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Lawyers & Major Staffs Doctoral specialty list

Kenzo HARA

Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Kenzo HARA is the founder and general manager of HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Industrial Arts School in Ishikawa Prefecture, and from Kansai University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Law. After obtaining basic experience in a Intellectual Property Law Firm in Osaka, he qualified through examinations and was registered as a Japanese Patent & Trademark Attorney in XNUMX. He then established HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK in XNUMX. Certified in XNUMX as Litigation Certified Intellectual Property Attorney.
He has extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of technical subjects as well as in various legal practices, including legal counsel and expert opinions and supervision of trial proceedings and infringement litigation before the Japanese Patent Office and the courts and strategies for filing of applications in Japan and in foreign countries. With more than XNUMX years' experience in the patent and trademark fields, he has handled all types of cases involving Opposition and Appeal procedures, Litigation, Arbitration and License Negotiations, as well as all kinds of intellectual property rights proceedings.

He is presently a member of JPAA (Japan Patent Attorneys Association, i.e., bar association), AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriete Intellectuelle), APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association), Western Japan Patent Attorney Club, JP-TA (Japan Trademark Association), LES JAPAN (Licensing Executives Society JAPAN) and INTA(International Trademark Association).

Kiyoshi FUKUI

Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Mr. Fukui specialized in Precision Science and Technology and studied Non-conventional Machining in university and graduate school.
After completing graduate school, he worked for a private company and was involved in R&D relating to semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Through these experiences, he acquired a broad knowledge of technologies relating to Physics, for example in the fields of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mechanical/Control Engineering, Optics/Electromagnetics, and Information/Communication Technology.
Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and began to be involved in the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent cases in the field of Physics.
After qualifying as a Patent & Trademark Attorney and becoming a Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation, he widened his field of practice to include expert testimony, litigation, consulting services and so on.

"An IP firm's capabilities are influenced a great deal by the professional skill levels of the individual members. However, simply assembling skilled personnel does not give an IP firm outstanding capability.
"HARAKENZO more " has a diverse staff and each individual has highly specialized abilities. This diversity goes beyond the explanation in the "OUTLINE" section above. Moreover, our firm's organizational strength enables the individual staff members to make use of their abilities in a way that best suits the demands of our clients.
"HARAKENZO more " invite our clients to put the skills of our personnel and our firm's organizational strength to practical use in the increasingly sophisticated and complex fields of IP operations and IP strategy."

Kenjiro FUJITA

Representative of Tokyo Head Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialized in agricultural chemistry and human enviromentology

Based on my experiences of not only patent applications and prosecutions but also contracting work such as licensing in all areas of intellectual property, I aim to keep honing my skills and provide services relating to intellectual property including design and trademark, etc.

Toshiro KURODA

DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of chemical and biological fields >>
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Senior Specialist

Mr. Kuroda specialized in Biotechnology and Molecular and Cellular Biology at university and graduate school, where he carried out research into improving the function of proteins and the protein localization.

After graduate school, he worked for a cosmetics company at R&D division carrying out fundamental research and developing new products. Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and became involved in patent prosecution for domestic and international cases in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry.
After qualifying as a patent attorney and a specially qualified attorney for infringement litigation, he also gained experience in license agreements, expert opinions, consulting, litigation and so on. Currently, he not only carries out patent-related work, but handles cases from all areas of intellectual property, including design and trademark cases.
"In recent years, as the globalization of business has continued, competition has become much fiercer. In this fiercely competitive environment, outstanding technology is of course important, but it is not enough on its own. With only technical superiority, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a distinctive value.

"Therefore, to differentiate oneself from others and to increase one's competitiveness, in addition to technology, it is vital to incorporate design and brand into a multi-layered IP strategy. In order to increase the value of our clients' businesses, I aim to help provide a service that fully satisfies the demands of our clients in all fields of intellectual property."

Shinji IMANO

DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of physical fields >> In charge of Hiroshima Office / In charge of Nagoya Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Senior Specialist

Shinji IMANO, BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, researched in Mechanical Engineering and Combustion Engineering of diesel engines. After graduating from the university, he worked for a private automotive company and involved in technical management of production facilities.
Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and began to be involved in the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent cases in the field of Physics.
After qualifying as a Patent & Trademark Attorney and becoming a Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation, he widened his field of practice to include expert testimony, and consulting services and so on.

