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Nagoya Office

HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK opened its Nagoya Office on March.1.2018.

Our Nagoya Office is located at the GLOBAL GATE, which was created as a new Nagoya landmark in the Sasashima Live 24 district south of Nagoya station. Large-scale redevelopment is taking place in the Sasashima Live 24 district in preparation for the opening of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen in 2027, and the area is becoming a gateway to the city of Nagoya.

Nagoya is situated at the heart of the Tokai region renowned worldwide as a center of Japanese manufacturing industry, and our Nagoya Office provides complete IP support services to clients located in the Tokai region and the surrounding areas.

□ Organizational Structure of Nagoya Office

Our Nagoya Office is structured as follows in order to fully utilize our firm's advantages as a large-scale Patent and Trademark Law Firm.
・A permanently-stationed team of experts with bountiful experience in IP practice, including attorneys with technical backgrounds who specialize in patents, attorneys with legal backgrounds who specialize in non-technical IP such as trademarks and designs, patent strategy department staffs, and legal strategy department staffs

■ Japanese Patent & Trademark Attorneys : 3


■ Legal Strategy Department Staffs : 2

■ Patent Strategy Department Staffs : 5


・A powerful and close-knit system of on-site and on-line support, drawing on the approximately 260 staff members of our Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Head Office, and Hiroshima Office.
With this structure, our Nagoya Office is capable of providing a service that fully meets the demands of our clients in the Tokaido region and surrounding areas, in terms of both quality and volume of work handled.

Access to Nagoya Office

HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK's Nagoya Office is located at the GLOBAL GATE of the Sasashima Live 24 district. By train, change at JR Nagoya station (Shinkansen) to the Aonami line and disembark at Sasashima-raibu station (travel time: approximately 3 minutes). From Sasashima-raibu station, proceed to the GLOBAL GATE via the pedestrian deck that directly connects the station to the GLOBAL GATE. The deck provides cover in case of rain.
When visiting our Nagoya Office, please refer to the following methods of access.

□ Access from JR Nagoya Station

●From JR Nagoya station, change to the Aonami line and disembark one stop later at Sasashima-raibu station (approximately 3 minutes).
●From JR Nagoya station, take the Sasashima Welcome Bus and disembark at Sasashima Live 24 (approximately 4 minutes)
●From JR Nagoya station, take a taxi from Taikodori exit (approximately 7 minutes)
●From JR Nagoya station, walk from Hirokoji exit (approximately 12 minutes)

□ Access from Chubu Centrair International Airport

●From Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), take the Meitetsu Airport Express Train μ-SKY to Meitetsu Nagoya station (approximately 28 minutes).
From Meitetsu Nagoya station, change to the Aonami line.

ZIP code : 453-6109   TEL : +81-52-589-2581(Main Number)
Address : GLOBAL GATE 9F, 4-60-12   FAX : +81-52-589-2582(Main Number)
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