Earthquake Mar.3.11

Our Report on ”Your Consolatory Letters of Disasters due to Massive Earthquake and Tsunami which have hit Eastern Japan”


March 14, 2011 

Representative: Patent Attorney Kenzo Hara


"HARAKENZO more " would like to most sincerely console all the people who suffered from the Tohoku Kanto massive earthquake disaster in Japan. "HARAKENZO more " would like to most cordially pay courtesy to and say thank all the people who have involved, day and night, in assisting and helping the sufferers and in doing everything in your power with regard to the damage control in the devastated areas. Thank you very much in this regard. "HARAKENZO more " would like to make a wish for the safety and the recoveries without further delay of the devastated areas and the sufferers. 

Ten (XNUMX) days have already been passed since the massive earthquake which occurred, in the Pacific Ocean offshore of the Tohoku district, at XNUMX:XNUMX PM Friday on March XNUMX, XNUMX. The offshore area, centered on the Tohoku district, unfortunately suffered from the massive earthquake with a magnitude XNUMX which is the biggest in Japanese history. This caused the threat tsunami, of over ten meters which Japan has never experienced, to suddenly attack the offshore of the Tohoku district and the northern Kanto district, thereby crushing all the residential lands and buildings. The situations, after the threat tsunami suddenly attacked them, remind us of the scene just after the war in which nothing remains due to the exhaustive destruction. As of March XNUMX, the total number of the departed saints and people who have been asked whether they are safe is unfortunately XNUMX, and the number of the evacuees amounts to XNUMX. It is anticipated that the further damages and the numbers of thereof unfortunately will be increasing. 

Fortunately, western Japan is largely unaffected by earthquakes and tsunamis. At our office in Osaka, we felt a slight tremor at the time of the earthquake, but it was so slight that we didn't realize it was an earthquake.
Therefore, there will be no disruption to normal operations at our office in Osaka. 

Meanwhile, our Tokyo headquarters felt a strong tremor at the time of the earthquake, but fortunately the damage was not severe and all staff members were safe. However, as transportation was disrupted, we encountered situations where some people were unable to return home after work, and business travelers had to stay overnight on site, but we have since confirmed that everyone was able to return home safely. Masu.
Additionally, we have checked on the families of all our office staff and found that they are safe and sound at this time, so we ask that you please rest in peace. 

Regarding the electricity situation at our Tokyo headquarters, as our office is located in the center of Tokyo (Minato Ward, World Trade Center Building), there are currently no restrictions on electricity supply. Not yet.
Therefore, we ask that you please rest assured that our Tokyo headquarters will continue to operate as usual.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you for your prompt inquiries and letters of condolence since the disaster occurred, and we would like to once again express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support.
Thank you very much. 

Kenzo Hara



Our Most Sincerely Consolation to All of Devastated Areas and Sufferers Suffering from Massive Earthquake Disaster.


December 22, 2011 

Representative: Patent Attorney Kenzo Hara

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake in Japan.
I would also like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to all those who are working day and night in the disaster-stricken areas to rescue victims and do their best to prevent damage. Thank you very much.
We sincerely pray for the earliest possible recovery and safety for the affected areas and victims. 

Ten days have passed since a huge earthquake occurred off the Pacific coast of Tohoku at 2:46 pm on Friday, March 11, 2011.
Coastal areas centered on the Tohoku region experienced an M27,140 earthquake, the largest in Japanese history. As a result, an unprecedentedly threatening tsunami, reaching over 306,839 meters in height, suddenly struck the coastal areas of the Tohoku and Northern Kanto regions, uprooting all residential areas along the coast. If you look at the situation after the sudden tsunami attack, it is the same as the situation immediately after the war, when everything was destroyed. As of March XNUMX, XNUMX people have died or their safety is unknown, and XNUMX people have been evacuated, and the situation is likely to continue to expand. 

In addition, due to the above-mentioned mega-earthquake and the resulting large tsunami, the Fukushima Prefecture nuclear power plant (units 1 to 6) was severely damaged or destroyed, and some radiation leaked outside. As a result, there are concerns about radioactive air contamination, food contamination, decreased electricity supply, etc.
However, Japan is the only country in the world that experienced the massive radiation damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki about 65 years ago, so it knows more about the fear of radiation than any other country, and has learned from that experience. We believe that thorough recovery measures based on this will definitely be put to good use. 

Meanwhile, in our TOKYO head office, we have felt large shock during the massive earthquake but we fortunately have not been damaged, and therefore all the staff members were quite well. Since means of transportation was disordered, some of them, however, encountered the situation in which they could not go home after work and some other members who went on their business trip stayed in their visiting place instead of going home. Thereafter, we have confirmed that all of these staff members could go home in safety.<br> As to the families of our respective all staff members, we have confirmed that all of them have been well and in safety at the moment. Please be assured in this regard. 

As to the electric power condition in our TOKYO head office, we have no limit on the electric power supply at the present time because our TOKYO head office has a locational conditions, i.e., is located in the center of Tokyo (Minato-ku ・ World Trade Center Building).<br> As such, please be assured that our TOKYO head office functions well as usual. 

"HARAKENZO more " would like to say thank you most cordially here for your prompt and kind queries or consolatory letter from the occurrence of the disasters. 

Kenzo Hara



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