"As a high school student, I made up my mind to provide the technologies useful for people. To accomplish the goal, I believe it is essential to provide long-term satisfaction to all of our clients. I'll do my best with honesty to combine all of the abilities of each staff member of our firm, in order to provide excellent services that cannot be obtained through mere combination of individuals´ abilities."


Director of Intellectual Property Training Institute / Director of Bio IP Information
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Senior Specialist

Born in 1969, majoring in industrial chemistry
Research experience: Immunology, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, carbohydrate chemistry
Specialty: Allergy, food, microorganisms, cosmetics, enzymes, carbohydrates

Above all, I love taking on new challenges.
We will continue to take on the challenge of providing services that will satisfy everyone while making use of the know-how that we have cultivated through our corporate research experience.
Thank you very much for your support.


DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of physical fields >> Osaka Patent Strategy Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Chief of IoT x AI Support Station

Takashi MURAKAMI, majored in information engineering and has research experiences in information engineering and contents distribution technology.
His specialty covers information technology, communication network, information processing, communication theory, and software.
He is presently a member of JPAA.

In recent years, the IT field has made rapid progress, and IT-related intellectual property rights have become extremely important.
Therefore, I will do my best to provide prompt and high-quality services for IT-related inventions, making use of my corporate research and development experience.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the IT field in general.

Naoki FUMA

Patent&Trademark Attorney
Doctor of Engineering

Area of expertise: Materials engineering

Main fields: information processing systems, general physical systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, optics, machinery, military and defense-related technologies, etc.

I aim to provide the best possible service to enable our clients to attain higher market value worldwide through their IP. "HARAKENZO more " live in an age of rapid change, so I am committed to flexibility and being able to adapt to shifting circumstances. I hope to provide our clients with a service that will fully satisfy their needs and expectations.


Legal Headquarter General Manager
Attorney at Law
Patent&Trademark Attorney

After graduating from university (faculty of law), Mr. Nishiyama passed the patent attorney examination in 2003, and had worked for our firm since 2007.
After passing the preliminary bar examination and the bar examination, he completed a legal apprenticeship in 2020 and has returned to our firm.

Our firm is here to offer high-quality legal services to benefit clients by serving as a business strategist to work together. Nothing makes us happier than clients' satisfaction, which is also our lifeblood. To build a good, lasting, strong, and trusting relationship, we always make sincere efforts to serve clients, bearing gratitude for the clients.

We do our best to provide high-quality legal services that clients are satisfied with not only for our existing clients but also for new clients who consider starting a business relationship with us or who give us the opportunity to serve. We wish to be of your help in the future.

We hope to build a good, lasting, strong, and trusting relationship with overseas local agents, sometimes involving cooperation with each other. In addition, we provide the agents with high-quality legal services relating to Japanese intellectual property.

Yuichiro OKADA

Tokyo Head Office Executive Manager
Doctor of Science

Born in 1973
Research field: Nonlinear physics, computational physics
Main fields of study: Physics, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics

Throughout the 20th century, physics has been applied to many technologies.
And today, physics continues to be a source of innovative ideas.
We will do our best to provide our customers with highly reliable services based on our experience in physics research.


Nagoya office representative
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born in 1965
Main field: Electrical/electronic engineering, semiconductor engineering

I entered the world of patents after working as a semiconductor engineer, and gained experience in patent practice at a patent office and in the intellectual property department of a company.
We aim to utilize our experience to acquire rights that meet the needs of our customers.


Representative of Hiroshima Office
Section Manager/Hiroshima Legal Strategy Office Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Doctor of Agriculture

Born in 1981
Research Experience: Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, endocrinology, and immunology
Field of Expertise: Biotechnology, medical drags, and diagnostic drugs

With my rich expert knowledge as a researcher, I exert my best efforts not only to enhance protection and utilization of our valued clients' inventions to the maximum extent, but also to boost the entire bio-related industry.


Head of Tokyo Patent Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Born in 1978, majoring in environmental engineering
Research experience: Microbial engineering, polymer chemistry
Specialty: Biotechnology, sanitary engineering, polymer chemistry

I will make the most of my variety of experiences so as to contribute to our clients’ benefit.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems concerning intellectual property such as patent, design, and trademark.


