We welcome those who want to become intellectual property specialists through work that involves cutting-edge technology. We provide thorough guidance to those with no experience, and provide support for those who wish to become patent attorneys in taking the exam. You can enrich your international environment by interacting with Lawyers from all over the world. Furthermore, we offer a comfortable office environment in a modern building with convenient transportation.

Job type
(2024 / 6 / 1 ~ 2024 / 6/ 30

[Experienced persons welcome], [Any age]
[Urgent recruitment due to business expansion and scope expansion]

-Technical patent attorneyOrpatent engineer(Work location: Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Hiroshima)
-Trademark/design patent attorneyOrTrademark/design person(Work location: Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya)
-translator(Work location: Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Hiroshima)
-System Engineer(Work location: Osaka *Limited to those with experience)
-Patent affairs or trademark affairs(Work location: Tokyo/Osaka)
・Telework worker (application job type: no question, work location: no question)

*In order to ensure fairness and the healthy development of the firm, our patent office does not hire relatives within the third degree of kinship with current employees.

Admission Information

Patent attorney (technical) Patent attorney (legal) Attorney at Law patent engineer Trademark design person Person in charge of patent affairs/trademark affairs Translator (English/Chinese/German) computer drawing creator System Engineer Accountant

Characteristics of employment at our patent office

"Work-life balance"
Practicing “work-life-balance”

◆Our patent office emphasizes work-life balance.
In addition to work, you can also enrich your personal life by making effective use of your time.

◆Flexible system (standard working hours: 7.75 hours)
You can choose your work time between 6:10 a.m. and 14:30 a.m. You can also leave work as early as XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

◆Practice the goal of zero overtime work
・In principle, overtime is prohibited.
・Practice a “no overtime day”.

◆All staff are full-time employees
All employees at our office are full-time employees.

◆Practice of “telework”
・Partially (1-4 days/week) Practice of “telework” system.
・Complete (5 days/week) “telework” system practice.
・The job type and work location you are applying for are irrelevant.

Voices of staff

I am the father of two children, and my husband and I work together at the office.
Since my husband and I work in the same workplace, we can keep track of each other's work situations, so we always switch roles between husband and wife. For example, when my wife is busy with work, I come to work early in the morning and take care of the housework, such as picking her up from daycare and cooking dinner, so that she can focus on work. Thanks to the early morning work system, I am able to leave work at 3:30 pm, which gives me a lot of leeway in my daily life from the evening. In fact, I can pick my child up from nursery school with plenty of time, so I have time to cook dinner and spend time with my child, which is a very meaningful time. Our office has many female staff members, and we also have a full range of child-rearing support systems, such as short-time working hours and flextime, so we provide a work environment where even those who have children or wish to have children in the future can work with peace of mind. It's in place. When you join our staff, we hope that you will be able to work early in the morning and have a fulfilling life raising your children.

Implementing “work style reform”

Practicing “telework,” “coworking,” and “diversity”
The Japanese government is advocating the practice of "telework," "coworking," and "diversity" as the basis of work style reform.

``Telework'' has the following features: 1) It greatly reduces the burden on workers by completely freeing them from commuting time, and 2) It allows them to work according to their family circumstances.

In addition to regular working hours, we are actively promoting a partial "telework" system of 1 to 4 days/week and a full "telework" system of 5 days/week.
Type of job to apply: Any question
Work location: Any

“Telework”generally refers to telecommuting using communication technology, mobile work at the workplace, and satellite office work, which allow you to work without being tied to a fixed location such as a workplace. At our patent office, we have adopted a ``full-employment type telecommuting'' system that is fully equipped with social insurance, etc., so you can enjoy a stable income and the joy of work from the comfort of your own home.
"Co-working" "co-working"refers to a collaborative work style. At our patent office, we put this into practice by utilizing satellite offices, adopt a free working style with people from different industries, and build a new work style.
“diversity”means coexisting with people of different races/ethnicities/cultures/languages/values/etc. At our patent office, we aim to become a vibrant and competitive firm by working together with people from all over the world.

Supporting the success of women

Many female staff members
We also have a large number of female staff members (approximately 1/2 of all staff members).

