charge.
  • We always maintain your information under confidentiality.
  • If you are too distant to visit our office, we can arrange for other choices (visit by our staff member(s), consultation via internet conference system, etc.) Please feel free to contact us. We listen to you sincerely.

5. Anti-Counterfeiting Support

It is impossible to imagine our life without imported goods from overseas. Especially, Hiroshima has not only Hiroshima Port and Fukuyama Port which are linked to the major ports of the world, but also Hiroshima Airport having established air routes to major cities in other Asian countries. These platforms have established a network linking to the world. It is therefore essential to take anti-counterfeiting measures.

Hiroshima Office supports your anti-counterfeiting strategies including suspension of clearance of infringing products at the customs.

Anti-Counterfeiting Consultation

6. Dispatch of Trainer for Seminars

Through our extensive experiences in obtaining protection of rights of patent, design, trademark, etc. and in hosting seminars on intellectual properties, we established the "Intellectual Property Training Institute", from which we can dispatch trainers to give seminars on intellectual properties.

Please click on the following link for details of the seminars we can offer you. Especially, we can organize seminars on intellectual property systems in emerging countries which have recently drawn more attention.

Intellectual Property Training Institute

7. Our Contribution to Society and to Peace

From experiences as a victim of nuclear bombing in 1945, Hiroshima has continued to appeal to the international societies for abolition of nuclear weapons and lasting peace of the world. Through our business activities in Hiroshima, we, staff members in Hiroshima Office, are deeply impressed with the enthusiasm of people at the time of postwar reconstruction. We would like to express our thought by carrying out activities for "contribution to society and to peace", which is one of our basic principles.

We understand that there is no complete ideal form for activities to contribute to society and to peace. Even if what we can do is very small in view of the goal of achieving the lasting peace of the world, we would like to honestly go forward step by step to reach for the goal.

Information on Hiroshima Office [STAFFS]
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of physical fields >>
In charge of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Shinji IMANO
Shinji IMANO Shinji IMANO, BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, researched in Mechanical Engineering and Combustion Engineering of diesel engines.
After graduating from the university, he worked for a private automotive company and involved in technical management of production facilities.

Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and began to be involved in the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent cases in the field of Physics.
After qualifying as a Patent & Trademark Attorney and becoming a Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation, he widened his field of practice to include expert testimony, and consulting services and so on.

"As a high school student, I made up my mind to provide the technologies useful for people. To accomplish the goal, I believe it is essential to provide long-term satisfaction to all of our clients. I'll do my best with honesty to combine all of the abilities of each staff member of our firm, in order to provide excellent services that cannot be obtained through mere combination of individuals’ abilities."

Representative of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Naoyuki TAKENO
Naoyuki TAKENO Mr. TAKENO, born in 1970, holds a bachelor’s degree in material engineering.
He is mainly in charge of machinery, control, electricity & electronics, and information technology.

With the recent growth of importance of intellectual property right, it has been essential to construct an appropriate intellectual property strategy from the technical and legal points of view. Under this circumstance, I will continue to develop myself in order to be able to sincerely respond to our clients’ requests.

Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Takashi SUGA
Takashi SUGA Takashi SUGA, born in 1966, obtained an MS in Material Physics from Osaka University. The targets of his research include Magnetism and Super-Conductivity. His specialty covers Electricity, Mechanics and Physics. He is presently a member of JPAA.

Now, I have a post at Hiroshima office.
A product is evaluated, for example, from the viewpoint of its usability, good design, or attractive brand name, and creation of such intellectual property as usability, good design or brand name can be a source to produce a business opportunity. However, if such created intellectual property is copied by another person with ease, the business opportunity will come to nothing.
I believe my duty is to preserve an important business opportunity of our client in Chugoku region securely and lastingly through my daily works with my geographical advantage of my hometown Hiroshima.

Information on Directions to Hiroshima Office

Please click on the following link for more information and directions to Hiroshima Office.

Click here for more information and directions to Hiroshima Office