Osaka Legal Strategy Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

I majored in laws in my university.
His specialty covers Design, Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Law. He is presently a member of JPAA.
Intellectual property becomes more and more important these days. Under the circumstances, I’m doing my best everyday with responsibility and pride in handling IP cases.
I will make every efforts to meet the demands of our clients.


Office Manager/Director of Tokyo Legal Strategy Department/Director of Trademark Office, Tokyo Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born 1980
From the Faculty of Economics
Main areas of practice: trademarks, designs, unfair competition prevention law

We would like to build a relationship with our clients that allows them to feel free to consult with us.
By exchanging opinions with each other on a daily basis,

・Speed ​​that will satisfy your needs
・Results truly desired by the client

• Result truly desired by clients

Yasutaka OKABE

Foreign Department General manager / Translation Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Research experience: Environmental engineering
Area of expertise: Mechanics, Physics and Information technology

With my previous experience working abroad, domestic or international, the harsh competition in business, has made me keenly aware how business competition increases the value of intellectual property rights. Keeping that in mind, as a patent attorney I aim at acquiring property rights in accordance with client’s needs, and will make an effort no matter how minor the matter may be.

Atsushi DEJI

Patent&Trademark Attorney
Ph.D. (Agriculture)

Born in 1971
Research fields: Plant physiology, molecular biology, proteomics
Main fields of handling: Biotechnology, IT related

Atsushi DEJI, born in XNUMX, obtained a PhD in agriculture from Nagoya University. The targets of his research include plant physiology, molecular biology and proteomics. His specialty covers biotechnology and information technology. I believe that the largest room in the world is a room referrerd to as "room for improvement".
By taking the "room for improvement" into consideration, I always make every efforts to offer the client higher-ranked jobs so as to surely meet the client's requirements.

Masanobu TSUZUMI

Senior Specialist

Majored in mechanical engineering
Research experience: Control engineering, mechatronics
Main handling fields: IT related, machinery, electronics

In recent years, inventions using IT technology have been made in various fields, and it is becoming increasingly important to appropriately secure rights.
On the other hand, in order to properly protect inventions related to IT technology, special skills not found in other fields are required.
Under these circumstances, we provide services based on accurate interpretation and awareness of both the latest technological trends and the latest legal systems, and draw on our extensive practical experience.

Takaaki KOJIMA

DX, IT Intellectual Property Information Office Manager
Patent research team leader
Senior Specialist

Aeronautical Engineering Major
Research experience: Control engineering, artificial intelligence, man-machine interface
Main areas of handling: IT, communication networks, user interfaces, business models

With the abundant business experiences throughout physical fields particularly in the IT field, I will provide advices to dig up inventions and acquire firm protection of rights. Please do not hesitate to ask me on such IP cases. I also have abundant experiences as a patent searcher. I will be of service also in the patent search.

Kazuhiro NAGATA

Doctor of Science

Born in 1972
Research field: Particle physics
Specialty: Whole field of physics

Because the basic principles of physics are universal, they appear everywhere, regardless of the field.
We strive every day to provide high-quality services to our customers, drawing on the experience we have gained during our doctoral studies and research life in the United States.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Chemistry major
Research experience: Solution chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry
Specialty: Chemistry, biotechnology

Every time I take on a new project, I feel the weight of my responsibility.
In order to protect your valuable intellectual property, we work hard on each case to provide the optimal response based on the latest technology in our fields of expertise, chemistry and biotechnology, as well as knowledge of the latest domestic and international laws. I would like to go there.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born in 1967, majoring in animal husbandry
Research experience: Livestock utilization, immunology, food chemistry
Specialty: Biotechnology, food materials

As technology advances day by day and the importance of protecting and utilizing intellectual property increases, legal systems are frequently amended.
In order to respond appropriately to such situations, I would like to be a patent attorney who can meet the needs of clients and contribute to the development of industry by constantly studying hard and working with sincerity. I am.
I would like to humbly thank you.

Takashi NOYAMA

Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Born in 1955, majoring in mechanical engineering
Research experience: Consumer VTR, electronic component mounting machine
Specialty fields: electronics, communications, computers (IT), physics, mechanics

We will promptly provide high-quality intellectual services that increase the added value of inventions in the electrical and mechanical fields.
While making use of my corporate research experience, I always try to respond sincerely from the customer's perspective.


Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Born in 1976, majoring in biochemistry
Research experience: molecular embryology, genome database
Specialty: Biotechnology, Software

Technologies and the patent system change rapidly. Following the rapid change, I am making every possible effort to help our clients to obtain valuable patent rights.

Yoshiaki HIGE

Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born in 1977, majoring in biology
Research experience: Biotechnology
Specialty: Biotechnology

The environment surrounding intellectual property continues to change every day.
I am committed to responding quickly to changes, valuing communication with our clients, and always providing services that exceed their expectations.
We would like to cherish your ideas and develop them together with you.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

I majored in laws in my university.
Specialties: Design & Trademark

The environment surrounded by intellectual property is increasing daily on a worldwide scale. Bearing that in mind while always in accordance with the expectations of the client, I will work hard to grow and improve my skills.


Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Specialization: Bio-functional chemistry

We strive to provide sincere and courteous service in order to provide services that satisfy our customers.
My main area of ​​responsibility is IT-related fields. IT-related inventions play an extremely important role in modern business, but obtaining appropriate rights for IT-related inventions requires a high degree of specialized knowledge.
If you are thinking of applying IT-related inventions to your business, please feel free to contact us. I think I may be able to help you.

Naoki AONO

Patent&Trademark Attorney
Doctor of Science
Patent Strategy Department manager

Born 1974
A specialty: Science
A research field: Chemical biology, molecular biology and vegetable evolution embryology

The combination of my doctorate level education, ability to ascertain the facts cultivated from my post-doctoral research experience, and expert knowledge of intellectual property rights, I will respond to the expectations and demands of our clients.
Further, to keep up with the client’s expectations and to stay up to date with the ever-changing laws and technical advancements, I will continue to dedicate myself to my studies.


Section Manager/Assistant Representative of Nagoya Office/Director of Nagoya Legal Strategy Office
Startup/Co-creation Support Office Nagoya Office Manager/Intellectual Property Consultant
Patent&Trademark Attorney

I majored in laws in my university.

The acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights has the potential to bring solutions to the issues faced by our clients in the pursuit of their business objectives. It thus constitutes a crucial element of their business plan.

Keeping the above in mind, it is my goal, as a patent attorney, to work for the smooth acquisition and exploitation of our client’s intellectual property rights. In this way, I hope to achieve the central principle of our firm’s philosophy: ”maximize our clients’ satisfaction and benefit”.


Director of India Support Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in material engineering
Research experience: macromolecular chemistry, electrochemistry
Specialist fields: Chemical products, resinous materials

I always consider the fact that I am working in a field of Intellectual Property that handles the latest technologies. I study diligently to improve my knowledge and understanding of both law and technology and work hard to enable our clients to acquire advantageous rights.

Makoto NAGAO

Chief of Free IP-Counseling Center
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in applied physics, faculty of science
Area of expertise: Mechanics, Physics and Information technology

With my experience and knowledge acquired here, I will try my best to be good assistance for clients to obtain rights as desired, for inventions, which are results of clients’ earnest efforts.

Yoshihisa SUMI

Patent&Trademark Attorney

Graduate School of Science, Majored in Chemistry

Patent Attorneys have played a great role in the economic growth by establishing and protecting intellectual property rights.
I, being one of those patent attorneys, will do my best to play the role and make efforts with self-improvement so as to provide satisfaction to clients.


Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Majored in Course of Environmental Economics, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics

Since joining the company in 2006, I have gained practical experience in the internal and external secretarial management department.
Utilizing that experience, we work hard every day in our work, always keeping in mind the provision of detailed services that meet the various needs of our customers.

Kazunori TAKEDA

Director of Trademark Office, Osaka Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

I majored in laws in my university.
Specialized in design, trademark, copyright, computer program registration, semiconductor circuit layout-design registration.

As a patent attorney, I feel the weight of my responsibility to ensure that our many clients acquire rights to their valuable intellectual property and ensure its protection.
Every day, I strive to improve myself and do my best to help everyone.


Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Office Assistant Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Good design differentiates your product from those of other companies and creates a significant market competitiveness.
I will strive every day to respond to the needs of our customers with sincerity and to protect their important intellectual property, including designs.

