On this introductory page we introduce the vision and values of the brand HARAKENZO more


”HARAKENZO more” does not stop at being a mere "agent" but actively comes up with unique strategies as a ”Business Strategy Adviser” for our clients.


”HARAKENZO more” handles every IP work in the 231 countries and regions of the world. We also regularly establish foreign country support stations that are specialized for specific countries.


”HARAKENZO more” aims for the direction that is summarized in our ”Philosophy”. Swiftness, high added values, cost performance, and high reliability support the fulfilment of our ”Philosophy”


”HARAKENZO more” has constructed various support systems as there is the necessity to deal with daily changing needs. Please have a look at our various ”Support Stations” and ”Special Websites” at the URL below.

Intellelution (R)

”HARAKENZO more” at all times pursuits “Intellelution®” (= coined word consisting of ”Intellect”, ”Evolution”, ”Revolution”, and ”Solution”).

Human Centric

”HARAKENZO more” puts emphasis on the work-life-balance of its staff. In addition to working styles like a "telework system", etc., various measures have been implemented that promote health, etc.