Social Contributions

Fundamental Spirit of Social Contribution

It is said that our true happiness comes not when we receive from others, but when we give to others.
``When we receive from others,'' we are influenced by the amount we receive, and if it is even slightly less, we immediately become dissatisfied and lament our own misfortune.
However, when we ``give to others,'' even if it is a small amount that we feel ashamed of ourselves, we feel greatly satisfied. In other words, when you give to others, your own dissatisfaction quickly diminishes, and at the same time your heart becomes richer and you can experience a sense of happiness.

Therefore, our happiness is much greater and richer when we give than when we are given. ” We believe that.
Furthermore, ``Social contribution does not end as a temporary activity; its continuity is more important than its quantity.'' ” I believe that.

What is “human value”?

what the person gotRather than being evaluated based on <educational background, coat, family background, origins, wealth, assets, popularity, etc.>

what the person gaveIt is evaluated by <What people have given to the world, what they have contributed to the world, people who are filled with a spirit of service and a heart of service, etc.>

(Albert Einstein)

Aspects of Social Contribution Activities

There are many different types of social contribution activities.
To give just a few examples of social contributions that we can make, we can consider the following activities.

( i ) Traditionally, a company’s mission should be to support the livelihood of its employees by expanding and securing jobs through planning new employment opportunities, while contributing to socio-economic stability and the physical and spiritual well-being and improvement of all employees’ lives through business development and sound management.

( ii ) Through the payment of taxes by companies and employees, society profits from it in return.

( iii ) Actively participating in social service in the international and regional societies.

( iv ) Through the invention of the latest technology, and the creation of a high level industrialized society it is possible to plan to break away from material poverty.

( v ) By the improvements of intellectual ability through education and intelligent creative activity, breaking away from mental poverty can be planned.

( vi ) Creating an economic base for the economically weak (for example, establishing educational facilities for schools, etc, and nurturing the supporting industries that are a basis in life.

( vii ) Even if the victims and stricken area of natural disasters are supported materially and spiritually, moreover it is the most important that society makes an active contribution directly.

Natural disasters due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, or even rainstorms (typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, etc.) can occur everywhere in the world in every country and region at anytime. Once a natural disaster occurs, the society of the stricken area and way of life does not collapse at once, noble peoples lives are instantaneously taken, forced into a situation so miserable no words can express, with lots of sacrifice and enormous damage. Moreover, the mental pain and anguish of the victims will never go away.

"HARAKENZO more " believe in the spirit of cooperation, ”One for all, and all for one”. As a member of these times on this earth, each and every person should work fast to bring relief for the victims and reconstruction of stricken areas of natural disasters. By bringing the world together as one and helping each other, we can recognize the importance of helping and supporting others.

Also, for us included, if there is anything we can contribute to international society, it is our desire to actively pursue the above. For the victims and stricken areas that encounter major natural disasters, as a member of international society, through relief support efforts we will make contributions and fulfill our social obligation through organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross Society.



There is a risk of large-scale natural disasters occurring in all countries and regions around the world.

The major XNUMX magnitude earthquake that occurred on January XNUMX, XNUMX in Haiti was especially devastating by increasing the poverty level of central South America’s poorest country, and the damage was exceedingly serious, but moreover grave. 

In Haiti that was struck by the horrible earthquake disaster this time, as if a bombing had occurred countless buildings have been reduced to mountains of rubble annihilating the functionality of the capital city. Trucks collecting corpses are frequently going in and out of the city, countless people buried alive are desperately awaiting rescue, everyday with the temperatures exceeding XNUMXC the strong smell of rotting corpses floats in the air, while the estimate of the deceased is estimated to be in the XNUMXs. 

For us living together in this day and age on this earth, looking the other way or only going through the motion of helping with urgent rescue relief, we cannot help but wish for the speedy relief efforts of inadequate supplies, emergency funds, and reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake. 

Presently, although these are difficult times as the world is in serious economic peril due to the concurrent world recession, the suffering of the Haitian people due to this natural disaster is far more serious and cannot be compared to the economic difficulties we are facing. 

Us, living together in this day and age, headline support to each and every person, and pray for the possibility that one-day the rich hearts of the victims will return. 


