Academic and research institutions produce research results every day that have extremely high potential value as intellectual property. However, it is by no means easy to discover these research results as inventions, refine them into a form suitable for licensing to companies, and complete patent applications without hindering researchers' research activities such as conference presentations. there is no.

In order to strongly support academic intellectual property professionals who face such difficult missions, we at HARAKENZO World Patent & Trademark have established the Academia Intellectual Property Office.
 Our support office is led by a director with many years of practical experience in academic and research institutions, and is staffed by experts in various fields.Practitioners with Ph.D.(Including patent attorneys), we work to obtain rights for academic intellectual property based on our deep understanding and experience in both academic and intellectual property. In addition, we provide generous support for legal matters such as joint research agreements and license agreements from patent attorneys who are familiar with the realities of academia intellectual property.

Office Head: First Deputy Director, Patent Attorney Kenjiro Fujita


Physics/AI section

 Leader Patent Strategy Department Ph.D. (Science) Kazuhiro Nagata
 *A total of 11 people including 3 Ph.D. (Science), 1 Ph.D. (Engineering), 1 Ph.D. (Agriculture), 1 Ph.D. (Insurance Science), and 3 patent attorneys.

Chemistry/Bio Section

 Leader: Patent Strategy Department, Ph.D. (Science) Patent Attorney, Naoki Aono
 *Number of 9 people including 3 Ph.D. (Science), 2 Ph.D. (Medicine), 2 Ph.D. (Engineering), 1 Ph.D. (Agriculture), and 1 Patent Attorney.

Legal/Contract Section

 Leader Legal Strategy Department Patent Attorney Tomoharu Ishiguro
 *We have a total of 8 people, including 1 Ph.D. (Legal), 1 Ph.D. (Agriculture), and 7 patent attorneys.



Academia Intellectual Property Strategy Office Contents

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