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July 2024 [Legal] Newsletter

July [Legal Affairs] NewsletterThe Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters decides on the "Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 2024" and the "New Cool Japan Strategy"On June 2024, 6, the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters (Chairperson: Prime Minister Kishida Fumio) met at the Prime Minister's Office and decided on the "Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 4" and the "New Cool Japan Strategy."

July 2024 [General] Newsletter

July issue [General] Newsletter "IPAS 2023 Case Studies" summarizing the results of startup support A startup is a company that aims to advance business with new technologies and ideas. The Japan Patent Office has been implementing the IP Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS) since fiscal 2018, and

To everyone in the game software industry

IntroductionIn recent years, games have undergone a remarkable evolution. In the days of the Space Invaders game, many people would insert coins into a machine and enjoy playing games at a coffee shop, but after the release of home game consoles such as the Family Computer, more children and adults began to enjoy playing games at home. Since then, various game consoles have appeared, including the PlayStation and Wii.

To everyone in the beauty industry

IntroductionBeauty is a very important thing that makes our lives better by helping us realize our desire to be "more beautiful and healthier" through cosmetics, massage, supplements, etc. In this kind of beauty, the image and trust from consumers, that is, the brand, is very important.

Provided by our Business Strategy Advisors

First of all, I believe that those in the apparel industry are familiar with trademarks. According to statistics on the number of trademark applications published by the Japan Patent Office, in the 98,000 years from XNUMX to XNUMX, an astonishing XNUMX trademarks were applied for in the clothing category (Class XNUMX). This is the XNUMXth highest number in the product field.

To everyone in the automobile industry

IntroductionThe automobile industry is currently undergoing a period of dramatic change. Due to the rapid tightening of environmental regulations on a global scale, the time is fast approaching when EVs (electric vehicles) or FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), which emit no carbon dioxide, will become the global standard for automobiles in the future.

Explanation of specific cases in which design right infringement was contested

Specific cases where design right infringement was contested Design rights, like other intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks, are powerful rights that allow you to exclusively exercise your own design. If another company is illegally using your registered design, you can exercise your design rights and request an injunction or damages. Conversely, if another company is using another company's registered design without permission,

Duration of design rights

The relationship between industrial property rights and their duration Industrial property rights laws (Patent Law, Utility Model Law, Design Law, Trademark Law) do not only aim to protect rights, but also to promote industrial development. For example, in the case of a patent right, a person who invents a new invention is given the right to monopolize the invention for a certain period of time, in exchange for disclosing the invention to the public and

What kind of right is a design right? We explain the subject matter and scope of design rights.

What is a design right? A design right is one type of intellectual property right. In addition to design rights, there are other intellectual property rights such as patent rights and trademark rights, but the objects protected by each are different. Patent rights protect technical ideas, while trademark rights protect product names and corporate logos. In contrast, design rights protect designs, i.e. industrial products.