Web Conference System

Our four domestic offices (Tokyo Headquarters, Osaka Headquarters, Hiroshima Office, and Nagoya Office) use highly functional and highly secure "active remote" We have fully equipped "meetings" as shown in 1. to 3. below, and in response to requests and consultations from anywhere in the country or around the world, we select the most suitable members for each project beyond the boundaries of bases/departments. We are mobilizing the full strength of our office to respond.

1. ”active remote Even if customers are not familiar with “meetings”, “active remote If you have prepared the general equipment necessary for a “meeting” (a PC connected to the Internet, a microphone, a web camera), you can use your “active remote” Our experienced staff and in-house SE will carefully support you from start to finish.

2. “active remote” allows you to maintain the confidentiality of conference communications by simply accessing it from a web browser. "meeting" is available.

3. From our unique perspective, we offer a rich and diverse range of ``active remote'' proposals to solve customer requests and issues. Based on our track record of dealing with "face-to-face meetings," we can achieve this at a level that goes beyond face-to-face meetings.

reception photo
Nagoya office
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Hiroshima office


Television Conference System


"HARAKENZO more "'s Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Hiroshima Office and Nagoya Office are all equipped with television conference systems (based on protocols H. XNUMX and H. XNUMX). This is a remote conference system using telephone lines (ISDN) and television. Introducing this system enables us to offer to our clients high quality services such as the following (XNUMX-XNUMX below). 

1. By connecting "HARAKENZO more "'s television conference system to JPO's television conference system, it is possible for us to interview with examiners of JPO via a television.

2. By using the television conference system, it is possible for us to make prompt and effective conference with our clients at a distant place. The television conference system makes it unnecessary for us and our clients to move for conference, resulting in great reduction of time and costs.

3. By using the television conference system, it is possible for us to make real-time conference with foreign patent attorneys and enterprises while we are in Japan.

(*System should be introduced to both users to hold a conference)

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Osaka Head Office
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Tokyo Head Office


Pre-registration Practices


■ Prior art search
In addition to making full use of online databases such as Patent Office and private patent document databases and scientific and technical document databases including JDream3, we also utilize information ranging from scientific and technical documents held by various libraries including the National Diet Library to information disseminated on the Internet. , quickly search for registered rights and prior art.

Filing of Trademark Application
We appropriately prepare application documents for patents, etc. and carry out application procedures on behalf of our clients. Lawyers such as patent attorneys and specialized staff prepare high-quality application documents for clients, and online applications allow for speedy application. Furthermore, we represent not only domestic clients but also clients around the world in filing applications to Japan using the Paris, PCT, Madrid routes, etc.
When it comes to filing applications overseas, our patent attorneys, who are well-versed in the patent laws of other countries, provide clients with proposals based on the patent laws of each country in order to acquire rights in each country. We will prepare the necessary application documents according to your requirements. In addition, by collaborating with local agents around the world with whom we have cooperative relationships, we reliably support complex procedures.

 Responding to Office Action
In response to notices of reasons for refusal, etc. sent by patent offices in each country, we will strive to acquire rights by providing the best possible response, from preparing and submitting written opinions and procedural amendments to proposing special applications.


Registration and Post-registration practices


 Various judgments, petitions for import injunctions, etc.
Depending on the client's intellectual property strategy, we conduct a specialized examination of the validity of rights and file various appeals and petitions for import injunctions. On the other hand, we will take all possible measures to protect the rights of our clients in response to appeals filed by third parties.

 Appraisal/judgment/technical evaluation report
Our firm provides expert opinion on the scope and validity of patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and design rights, as well as on the success or failure of infringement of intellectual property rights such as patent rights. We also appropriately represent requests for judgments seeking the Japan Patent Office's opinion regarding the scope of rights and technical evaluations by the Patent Office regarding the validity of utility model rights.

 Agent for contract conclusion
Conclusion of contracts regarding patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, circuit layout utilization rights, copyrights, neighboring rights, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (mainly related to Article 2, Paragraph 1, Items 1 to 9) By providing a variety of advice from the negotiation stage, we conclude a contract with the most advantageous content for our clients.

When a trial decision or decision of the Japan Patent Office is challenged through litigation, our patent attorneys and other lawyers will act as litigation representatives at the Intellectual Property High Court.
In addition, in infringement lawsuits related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights, our patent attorneys, who have been granted the right to represent infringement lawsuits through the national examination, conduct specialized examinations, including expert opinions, regarding rights infringement, and collaborate with our firm. We will respond to lawsuits in collaboration with lawyers.
For example, if a third party is infringing on a client's intellectual property rights, or if there is a risk that the client will infringe on a third party's intellectual property rights, we will provide various litigation strategies, advice, settlement negotiations, etc. We aim to protect the interests of our clients to the maximum extent possible.


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