Supporting balance with childcare
・We support employees in balancing childcare and childcare by creating a working environment where it is easy to take prenatal and postnatal leave, as well as childcare leave.
・We have adopted a short-time working system to actively support employees in balancing work with childcare.
・The short-time working system implements equal work and equal pay.

Life planning and work environment for those who are 100 years old

◆Longevity society and life planning
・Japan is a country with a long life expectancy, with more than 65,000 people over 100 years old, but this number is expected to increase further in the future due to the development of medical technology and people becoming more health conscious. The United Nations estimates that the number of people over 100 years old in Japan will exceed 1 million.
・In a society where people live longer than 100 years, it is necessary to have an environment and life plan that allows people to work until the age of 80.

◆You can continue working even if you are over 70 years old.
At our patent office, employees who have continued working at our firm as they age can continue working even after the age of 70, as long as they maintain their "ability," "health," and "motivation (high motivation)." We will create a friendly working environment and make a significant contribution to society.

◆ Office staff composition
・The age range of people working at our patent office is mainly between the ages of 20 and 40, with the average age being in the early 30s.
・There are many staff members who have demonstrated their talents over a long period of time, and there are currently 10 staff members who have been employed for more than 120 years.

Health promotion measures for staff

◆Exercise bonus
At our patent office, as part of our measures to actively promote the health of our employees, we encourage each employee to exercise and provide exercise incentives to those who reach their goals.

◆Standing desk/balance ball
・At our patent office, we have installed standing desks that allow employees to work in a standing position in order to improve the health of our employees.
・At our patent office, we are working to improve the health of our employees by equipping them with balance balls that can strengthen the back muscles and help prevent lower back pain.

◆Original T-shirt
For those who participate in tennis, futsal, cycling, mountain climbing, marathons, and other sports, we offer original T-shirts from our patent office upon request.

Selection step

Voices from new employees

Patent Strategy Department & Utility Models Department Translation Department Legal Strategy Department Secretary and Administrative Department

Patent Strategy Department Voices from new employees

Q1. What kind of work do you do? Also, please tell us what you find rewarding about your work.

We handle all aspects of patent application work. For the applications that I am in charge of, I handle everything from specification preparation to intermediate processing. When creating a specification, we can meet the customer directly and ask about the content of the invention, and then make various proposals for obtaining rights or even exercising rights, thereby making the invention even better. I think it's attractive. It is a very difficult job, but it is also very rewarding because you have to accurately understand the technical content of the technical field to which the invention pertains, and use your knowledge of patent law, examination standards, etc. to prepare the specification. I am happiest when an application I have been in charge of is granted a patent and the customer expresses their gratitude.

Q2. How are the people around you?

During your work, everyone handles their own tasks with such enthusiasm that those around you can see. Even though they are busy with a large number of projects, some of them are always enthusiastic and willing to go to interviews. When I see them, I feel that I have to work harder. On the other hand, everyone is usually calm and interesting, so there is a peaceful atmosphere in the office. I can't stop laughing whenever I talk to people from the office during lunch breaks. This moment of chatting has become one of the most enjoyable moments for me.

Q3. Please tell us what made you feel glad that you came to Hiroshima.

I really like Hiroshima because there are so many delicious foods there. The okonomiyaki is especially delicious, and each restaurant has its own unique taste, so I look forward to the holidays by exploring various restaurants to find the flavor I like. Hiroshima also has many tourist spots, so it's fun to walk around. I especially like Miyajima, and I go there once a month to see the beautiful sea and cute deer.

Q4. Please tell me about your memories of writing a statement for the first time.

When I wrote my statement for the first time, I was confused. First of all, it was difficult to understand the background technology, and it was even more difficult to put it into writing. I was surprised that there were so many rules that I had to pay attention to when writing, and it made me realize just how difficult this job is. However, I remember that I really enjoyed the task of creating statements while learning techniques I didn't know before.

Q5. A word to everyone who is job hunting

I think the best way to find a job that suits you and the field you really want to work in is to listen to a lot of people and visit a lot of companies. Good luck with your job hunting. I'm rooting for you.

Translation Department Voices from new staff members

Q1. What kind of work do you do? Also, please tell us what you find rewarding about your work.

