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Amendment of Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item 8 of the Trademark Act - Relaxation of registration requirements for trademarks that include another person's name -


5th year revision of the Design Act: Relaxation of requirements for application procedures for exceptions to loss of novelty

From January 6, the requirements for applying the exceptions to loss of novelty will be relaxed. See below for details. Applicable to: Design applications after January 1, 6 Contents of relaxation: Regarding the certificate to receive the application of the provisions of Article 1, Paragraph 1, if the design is published due to the act of a person who has the right to receive design registration. Publication of designs at the earliest possible date

December 2023 [General] Newsletter

December Issue [General] Newsletter Status of AI-related Invention Applications On October 31, the Japan Patent Office published the results of a survey conducted to clarify the current status of AI-related applications both in Japan and overseas. The survey results were an update of the survey reported in July 2019 based on application data up to 2021. According to the survey results,

December 2023 [Legal] Newsletter

December Issue [Legal] NewsletterNew legal issues surrounding content on the metaverseOver the past two months, our newsletter has provided detailed information on the "Relaxation of procedures for application of exceptions to loss of novelty" being considered by the Design Examination Standards Working Group.