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Regarding the purpose of posting the preamble of the Japanese Constitution

The below text explains our main purpose in posting the preamble of the Constitution of Japan on our website.


Contributing to peace

In the 21st century, ``contribution to society'' and ``contribution to peace'' are recognized as representing the future ``corporate value'' or ``significance of a company's existence.''
At our office, we would like to contribute to society by proactively promoting the importance of peace to the world at the same time as contributing to society.

The Japanese Constitution, which is said to be the only peaceful constitution in the world, especially the Preamble, which enshrines the idea of ​​peace, has survived for 70 years without a single amendment since the new constitution was enacted. Despite this, unfortunately, the reality is that almost no one in other countries knows or has been informed, even if they are citizens of neighboring countries or people who are familiar with Japan.
At our office, we would like to create an opportunity for people to reaffirm the importance of peace through our international business, and by making even the smallest contribution to peace, we would like to increase our corporate value and the significance of our existence as a company. I sincerely hope so.


Realizing the spirit of philanthropy

Particularly the Preamble of the Japanese Constitution: ``One for all, and all for one.'' ” It expresses the ideal of humanity that aspires to realize the spirit of philanthropy of “One for all, and all for one.”It is a noble philosophy that eliminates nationalism and transcends borders and cultures.I believe it is important for people all over the world to first think about what the ``universal philosophy of peace'' is.


Constant efforts to get closer to the ideal

The content of the preamble to the Constitution may be unrealistic. However, regardless of whether it is realistic or unrealistic, we believe that it is important for us to make honest efforts to approach our ideals.


Human security through law

Security that supports peace includes ``security by law'' and ``security by force.'' There are also ``human security,'' which focuses on each individual citizen, and ``national security.'' In the real world, the trend is to ``secure the nation through force,'' but this clearly contradicts humanity's idea of ​​peace, and there are limits to its realization.

``We are determined to preserve our security and survival by trusting in the justice and faith of peace-loving nations. ” (Preamble of the same Constitution)spirit of friendship and trustand ``All the peoples of the world have the right to live in peace, equally free from fear and want'' (Preamble of the same Constitution).humankind's idea of ​​peaceIn light of this, we, as members of a civilized society, aspire to continue seeking ``human security through the law.''


Intellectual property rights and the realization of a peaceful society

Intellectual property rights are a tool for accelerating competition toward advanced development while keeping an industrial economy and society in order, but we also recognize that the meaning of "competition" only arises when there is a peaceful society. . In other words, I believe that a "peaceful society" and a "competitive society" must collaborate.

Furthermore, history has proven that many wars and regional conflicts have their roots in material or spiritual poverty.
The intellectual property rights system aims to achieve high growth in industrial economic society and escape from material poverty, as well as to overcome spiritual poverty through intangible intellectual creative activities. It can be said that this has greatly contributed to the realization of a peaceful society.


our "dream"

Unfortunately, the universal idea of ​​peace (ideal) enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution and the reality of society are far apart. However, it is extremely important to strive to pursue your ideals without giving up. This can be described as a young person pursuing a ``dream.'' We hope to be a group that always pursues ``Dreams'' (the universal idea of ​​peace for all humankind), even if it is far removed from reality.

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