Social Action Efforts of Members of Our Office

A member of our office was recently awarded the Silver Medal of Merit by the Japanese Red Cross Society in recognition of his contribution to more than 70 blood donations in total.
In addition, a member of our office received the Golden Medal of Merit from the Japanese Red Cross Society in recognition of his contribution to more than 100 blood donations in total.

Our office has been involved in the following charity activities as part of our social contribution activities since 2010.
According to the "World Giving Index" by the UK-based Charities Aid Foundation, Japan ranks 2022rd out of 119 countries in the world in terms of total donations in 103.

Regular charitable activities

■"Red Feather Community Chest"
[December, 2013/December, 10/December, 2014/
October 2017/November 10/October 2018/October 11/
October 2021/November 10/November 2022]
■“NHK Overseas Assistance” (Japanese Red Cross Society)
[December, 2010/December, 12/December, 2011/
December 2022/December 12]
■“Plan International Japan”
46 years of contributions as foster parents (sponsors) from
1978 to the present (2024); still continuing today.

( History of Plan International )
1937 : Founded as "Foster Parents Plan for Children in Spain" (to help children orphaned by the Spanish Civil War)
1940s : Name changed to "Foster Parents Plan for War Children", and began providing help to children all over Europe
1950s : Commenced new programs in less developed nations. Name changed to "Foster Parents Plan Inc."
1970s : Name changed to "Foster Plan", with programs in Asia, Africa, and Central/South America.
2002 : Organization name changed to "Plan" Term for donors changed from "foster parents" to "sponsors".
2016 : Organization name changed to "Plan International"

*An international NGO that promotes regional development together with children.
Currently, approximately 111 million sponsors, 140 million children, and the local residents surrounding them are active around the world.


 Donations for aid to stricken areas upon occurrence of devastating disaster

(1) Overseas
・Taiwan Eastern Offshore Earthquake Relief Fund (April 2024) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Turkey/Syria Earthquake Relief Fund (February 2023) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Donation (March 2022) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Donation for large-scale eruption off the coast of Tonga (February 2022) - Japan Tonga Friendship Association
・Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (May 2015) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Philippines Typhoon Emergency Relief Fund (November 2013) - Doctors Without Borders
・Chile Earthquake Relief Fund (March 2010) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Haiti Earthquake Emergency Fundraising (January 2010) - Japan UNICEF Association

(2) Domestic
・Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Fund (January 2024) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Japanese Red Cross Society activity financial support (June 2021)
・Reiwa 15st Typhoon No. 2019 Chiba Prefecture Disaster Relief Fundraising (October 10) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Japanese Red Cross Society activity financial support (May 2019)
・Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake Relief Fund (October 2018) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・West Japan heavy rain disaster relief donation (July 2018) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fundraising (May 2016) - Japanese Red Cross Society
・Hiroshima City Peace Promotion Project (June 2015) - Hiroshima City
・Hiroshima Landslide Relief Fund (September 2014) - Chugoku Shimbun Social Services Corporation
・Momo/Kaki Scholarship Foundation East Japan Earthquake Orphans Fund
(2011 years from October 10 to March 2020)
・Relief fundraising for the Tohoku Pacific Coast Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake) (March 2011) - Japan
red cross society

For each of these donation activities of our firm, the sum of a donation made by the employees and a contribution, equal in amount to the donation, offered by the firm was sent from the firm as a charitable activity. Further, an individual contribution is continuing separately from the contribution by the firm.

With respect to the charitable activities over the years, a "Certificate of Appreciation" was bestowed by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and a "Certificate of Commendation", a "Golden Order of Merit (medal)", and a "Silver Order of Merit (plaque)" were awarded by the Japanese Red Cross Society. Presented below are the certificates, medal, and plaque.

① Certificate of commendation Japanese Red Cross Society (November 11)

(11) Silver Order of Merit (plaque) Japanese Red Cross Society (November, XNUMX) 

(XNUMX) Certificate of Appreciation Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (July, XNUMX) 

(XNUMX) Golden Order of Merit (medal) Japanese Red Cross Society (March, XNUMX) 

(XNUMX) Golden Order of Merit medal 



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