Shuichi GOINO

Patent&Trademark Attorney

I majored in laws in my university.
Worked three years as an investigator in the Trademark Division of the Japan Patent Office

Utilizing my experience at the Japan Patent Office, I will strive daily to further improve my skills and make my utmost efforts to provide services for our clients' diverse businesses.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Graduated from the department of science, majored in mathematics
Area of expertise: designs, trademarks, copyright

In addition to my experience in the practical use of rights (application, granting and exercise of rights, etc.), as a patent and trademark attorney I also make the best use of my experience in working with licensing contracts and right transfer. From day to day I continue to study the rapid changes of the IP industry and am devoted to meeting the demands of all clients.

Shigetoshi ITO

Patent Strategy Department manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Area of expertise: electrical and electronic engineering
Research experience: semiconductor technology

While working at a manufacturer's R&D department, I made numerous inventions and also acquired practical experience regarding patents.
Making best use of the experience and know-how I gained, I strive every day to provide clients with the best possible proposals.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Major in Cell Biology

I am committed to put all my efforts into assistance of our valued client's business in terms of intellectual properties.
I will provide diligent service based on my first aim, while conforming to the environment surrounding intellectual properties that is abruptly changing.


Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Specialty areas: machinery, electronics, etc.

So far, I have worked as an intellectual property department staff of an electric appliance manufacturer, and as a translator of a patent law firm. Now, as a patent attorney of HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, I would like to further enlarge my knowledge on intellectual properties so as to provide higher-quality services to our clients.


Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

I majored in laws in my university.

I have completed the Intellectual Property Law Course at the Faculty of Corporate Law.
We strive every day to meet the needs of our customers, making use of the experience we have gained through graduate school research and practical work.

Ou Sun

Chief of Foreign Department
Chief of China Support Station
Chinese patent attorney

Born in Shanghai, China, 1977 
Major fields: Marine generators, Marine electrical engineering, Japanese language education, Linguistics

I want to consistently acquire new knowledge. New knowledge makes me find not only a new fact but also myself. I think it necessary to keep such attitude to cope with ever-changing society and world situation. With such attitude, I will offer every possible services to the clients from a broad perspective and wide technical fields.

China and Japan have been boosting cultural and scientific exchanges for a long time. I want to do my best to bridge China and Japan so that exchanges therebetween will further boosted.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born in XNUMX
Graduated from Department of Environmental and Materials Engineering, Facutly of Engineering

We strive every day to properly protect intellectual property.
Thank you.

He Tingqiong

Legal Strategy Department
Chinese Attorney-at-law

At university and graduate school, I majored in intellectual property law. In particular, we conducted research on issues such as trademark parody regarding trademark law.
As a Chinese lawyer, I will do my best to utilize the intellectual property skills and knowledge I have acquired to protect the interests of my clients.
Thank you.

Minoru GOTO

Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialty: Electrics and electronics, mechanics, and atomic energy

After graduating from a university, I have engaged in a research and development job at a research and development organization and also worked as an administrative officer, before entering into the field of intellectual properties.
With full use of these experiences, I would like to assist our clients in obtaining useful intellectual properties.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialized mainly in electrics and electronics, IT and software, and communication

Until now, I have been involved in a wide range of intellectual property matters at patent offices in Japan and Germany, as well as foreign companies.
We would like to leverage our experience to help our customers form and utilize their intellectual property rights.


Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Specialty: Physics, Electronics, Semiconductor devices, and Materials

After having engaged in research and development (laser gyro, and liquid crystal display) and intellectual property operations (applications, contracts, etc.) at a company, I worked for a patent firm and accumulated further experiences. Taking advantage of my previous experiences, I am devoted to providing services that match clients' needs.


Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Majored in mechanical engineering
Specialties: Machinery and control

After having engaged in research and development at a company, I gained my experience in patent practice relating to application filing and prosecution for inventions in the fields of machinery and control at a patent firm.
Utilizing my previous experience, I will endeavor to provide services that fit the needs of clients.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialized fields: electrics and electronics, and information technology

After graduating from university, I was in charge of research and development related to power systems at a company.
After that, I gained more than 10 years of experience in intellectual property practice at a patent office. In the future, we will strive to further expand our knowledge of intellectual property and provide even higher quality services to our customers.


