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2018년3월1일에 개설
나고야 사무소

나고야시 나카무라구 히라이케쬬우 4쬬우메 60번지의 12 글로벌게이트 9층
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상기 트레이드마크의 배경지도는, 1991년 당시의 특허등록건수를 육지의 크기와 형상으로 의태화하여 지도형태로 나타낸 것입니다.

프라이버시 폴리시

EPO/EUIPO Support Station
EPO/EUIPO Support Station
EPO Support Station Chief Advisor
EUIPO Support Station Chief Advisor

: Yasutaka OKABE
: Akinori HACHIYA

: + 81 - 3 - 3433 - 5810
: + 81 - 3 - 3433 - 5281
: + 81 - 6 - 6351 - 4384
: + 81 - 6 - 6351 - 5664

EPO/EUIPO Support Station: Introduction of Contents

EP IP Information
EUIPO IP Information


"HARAKENZO more " have opened the EPO/EUIPO Support Station especially for Europe to readily assist you in the filling and protection of intellectual property rights in Europe and Japan, and to respond promptly and appropriately to your various requests.

Our EPO/EUIPO Support Station aims to offer quick and valuable advice for your requests, inquiries, as well as consultation regarding intellectual property rights in Europe, or in Japan for European clients, while providing a wide variety of high-quality services.

"HARAKENZO more " have specialized members in our EPO/EUIPO Support Station at the moment. In close cooperation with other relating sections, it is our sincere honor to assist clients in Europe with intellectual property matters in Japan, and conversely assist clients in Japan with intellectual property matters in Europe.

If you have any requests, questions, or would like consultation regarding intellectual property rights in Europe or Japan, out EPO/EUIPO Support Station is at you service. Please do not hesitate to contact our EPO/EUIPO Support Station, which looks forward to assisting you.

EPO/EUIPO Support Station Chief Advisor: Yasutaka OKABE

EPO/EUIPO Support Station STAFFS

외국전문부장 / 번역부장
EPO/EUIPO Support Station Chief Advisor
변리사 / 특정 침해소송대리인
오카베 야스타카 (OKABE Yasutaka)
오카베 야스타카 연구경험:환경공학
전문분야:기계, 물리, IT

전직에서 해외주재를 경험했을 때에 국내외를 불문한 기업간 경쟁의 치열함, 그리고 그 경쟁에 있어서 지적재산권의 중요성이 증가하고 있는 것을 통감했습니다. 이를 항상 염두에 두고 변리사로서 고객님의 요구에 따른 권리취득을 목표로 하여 조금이라도 도움이 될 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

Osaka Legal Strategy Department General Manager / Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager / EPO/EUIPO Support Station
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Akinori HACHIYA Akinori HACHIYA, born in 1978, graduated from the Law Department of Doshisya University. His specialty covers Design, Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Law. He is presently a member of JPAA.

Intellectual property becomes more and more important these days. Under the circumstances, I’m doing my best everyday with responsibility and pride in handling IP cases.
I will make every efforts to meet the demands of our clients.
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Fumito ASHIDA Born in: 1978
Research experience: Molecular cell biology, biochemistry, and genetic engineering
Area of specialization: Biotechnology

In recent years, the technological innovation has been remarkable in the field of biotechnology including iPS cells, regenerative medicine, and genomic drug discovery. In such circumstances, it is expected that securing and utilizing intellectual property rights will be increasingly important in the future.
With experience and know-how gained through my work in the intellectual property department of a university, it is my commitment to provide excellent services that fully satisfy the clients.
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Eiichiro FUCHIOKA Majored in material engineering
Research experience: macromolecular chemistry, electrochemistry
Specialist fields: Chemical products, resinous materials

I always consider the fact that I am working in a field of Intellectual Property that handles the latest technologies. I study diligently to improve my knowledge and understanding of both law and technology and work hard to enable our clients to acquire advantageous rights.

Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Doctor of Engineering
Naoki FUMA
Naoki FUMA Area of expertise: Materials engineering
Main fields: information processing systems, general physical systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optics, machinery, military and defense-related technologies, etc.

I aim to provide the best possible service to enable our clients to attain higher market value worldwide through their IP.
"HARAKENZO more " live in an age of rapid change, so I am committed to flexibility and being able to adapt to shifting circumstances. I hope to provide our clients with a service that will fully satisfy their needs and expectations.
Deputy Representative of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences
Shun KITAOKA Born in 1981
Research Experience: Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, endocrinology, and immunology
Field of Expertise: Biotechnology, medical drags, and diagnostic drugs

I have accumulated experience as a researcher of biology and medical drugs for more than 10 years in university and pharmaceutical company. Through my research experience, I became acutely aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, which is why I jumped into the intellectual property industry.

With my rich expert knowledge as a researcher, I exert my best efforts not only to enhance protection and utilization of our valued clients' inventions to the maximum extent, but also to boost the entire bio-related industry.
EPO/EUIPO Support Station
Richard STONELL Richard Stonell is a citizen of the United Kingdom. In 2008, he obtained a B.A. in Japanese Studies from University of Leeds in England. From 2008 to 2010, he worked in the International Affairs section of the Nagasaki City Hall.

My primary purpose is to be able to contribute to our clients’ benefit. By using my experience in international interaction, I will respond to your requests swiftly and respectfully.

EPO/EUIPO Support Station
Alf JUNG Nationality: German
MA from Heidelberg University (Germany). Majored in Japanese and English language and literature.
Languages spoken: German, English, Japanese

Using the language skills and experience gained from my previous Japan-related work in Germany, I aim for a high standard of work, courteously and efficiently dealing with clients and providing them with the utmost support.