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Intellectual property rights, such as (i) intellectual creations including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, and copyrighted works that are created on a daily basis by intellectual creation activities based on human wisdom and (ii) trade dress or trademarks that are closely related to business-reliance accumulated during the course of distribution in the market economy, have been shared and been put in order by mankind. This has given rise to a great contribution to development of the industrial society, thereby resulting in that the highly developed industrial economic society has been established.

Especially, it can be said that development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), pioneering computer technologies and computer programs, biotechnologies such as new types of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), nano technologies (ultrafine technologies), and further, advanced technologies such as those for sustainable development goals (SDGs), including technologies for the prevention of global warming and environmental technologies, can be realized, for the first time, by the presence of legal support according to intellectual property rights.

HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, under the philosophy of ‘to provide our clients with full satisfaction and maximum benefit’, has aspired for supporting the intellectual property motions broadly and with hospitality, since establishment in XNUMX.
“HARAKENZO WORLD” has established base offices in the core cities that form the main arteries of Japan: “Tokyo Headquarters,” “Nagoya Office,” “Osaka Headquarters,” and “Hiroshima Office.” We have realized the "Pacific Belt Intellectual Property Strategy Concept" in our daily work.
With these four bases of "HARAKENZO WORLD" as the core, we provide our customers with cutting-edge, unique, and advanced services that are ahead of the times, while making full use of cutting-edge communication technology and working closely with each other. We would be happy if you could take advantage of our intellectual property strategy legal services.

large scale, international, integrated, intellectual property office

Taking advantage of our characteristics as a ``large-scale, international, general, and intellectual property firm,'' our experts from ``HARAKENZO WORLD'' handle individual cases in all technical and legal fields related to intellectual property rights. We are in charge of the following with utmost care and are working to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Ⅰ Patent organization system with expertise in all technical fields

Regarding patents, we have a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of technological fields, and have patent attorneys, attorneys at law who handle patent matters, patent engineers, and other staff, who are highly specialized in their respective technical fields. "HARAKENZO more " have an organization allowing each of these staff to maximize their specialties in their duties. Especially, for the IT and the biotechnology fields, we have established an ”IT support station” and a ”bio support station” taking in concern of the particularity of these technological fields with the patent operations, in order to provide high-level intellectual property strategies.

Ⅱ Lawyers specializing in trademarks, designs, etc.

“HARAKENZO WORLD” is always home to lawyers such as exclusive patent attorneys and lawyers who specialize in specialized fields that handle trademarks, designs, etc. with a high level of expertise, and handle not only trademark registration and design registration, but also plant variety registration and export. We provide high-quality legal services based on a highly strategic approach in intellectual property fields such as injunctions, semiconductor circuit layouts, computer program registration, domain name registration, copyright, and unfair competition. We have established support offices that specialize in each field, and have established a support system that covers all areas of intellectual property.

Ⅲ Global strategy

"HARAKENZO more " have a broad, strong network with Intellectual Property Law Firms from various countries around the world. With the cooperation of these local firms, we have worked on the acquisition of high quality intellectual property rights and the utilization of these rights with sophisticated global strategies, not just for the leading countries but also for medium-developed nations and even advancing countries. Our experienced experts will propose intellectual property strategies from the clients’ point of view, responding to the needs of all clients.

Ⅳ Providing international legal services

“HARAKENZO WORLD” not only has Japanese patent attorneys, lawyers, etc., and members of the patent strategy department working in a wide range of fields to appropriately respond to customer needs, but also foreign patent attorneys, lawyers, etc. We also employ full-time foreign expert support staff such as patent strategy department members, translators, and secretaries. Through collaboration between foreign and Japanese staff, we have established ``USA Support Office'', ``EPO/EUIPO Support Office'', ``UK Support Office'', ``Germany Support Office'', ``France Support Office'', ``China Support Office'', and ``Korea Support Office''. , ``Taiwan Support Office,'' ``Thailand Support Office,'' ``India Support Office,'' and ``Indonesia Support Office.'' This will not only meet the needs of customers in Japan who need to acquire and utilize intellectual property rights in foreign countries, but also meet the needs of customers in other countries who wish to acquire and utilize intellectual property rights in Japan. When it comes to requests, we use a highly strategic approach from an expert standpoint to provide high-quality international legal services to clients around the world.

Ⅴ Sustaining a lasting relationship of trust

We sincerely hope to always provide results that exceed expectations in return for the trust and expectations that our customers have placed in HARAKENZO WORLD. In the intellectual property business, we believe that it is extremely important to maintain strong relationships of trust between clients and agents over the long term, and we will never betray the trust that our clients have placed in us. We will continue to make every effort to maintain a relationship of trust forever.

"HARAKENZO more " are willing to further respond to your expectations and reliance towards our office, and would appreciate your kind association.

Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation
Executive Chairman : Patent Attorney Kenzo Hara
Director General : Patent Attorney Kiyoshi Fukui

CHIEF DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Kenjiro Fujita
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Toshiro Kuroda
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Shinji Konno
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Kazuya Hasegawa
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Takashi Murakami
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL : Patent Attorney Naoki Fuma