Patent&Trademark Attorney

Specialty: Chemistry, Biology, and Food

After involved in research and development of biological reagents in a chemical manufacturing company, I got into intellectual property. Since then, I have dealt with domestic and foreign cases for years. I would like to keep training myself further and contribute to protection and utilization of intellectual properties of our clients through my experience in intellectual property practice.

Tatsuya YONEDA

Patent&Trademark Attorney

Graduated from Faculty of Law

I want to provide best works for our clients so as to gain trusts from our clients and keep the trusts, just like a trademark, which is one type of intellectual properties and an embodiment of trusts in services having been built up for a long time.


Patent Strategy Department manager

Majored in Physics
Research experience: Condensed matter physics
Specialty: Whole field of physics

The amount of ``invention'' hidden in a product is equal to the amount of effort that goes into it.
Ideas for overcoming difficulties become inventions that can be patented.
One of our missions is to transform our customers' invisible hardships into visible rights.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Yoshihiro NAKAMURA

Translation Department Manager

It is not only my work but also my joy to provide high quality translations in order to fully support our clients in acquiring and utilizing patents. To this end, I am constantly gaining new knowledge and skills pertaining to law, technical translation, and IT.

Benjamin FIELDS

Translation Department Manager (Director of PCT Translations)

Patent translation is a specialized field requiring a high level of expertise in technical, legal, and linguistic aspects. Our firm utilizes close cooperation between veteran translators, technical experts, and patent attorneys to provide translations of the highest quality. As translation department manager, in addition to doing hands-on translation work, I also ensure that our department's work flow and system of quality assurance checks stay optimized and up-to-date, to maintain a consistently high level of quality that meets and exceeds our clients' needs.


PhD (Medicine)

Born in 1970
Research experience: Molecular cell biology, genetic engineering
Main field: Biotechnology

Today's technological advances are remarkable, and the amount of information that has been accumulated is enormous.
In particular, the progress in the field of biotechnology is remarkable.
We will continue to pay attention to the latest technology that is advancing day by day, and provide the best service to our customers.


Ph.D. (academic)

Degree: Ph.D. (academic)
Research fields: superconducting devices, magnetic semiconductors

We have been conducting research on device fabrication processes using microfabrication technology and magnetic transport properties of magnetic semiconductors. By focusing on the knowledge gained through these experiences and deepening our knowledge of science in general, we strive to be able to view our customers' inventions from multiple angles.
By understanding the true meaning of our customers' inventions and determining their essence, we will do our best to provide higher satisfaction and profits.


Doctorate (Health Science)

Born 1968
Research experience: biological science, biochemistry
Major fields handled: IT-related fields

I work to provide our clients with the most satisfactory service possible, by making full use of my valuable research experience and strong willingness to take on challenges.



Majored in chemical engineering at university/graduate school
Main fields of study: Physics, materials, reaction engineering, etc.

I would like to be a good partner for acquiring and protecting rights in the most beneficial manner possible for valuable technologies developed in drastically changing environments, while having good communications with our clients.

Michiko TOMOBE

Patent Strategy Department & Utility Models Department

Major: Management Engineering
Fields handled: Information and communication, software, control

Leveraging my experience in research and development of next-generation information terminals and business at an IT venture, I have been engaged in patent application activities.
I find this job rewarding as I have many opportunities to come into contact with cutting-edge technology.
We place emphasis on dialogue with our customers and strive to acquire rights that can be utilized in their businesses.


Senior Specialist

Electrical Engineering Major
Research experience: Applied electricity (high voltage buck discharge)
Main handling fields: Electricity, electronic software, LCD

The environment surrounding computers, including recent digital recording technology, digital communication and broadcasting technology, is rapidly evolving.
In order to respond to such advances in technology, we will make a variety of proposals, focusing on domestic and international applications and intermediate processing, to elicit customer requests and connect them to stronger rights.

Nobutaka OKAJIMA

Secretariat and Administration Department Second Foreign Secretary Group, Manager

I am in charge of handling the intermediate procedures concerning patent applications filed abroad.
Serving as a mediator between our clients and foreign countries, we are devoted to advancing with all necessary procedures swiftly and accurately.
I hope to be of service.


