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: Patent & Trademark Attorney Takashi MURAKAMI
: Patent Strategy Department Senior Manager Kazuhiro NAGATA
: Patent & Trademark Attorney Kentaro TSURUTA
: Patent & Trademark Attorney Naoki FUMA
: Tokyo Head Office Executive Manager Yuichiro OKADA
: Patent Strategy Department Michiko TOMOBE
: Patent & Trademark Attorney Nobukazu SHIOKAWA
: Patent & Trademark Attorney Tomoo HIGUCHI
: Patent Strategy Department Senior Manager Takaaki KOJIMA
: Doctor of Health Sciences Koji TSUKADA
: Patent & Trademark Attorney Naoyuki TAKENO
: Patent Strategy Department Yuriko NAGAO
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Our IoT & AI Support Station is a team specializing in work to support the acquisition of rights regarding technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as the use of said technologies.

IoT and AI form the core of the 4th industrial revolution and are technologies relevant to almost all areas of industry. This IP has become extremely important in establishing or maintaining predominance in the marketplace. Meanwhile, there are many difficult issues regarding technologies related to IoT/AI, such as the questions of what is a potentially patentable invention, and in what form a patent application should be made. Because of this, inventions that could be useful in business strategy remain internal, with a risk that other companies might acquire rights to the same inventions first.
Our IoT & AI Support Station provides advice and business support based on our rich experience, in the form of invention consultations, seminars and so on.

< Main fields handled >
All types of information technology; all types of controls; FA (Factory Automation); robotics; self-driving vehicles; connectivity; communications; broadcasts; information home appliances; logistics; security; plant systems; amusements; various fusion technologies (medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacture, Fintech, environmental, energy, architecture, agriculture, materials, foodstuffs, biochemistry, etc.)

Features of the IoT & AI Support Station

● The support station is formed of a team of attorneys and staff members with a rich experience in handling IoT & AI matters and capable of providing advice and business support.

● We can carry out introductions of precedents or seminars upon request.

● We can assist with IP strategies regarding IoT/AI-related inventions even for clients whose business has little connection to telecommunications technologies..

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DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of physical fields >>
Patent Strategy Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Chief of IoT x AI Support Station

Takashi MURAKAMI, majored in information engineering and has research experiences in information engineering and contents distribution technology. His specialty covers information technology, communication network, information processing, communication theory, and software. He is presently a member of JPAA.

The recent rapid advance in the information technology makes it extremely important to acquire suitable protection for intellectual property rights related to the information technology. Therefore, with my previous research experiences at a business enterprise, I will do my best to provide prompt and high-quality services for your information technology inventions. Any questions concerning the entire information technology field are welcomed.


Kazuhiro NAGATA
Patent Strategy Department Senior Manager > in the field of Physics <
Doctor of Science

Kauzhiro NAGATA, born in 1972, acquired a PhD in science from Hokkaido University.
His fields of research include elementary particle physics and theoretical physics.
His specialty covers all aspects in physics.

The fundamental principles in physics are so universal that they appear everywhere in any subjects. Based on my research experience in the U.S.A. and in my PhD studies, I will make efforts to provide high quality services to our clients.


Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Kentaro TSURUTA, born in 1976, obtained a BS of Bio Chemistry from The University of Tokyo. The targets of his research include Molecular development and genome database. His specialty covers Biotechnology and Computer software.

Technologies and the patent system change rapidly. Following the rapid change, I am making every possible effort to help our clients to obtain valuable patent rights.


Naoki FUMA
Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Doctor of Engineering

Area of expertise: Materials engineering
Main fields: information processing systems, general physical systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optics, machinery, military and defense-related technologies, etc.

I aim to provide the best possible service to enable our clients to attain higher market value worldwide through their IP.
"HARAKENZO more " live in an age of rapid change, so I am committed to flexibility and being able to adapt to shifting circumstances. I hope to provide our clients with a service that will fully satisfy their needs and expectations.


Yuichiro OKADA
Tokyo Head Office Executive Manager
Doctor of Science

Yuichiro OKADA, born in 1973, acquired PhD in science in Tokyo Metropolitan University. The targets of his research include nonlinear physics and computational physics.
His specialties cover physics, applied physics and applied mathematics.

Physics has been applied to much of technology in the past century.
Also today, it is a great source of innovative ideas.
I will do my best to provide our clients with highly reliable services based on my research experience in the field of physics.


Michiko TOMOBE
Major: Administration Engineering
Specialty: Information Communications, Software, Control

I have being working as a patent engineer making use of my experiences in research and development of next-generation information terminals and in an IT venture company.
My work as a patent engineer is very challenging and satisfactory to me because this work gives me many chances of touching state-of-the-art technologies.
Giving weight to dialogue with our clients, I would like to do my best to help our clients to obtain patent rights that can be fully used in their businesses.


Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Specialization: Bio-functional chemistry

In order to provide our clients with satisfying service, I endeavor to correspond politely and sincerely.
The fields I mainly work with are IT related. In this day and age, IT related inventions hold an extremely important position in the business world because of the high level of specialized knowledge required to obtain suitable IT invention rights. If you think IT related inventions are necessary for business, do not hesitate to contact me. I am sure I will be able to assist you.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Law

My current interests are intellectual property in foreign cases and revision of the principle of territoriality.
I make every effort to quickly respond to the demands of our clients.


Takaaki KOJIMA
Patent Strategy Department Senior Manager
In charge of I T - related IP Information
Senior Specialist

Takaaki KOJIMA majored in aeronautic engineering and has research experiences in control engineering, artificial intelligence, and man-machine interface. He handles intellectual property cases in IT, communications network, user interface, business model, and other fields. With the abundant business experiences throughout physical fields particularly in the IT field, I will provide advices to dig up inventions and acquire firm protection of rights. Please do not hesitate to ask me on such IP cases. I also have abundant experiences as a patent searcher. I will be of service also in the patent search.


Ph.D (hygiene)

Born 1968
Research experience: biological science, biochemistry
Major fields handled: IT-related fields

I work to provide our clients with the most satisfactory service possible, by making full use of my valuable research experience and strong willingness to take on challenges.


Naoyuki TAKENO
Representative of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Mr. TAKENO, born in 1970, holds a bachelor’s degree in material engineering.
He is mainly in charge of machinery, control, electricity & electronics, and information technology.

With the recent growth of importance of intellectual property right, it has been essential to construct an appropriate intellectual property strategy from the technical and legal points of view. Under this circumstance, I will continue to develop myself in order to be able to sincerely respond to our clients’ requests.


Yuriko NAGAO
Patent Strategy Department

Born in 1984
Majored in molecular biology (in particular functional phytochemistry)
Specializes in IT, communication, software, bio and chemistry. Has experience in designing and developing software as a software engineer.

In March of 2018 I proceeded to our office in Nagoya. I often handle inventions of the IT+α field, for example production management systems.
If you are plagued by things like "I want to obtain the rights to the system I am planning to introduce" or "I have an idea for the use of an IT technology, but I am not sure whether or not I can obtain the rights to it", please feel free to seek our advice. I will swiftly respond from our new location in the Tokai region.