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To everyone in the game software industry

IntroductionIn recent years, games have undergone a remarkable evolution. In the days of the Space Invaders game, many people would insert coins into a machine and enjoy playing games at a coffee shop, but after the release of home game consoles such as the Family Computer, more children and adults began to enjoy playing games at home. Since then, various game consoles have appeared, including the PlayStation and Wii.

To everyone in the beauty industry

IntroductionBeauty is a very important thing that makes our lives better by helping us realize our desire to be "more beautiful and healthier" through cosmetics, massage, supplements, etc. In this kind of beauty, the image and trust from consumers, that is, the brand, is very important.

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First of all, I believe that those in the apparel industry are familiar with trademarks. According to statistics on the number of trademark applications published by the Japan Patent Office, in the 98,000 years from XNUMX to XNUMX, an astonishing XNUMX trademarks were applied for in the clothing category (Class XNUMX). This is the XNUMXth highest number in the product field.

To everyone in the automobile industry

IntroductionThe automobile industry is currently undergoing a period of dramatic change. Due to the rapid tightening of environmental regulations on a global scale, the time is fast approaching when EVs (electric vehicles) or FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), which emit no carbon dioxide, will become the global standard for automobiles in the future.

To all IT companies

IntroductionThe development of IT technology is remarkable, and it is no exaggeration to say that we all benefit from it every day. The market size of the IT industry is expanding year by year, with an average annual growth rate of 2014% from 2019 to 1.1. In 2019, the size of the domestic ICT market, which includes the domestic IT market and the communication service business, was 25 trillion yen.

To everyone in the agricultural industry

Introduction - Overview of the Plant Variety Registration System - In Japan, the Seed and Seedlings Act has been established to protect new seed varieties. In order to register a variety, it is necessary to apply for the registration of the plant variety to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Once a variety is registered and a breeder's rights are obtained, the breeder has the exclusive right to use the registered variety commercially (producing and selling seeds, etc.).

To everyone in the smart agriculture industry

IntroductionSmart agriculture is a combination of agriculture and advanced technology, aiming to make agriculture more efficient and labor-saving. This has two aspects: 1) simply replacing labor by robotizing and automating manual labor, and 2) supporting the decision-making of agricultural managers by collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data. As described below, in Japan,

To those in the AI ​​and IoT industries

IntroductionThe digital revolution that began with IT (information technology) has caused the amount of data in the world to double every two years, and hardware performance has evolved exponentially. This technological evolution is enabling artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain technology. These technologies are

To all venture companies

Introduction Companies that achieve rapid growth primarily through their unique technologies and products are collectively called ``venture companies''. What is needed for the growth of a venture company is a variety of things, such as a unique perspective, creativity, and innovative technology, but products with excellent technology and innovative services need some kind of ``name.'' and

For general incorporated associations and business cooperatives

What is the collective trademark system and regional collective trademark system that can be used by certain organizations? Unlike regular trademarks, there is a system called collective trademarks and regional collective trademarks, which are trademarks whose rights are held by a certain organization. <Collective trademark system> Organizations such as general incorporated associations and business cooperatives have trademarks that they allow their members (business operators) to use.