``HARAKENZO more'' is not just an ``agent'', but also a ``business strategy advisor'' for our customers, proactively proposing unique strategies.



"HARAKENZO more" handles all intellectual property rights work in 231 countries and regions around the world. We also have a foreign support office that specializes in specific countries.

Intellectual property information from other countries including emerging countries


The direction that ``HARAKENZO more'' is aiming for is summarized in our ``Basic Philosophy''. Promptness, high added value, cost performance, and high reliability support the realization of our "basic philosophy."



``HARAKENZO more'' has built a full range of support systems to respond to daily changing needs. The various "support offices" and "specialized teams" are listed below.

List of support rooms and special sites


“HARAKENZO more” is always pursuing “Intellelution (R)” (a coined word consisting of “Intellect”, “Evolution”, “Revolution”, and “Solution”). Masu.

IP Law Group


``HARAKENZO more'' emphasizes the work-life balance of our staff. In addition to work styles such as a "work-from-home system," various health promotion measures are also being implemented.



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