Secretarial Management Department 1st Foreign Affairs Management Office Manager
Senior Specialist

Yukiko KAWAMURA graduated from a social psychology department.

I put our clients’ needs first. In my daily work, I am always conscious of the type of support that our clients wish to receive.
I work with enthusiasm, putting my heart and soul into the services we provide.

Kazuaki Mukai

Secretariat and Administration Department First Domestic Secretary Group Manager
Senior Specialist

Graduated in the field of Literature.

I feel happy to be able to work in this firm, where I can clearly sense our noble goal of protecting of our clients’ intellectual property.
Although I only able to make a humble contribution, I am committed to strive daily to respond to our clients’ requests swiftly, accurately, and respectfully.

Atsuko MOMOI

Secretariat and Administration Department Second Domestic Secretary Group Manager
Senior Specialist

I am very grateful to be entrusted with our clients’ valuable intellectual property, and the top priority in my work is to respond effectively to our clients’ requests. I will strive to provide steady and reliable service at all times, and to ensure our clients feel that the response they receive is both speedy and of the highest quality.
We will always provide stable services and strive to provide prompt and high-quality responses.


Secretarial Management Department 3rd Domestic Business Management Office Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Born 1972

I am proud and happy to be an aid in protecting the intellectual property of our clients, and I thoroughly apply myself every day.
With the strengthening of my language ability and law minded competence, in addition to my objective of comprehending the most up-to-date laws, I am devoted to providing our clients with excellent service.


Administration Department, Administration Department in-coming Applications Group Manager
Chief of Germany Support Station

Nationality: German
Master's degree from Heidelberg University (Germany) (major: Japanese/English Literature)
Languages ​​used: German, English, Japanese

Using the language skills and experience gained from my previous Japan-related work in Germany, I aim for a high standard of work, courteously and efficiently dealing with clients and providing them with the utmost support.

Takunari YUGUCHI

Administration Department, PCT Applications Group Manager

I majored in laws in my university.

Our society continues to develop thanks to superior technology.
What underpins this development is none other than the appropriate protection of intellectual property rights.
Rights are invisible and intangible, but they have infinite value.
We are deeply moved by the fact that we are entrusted with the important intellectual property rights of our customers.
It is our natural responsibility to respond to diversifying needs.
Not only that, but being able to lead customers with better proposals is what makes a professional.
We will do our best in everything we do and do our best to make you more satisfied.


Secretariat and Administration Department Second Foreign Secretary Group Manager

We are in charge of patent application work in various countries.
We will respond flexibly and sensitively to the changes of the times, and will do our best to satisfy our customers.
Thank you very much.


Secretariat and Administration DepartmentPatent Affairs Coordinating Group

Completed the graduate school of intellectual property

We will do our best to assist our customers in obtaining their rights, albeit indirectly.
Our office has specialists in various fields.
We will do our best to enable these specialists to perform to the best of their ability.
We will work hard every day to make you feel glad that you chose our office.

Jin hyon chang

Chief of Korea Support Station

Born in 1973. Department of Molecular Engineering
Research experience: Secondary battery electrode materials, photosensitive materials for liquid crystals
Specialty field: Electronic materials related


Chief of Taiwan Support Station

Born 1979
Graduated from Department of International Trade, Tokai University, Taiwan

Our office is in charge of filing applications from within Japan to other countries, as well as intermediate processing.
At a university in Taiwan, I enrolled in the international trade department and mainly studied marketing.
Professional service means providing a high level of trust to our customers, and to that end, we work hard every day to provide high-quality services by working together with all departments.


USA/UK Support Office

British nationality
2008: Obtained a degree in Japanese language from the University of Leeds (UK)
2008-2010 Worked at Nagasaki City Hall International Division

My primary purpose is to be able to contribute to our clients’ benefit. By using my experience in international interaction, I will respond to your requests swiftly and respectfully.

Kang Jieun

Korea Support Station

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, I have supported Korean customers in a variety of businesses.
We will do our best to provide professional and accurate services for our customers' important matters.

Yumeng HOU

China Support Office

Birthplace: Shandong, China
Business handled: Trademarks, designs

I came to Japan in 2009 and subsequently completed a master's degree in international and plural cultures at Nagoya University.
In recent years, with advances in cutting-edge technology and increased awareness of intellectual property rights, further development of the industry is expected.
I am looking forward to developing my skills in a knowledge-filled environment to provide better service to our customers.

