Osaka Head Office


Osaka Head Office

"HARAKENZO more "s Osaka Head Office has the largest number of staff among our offices, and has played an active role as a group of specialists to protect intellectual property rights by conducting our work of obtaining the intellectual property rights, and executing the intellectual property rights for our clients in the world. As specialists in intellectual properties, we are always trying to enhance our specialties through trainings in our office and outside the office so as to provide the most appropriate services.


 Organizational Structure of Osaka Head Office

Our office aims to be a ``community-based cloud'' type office that is closely connected to the local community and combines the convenience of online services.
At our Osaka headquarters, we are actively working to promote general intellectual property support operations through the following organizational structure, while maintaining close business collaboration with our Tokyo headquarters, Hiroshima office, and Nagoya office. .

■ Japanese patent attorneys: 23 people 

■ Japanese attorney at law : 1

■ Chinese patent attorney : 1

■ Staff with Doctoral Degrees : 10

■ Non-Japanese staff : 10

■ Patent Strategy Department members: 54 people 

■ Legal Strategy Department Staff : 14

■ Translation Department Staff : 25

*In addition, secretarial management staff, system engineer, graphic design
Other staff members belong to this group.

Osaka Head Office 

Osaka 2nd Office

Access to Osaka Head Office






+81-6-6351-4384(Main Number)


+81-6-6351-5664(Main Number)


Our office is located close to the Osaka District Court and the Osaka High Court, making it very convenient for our business.
In addition, the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line, Sakaisuji Line, and JR Tozai Line pass directly under the office building, and above ground, the building is located at the intersection of National Route 1 and Tenjinbashisuji, making it an environment with convenient transportation. It is located in

Osaka headquarters map


Access from JR Osaka Station

Take the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line from Higashi-Umeda Station, which is a short walk from JR Osaka Station, and get off at Minamimorimachi Station, which is one stop away.When you exit from Exit 3, you will see our office directly above you. This is the Yamato Minamimorimachi Building. Please come to the reception on the XNUMXth floor. 


Access from JR Tozai Line - Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Get off at Osaka Tenmangu Station and exit through the west ticket gate. If you turn right at the west ticket gate and go straight through the underground passage, you will find the ticket gate for Osaka Metro (Sakaisuji Line/Tanimachi Line). The building directly above the exit 3 on the right side of the Osaka Metro ticket gate is the ``Yamato Minamimorimachi Building,'' where our office is located. Please come to the reception on the 4th floor. 


Access from each Osaka Metro (Sakaisuji Line, Tanimachi Line)

After getting off at Minamimorimachi Station, exit 3 is immediately after exiting the east ticket gate. The building directly above the exit is the Yamato Minamimorimachi Building, where our office is located. Please come to the reception on the 4th floor.


Taxi etc.

It is convenient to take a taxi from JR Shin-Osaka Station or JR Osaka Station to our office. If you take a taxi from JR Shin-Osaka Station or JR Osaka Station, it will take about 10 minutes and cost about 1500 yen to reach our office, so it is a very easy and convenient means of transportation.

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