The translation department translates various documents for obtaining patents in foreign countries, as well as email communications between patent applicants and foreign agents. Patent translation is a job that allows me to constantly come into contact with cutting-edge technology, which is very exciting. I find it very rewarding because I can convey innovative ideas to the world through translation.

Q2. How are the people around you?

If you don't understand something or are having trouble, just ask the people around you and they will always give you polite advice. Everyone is very cooperative, so I can work comfortably without having to worry about it alone.

Q3. Please tell us what you felt and what surprised you when you came to our office.

After joining our patent office, I felt that it was a comfortable place to work. For example, I can go to work early and leave early, so I can go out after work and have a fulfilling time even during my off hours.

Q4. Is there anything you keep in mind when doing translation work?

We always strive for ``natural translations.'' We communicate with the author of the original text to ensure fidelity to the meaning of the original text, and then seek the best expression in the language of the translated text. The more complex the content, the more ingenuity will be required when translating, but the fun part of translation is finding the best translation when things are difficult.

Q5. A word to everyone who is job hunting

Since I started my current job, not a day goes by that I don't come across something new to me. I really enjoy learning and working here because I am able to absorb new information and grow rapidly. If you are interested in international work and global contribution, let's work together! We look forward to!

Legal Strategy Department Voices from new employees

Q1. What kind of work do you do? Also, please tell us what you find rewarding about your work.

I am in charge of intellectual property matters other than patents and actual proposals. Although I am mainly involved in work in the trademark field, I am also involved in a wide variety of other work, such as customs work and sales, even though I only call it ``legal work'', and my work is filled with constant intellectual curiosity. I feel fulfilled when I face new challenges and achieve them one by one, and when I receive compliments from customers.

Q2. How are the people around you?

I think there are a lot of people who are handy. Many people are able to switch between work and private life. Many people exercise their bodies on their days off, and I feel that they come to work feeling refreshed from the inside out.

Q3. What is the atmosphere like at the office?

Everyone is working enthusiastically in a quiet environment. On the other hand, during lunch break, we have a girls' night out in the conference room to take a break from work (I often see male staff members going out to eat sword-cut noodles together!) .

Q4. Please tell us what you think is good about joining the office.

The great thing about this position is that you have to concentrate on your work during business hours, so there is little overtime and you can enjoy both work and private life. Therefore, being able to eat dinner with my family at the same time every day is a source of energy for me.

Q5. A word to everyone who is job hunting.

I think everyone has different values ​​and what they place emphasis on when looking for a job. At our office, we have people who have gone through various careers and have a variety of values. I would be happy if my organization caught your eye and I could work with you in the future as a member of our diverse staff.

Secretarial Management Department: Voices from new employees

Q1. What kind of work do you do? Also, please tell us what you find rewarding about your work.

My main job is to support patent attorney work, such as submitting documents to the Patent Office, managing deadlines, and communicating with customers. Even working as a secretary requires knowledge of the law, so I find it rewarding when I am able to apply what I have learned through my daily work and to my work.

Q2. How are the people around you?

I feel that there are many people who have a sharp personality. Although employees work energetically during business hours, they take ample time off during their lunch breaks and are encouraged not to work overtime. Also, I often hear about people taking vacations to travel and spending time on their hobbies, so I get the impression that many of them are making the most of their time both on and off duty.

Q3. Did you know about the work at the patent office before joining?

I didn't know anything about it at all. However, I chose my current workplace because I wanted to be involved in specialized work. What I felt after joining the facility was that there was a lot more to remember than I had imagined, and I was forced to keep up with a tight schedule. I am exposed to new things every day and have to work quickly, which is very stimulating.

Q4. What skills, abilities, and personalities do you think are useful in your work?

I think my unyielding personality is helpful. There is a lot to remember when working at a patent office, so you may sometimes make mistakes. However, I continue to persevere in my work, and the people around me give me careful guidance, so I feel that I am able to grow as a person.

Q5. A word to everyone who is job hunting.

A. I'm sure you may feel anxious at times, but please be confident and do your best. I was also full of anxiety when looking for a job, but I feel like I was able to visit various places and find a workplace that I was satisfied with. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.