Hung Chia Chi

Taiwan Support Station

Born 1993
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Taiwan University

Making use of what I have ever experienced, I would like to make efforts every day to provide satisfactory services to clients.

Kim You Jin

Korea Support Station

After studying at a graduate school in Japan (specializing in classical literature), I decided to work in intellectual property rights.
We work hard every day to protect our customers' important ideas.

Tran Khanh Phuong

Born 1996
Graduated from Nagoya University Graduate School of Law

I have been particularly interested in the field of intellectual property. I will make constant efforts to contribute to economic development, social progress, and satisfaction of our clients.


Director of France Support Office

Graduated from Department of French Literature, Faculty of Letters
Stayed in France for 1 year on a working holiday visa
Languages ​​used: Japanese, English, French

I will keep doing my best to provide a good service that satisfies our clients.


Doctor of engineering

Born in 1972
Research fields: Molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry
Main field: General biotechnology

In recent years, the field of biotechnology has been progressing rapidly.
In this context, the importance of intellectual property rights is increasing.
To that end, I would like to utilize my field of expertise, always learn the latest technology, and provide appropriate services. And humbly thank you.


Doctor of Engineering

Major: Bioengineering
Specialized fields: Molecular biology, biochemistry, biology, general biotechnology

I aim to provide a service that will fully satisfy our clients. I constantly research the latest technologies and diligently pursue my studies daily.

Masashi IIZUKA

Doctor of Science

Born in 1976
Research field: Molecular biology, genetic engineering 

After graduating from university, I amassed experience as a researcher at bio-venture enterprises, university laboratories and so on. In my daily work, I make use the knowledge I have attained so far to respond sincerely to our clients' needs.


Doctor of Science

Born 1983
Major: Biological Science
Research field: Cell biology

Science and technology is making dramatic progress daily, particularly in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences. Accordingly, intellectual property competition is extremely fierce.
As well as making use of the knowledge and experience I cultivated at university, I handle the most recent technologies that are being created every day, and am committed to providing a high-quality service that will satisfy our clients.


Doctor of Science

Career: Ph.D. (Science), Department of Biofunctions
Specialty: Stem cell biology, molecular biology

In the advancing scientific technologies, the biotechnology field shows remarkable progress in recent years. Accordingly, competition for intellectual property rights are being increased. Making use of my research experiences and being receptive to constantly varying technical information, I will make efforts to provide satisfactory and high quality services to our clients.


Osaka Legal Strategy Department Trademark Division Assistant Manager

I feel importance of intellectual properties which produce unlimited value from superior ideas has been increasing in various situations of modern society.
I will try my best to deal with my daily work so as to help our clients’ businesses.


Legal Strategy Department

As the importance of intellectual property is increasing in modern society, we are developing various intellectual property rights, mainly trademarks and designs.
I would like to work hard every day to help everyone's business.

Shinpei KASHII

Legal Strategy Department
Ph.D. (Law)

I majored in laws in my university.

I not only respond to customer requests, but also always strive to achieve positive results.
To that end, I will continue to work hard every day to improve my knowledge, so I appreciate your continued support.


Legal Strategy Department

I would like to devote myself to intellectual property services and improvement in my ability as a legal department staff, in order to earn our clients' trusts.

Hiroto Itoh

Legal Strategy Department

I aim to make constant efforts to improve my knowledge about intellectual property rights in order to deserve your trust and confidence in our service.


Legal Strategy Department

I spent a year in Canada as an international student at a university. I would like to work hard to improve my knowledge of intellectual property rights and make myself useful as a trustful partner for your business.

Takayuki HAYASHI

Legal Strategy Department

I try to provide timely services with integrity so as to contribute to client's business development. To this end, I make daily effort to keep myself growing.


Legal Strategy Department

With my experience in patent law firms, I will make every possible effort to provide finely tuned services that are fully tailored to various needs of our clients.

Ryosuke NITTA

Legal Strategy Department/France Support Office

I am majoring in French culture in the Faculty of Letters.
I would like to study hard every day and strive to return the results to my clients and society.