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March 2024 [General] Newsletter

March Issue [General] Newsletter 2023 US Patent Acquisition Ranking by Company The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) has announced its 312,486 patent acquisition ranking by company. According to the IPO, 3 patents were issued in XNUMX (down XNUMX% from the previous year). In the ranking, Samsung Electric

March 2024 [Legal] Newsletter

March Issue [Legal] NewsletterTrends in design registration applications for new protected subjectsOn February 8th, the Japan Patent Office website published application trends for new protected subjects under the revised Design Act (enforced April 1st, 2020), so we will be posting this in this newsletter for the first time in a while.According to this, the new protected subjects are "images," "buildings," and "interior design."

Introduction of judgment/Domestic design: "Chura tile case" - Judgment regarding recognition of consumer and application of exception to loss of novelty -

- Reiwa 5 (Gyoke) No. 10008 Request for rescission of trial decision (June 2023, 6) - [Plaintiff] Taisei Corporation, Kengo Kuma Architects and Urban Design Office [Defendant: Owner of the design in question] Kobayashi Kawara Kogyo Co., Ltd., Hekinan Ceramics Co., Ltd., Shinnaka Judgment Summary Summary of the Judgment The design in question was maintained in the invalidation trial (invalidation 12-2021) (Design Registration No. 880006)

About the standard character system

The standard character system is a system in which, among trademarks consisting only of characters, those in a character typeface (standard characters) predetermined by the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office are announced and registered as the display mode of the trademark. If the following requirements are not met, an application can be filed by simply stating in the application the trademark for which the applicant wishes to register, based on the applicant's declaration of intention (Article 5 of the Trademark Law).