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We, ``HARAKENZO Intellectual Property (IP) Law Group,'' handle all intellectual property matters in 231 countries and regions around the world. Not only in developed countries but also in emerging and developing countries, we help foreign customers acquire rights in Japan, Japanese customers acquire rights in other countries, and we also provide negotiations, contracts, dispute resolution, and the protection of infringing products. We would appreciate it if you could contact us with any questions you may have regarding import/export suspensions, etc.


*Note 1: “HARAKENZO”, “IP kenzo”, “Intelllution”, and “an Acute Intellect for Your Property.” are registered service marks owned by HARAKENZO Intellectual Property (IP) Law Group. is.
Note 2: “IP kenzo” (registered trademark) is a service mark related to international (Japan and foreign countries) trademark and design services, which are handled by HARAKENZO IP Law Group.



 Intellelution (Intellution)

We, ``HARAKENZO IP Law Group,'' use ``Intellelution'' (registered trademark) (coined word) as our logo (symbol mark).

What is “Intellelution” (registered trademark)?

  • " intellect ” (intelligence), or ” Intellectual " (intellectual)
  • " Evolution " (evolution)," Revolution ” (innovation), or ” Solution ” (solved)

It is made up of compound words.



The three elements of

``HARAKENZO IP Law Group'' has built a group of experts and an organizational structure with the following three elements, in accordance with the symbol mark ``Intelllution'' (registered trademark).

I.Intellectual Evolution

As a group of experts in intellectual property rights, we pay attention to the frequently revised legal systems (including treaties) of countries around the world, as well as important trial decisions and judicial precedents, and acquire knowledge of rapidly evolving science and technology. We strive to improve our knowledge and skills so that we can respond to all of our customers' needs, and aim for "Intellectual Evolution."


Ii.Intellectual Revolution

Based on our spirit of challenge, we create new concepts and values ​​that increase the value of intellectual property in order to respond to customer needs, without being bound by conventional concepts or fait accompli, and come up with innovative ideas. We aim for ``Intellectual Revolution''.


Iii.Intellectual Solution

We provide legal services with high customer satisfaction by promoting intellectual solutions for all issues related to intellectual property through a collaborative system of experts.



slogan of

``HARAKENZO IP Law Group'' has the following that resonates with the symbol mark ``Intellelution'' (registered trademark).As our slogan, we protect the valuable intellectual property of our customers.

an Acute Intellect for Your Property
" an Acute Intellect for Your Property "
≪We protect your intellectual property with our keen intelligence. ≫

e-Intellectual Property Share your desires with Business Strategy Staff
" Share your e-intellectual property desires with the Business Strategy Advisor!"

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