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Hiroshima Office Hiroshima Office

HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK ・Since our Hiroshima office opened in June 2012, we have been operating smoothly with your support and trust.

The office is located in the middle of Kamiya-cho, Tatemachi and Hatcho-bori, are as famous as the heart of Hiroshima.

The office building faces Hiroshima Prefectural Office, the main government agency in Hiroshima, and tourist areas are within walking distance, including many world-famous landmarks such as the Peace Park, the A-Bomb Dome World Heritage Site, Hiroshima International Conference Center, Hiroshima Castle and Hiroshima Museum of Art.

Our Hiroshima Office has been established in the heart of Hiroshima City, which is not only the business center of the Chugoku region of Japan, but is also blessed with a rich political, cultural and artistic environment.

□ Information
At our Hiroshima office, we focus on supporting damage and dispute countermeasures against counterfeit products and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.
We also offer free consultations regarding intellectual property, so please feel free to contact us.


Organizational structure of Hiroshima office

The Hiroshima office is working towards becoming a so-called "community-based cloud office with a rich international perspective."
In particular, we provide the following high-quality legal services to customers in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions.

    1. Attentive service that takes advantage of our geographical proximity.
    2. As a large-scale international intellectual property law firm (*patent/trademark/design/copyright/unfair competition, etc., covering countries all over the world), we handle a wide range of advanced technical fields and jurisdictions.
    3. Highly skilled with a wealth of knowledge and experience leveraging our network with leading patent and law firms in other countries in dealing with foreign countries around the world.
    4. One-stop legal services ranging from application cases to disputed cases such as trials, objections, and lawsuits, as well as license negotiations.
    5. Realizing the "Pacific Belt Intellectual Property Strategy Concept" by leveraging the network between the four locations in collaboration with the "Tokyo Headquarters," "Osaka Headquarters," "Nagoya Office," and "Hiroshima Office."

In order to provide these high-quality intellectual property legal services, the Hiroshima Office employs ■Japanese patent attorneys ■Doctoral qualifications ■Patent Strategy Department members ■Legal Strategy Department members.


Social contribution activities and peace contribution activities

Hiroshima is an international city of peace that has continued to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the realization of lasting world peace since its experience of the atomic bombing in 1945. As we work in Hiroshima, our staff at the Hiroshima office are constantly impressed by the enthusiasm of the people during the post-war reconstruction. The staff of our Hiroshima office would like to express this feeling in the form of ``social contribution activities and peace contribution activities,'' which is one of our basic principles. 

There is no perfect ideal form for social contribution activities and peace contribution activities, and I believe that the activities that the staff of our Hiroshima office can carry out are extremely small-scale from the perspective of lasting world peace. However, we would like to continue to face our ideals honestly and move forward step by step. 


Access to Hiroshima office






+81-82-545-3680(Main Number)


+81-82-243-4130(Main Number)


Our Hiroshima Office can be accessed by taking the inner-city streetcar on the Hiroshima Electric Railway Main Line from JR Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen). Travel from the station to the Tatemachi streetcar stop takes around 10 minutes. At the Tatemachi stop, disembark and enter the Nomura Real Estate Hiroshima Building. Alternatively, a taxi from JR Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen) can be taken to the office for a low fare. Our Hiroshima Office on the access is another great advantage of its location. 

When visiting our Hiroshima Office, please refer to the below access map. 

Hiroshima office map

● Get off at "JR Hiroshima Station", take the tram "Hiroshima Electric Railway Main Line" from the south exit, get off at "Tatemachi" tram stop, 4 minute walk from "Nomura Fudosan Hiroshima Building" XNUMXth floor

●Get off at JR Hiroshima Station, take a taxi from the south exit, and get off in front of Nomura Fudosan Hiroshima Building.

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