an Expert Organization of
"Legally", "Technically", and "Internationally" Knowledgeable and Experienced Leading Specialists

HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, a patent attorney corporation, has specialized staff in charge of patents/utility models/designs/trademarks, including lawyers such as patent attorneys and lawyers, as well as copyrights/unfair competition/semiconductor integrated circuit circuit layout/import injunctions. Specialist staff in charge of certification/complaint/new variety registration, etc., specialist staff in support of enforcement of intellectual property rights through appraisal/trial/litigation/negotiation/licensing, etc., and specialist in charge of translation, drawing creation, and secretarial management. We have an excellent and well-rounded staff, and we provide prompt and high-quality intellectual services that put client satisfaction first. 

“HARAKENZO WORLD” has continued to grow steadily thanks to the support of everyone. We promise to spare no effort in achieving our client's satisfaction. We are confident that new customers will be satisfied with the services provided by "HARAKENZO WORLD". As experts in intellectual property rights, we are constantly striving to improve our skills through internal and external training in order to provide optimal services. 

In addition, "HARAKENZO WORLD" has built long-term cooperative relationships with intellectual property experts (patent attorneys and lawyers) around the world. In particular, we have a strong network with many prominent patent and law firms in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, allowing us to provide worldwide services to our clients. 

With the cooperation of these local firms, we have worked on the acquisition of high quality intellectual property rights and the utilization of these rights with sophisticated global strategies, not just for the leading countries but also for medium-developed nations and even advancing countries. Our experienced experts will propose intellectual property strategies from the clients’ point of view, responding to the needs of all clients. 

45th Anniversary of Foundation and Our Progress Toward the Future 

”HARAKENZO more” established ”Nagoya Office” on March XNUMX, and now has respective hubs in four major cities positioned on the ”main artery” of Japan, in the form of ”Tokyo Head Office”, ”Nagoya Office”, ”Osaka Head Office”, and ”Hiroshima Office”. Thus we now realize our long-held ambition ”Pacific-Belt IP Strategy Scheme” in our daily services. 

In 2021, “HARAKENZO WORLD” will celebrate its 45th anniversary.
In April 2021, the Tokyo headquarters expanded and relocated to the new building "World Trade Center Building South Tower" adjacent to JR Hamamatsucho Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo. 

Aiming to realize further development and expansion by the time we reach our 50th anniversary in 2026, "HARAKENZO WORLD" will provide advanced "intellectual property strategy legal services" that are ahead of the times and unique. I sincerely hope to do so. 

And here we promise the continuous efforts with the aim for the further development of our clients and us.


Founding: ”原謙三国際特許事務所” was founded
Establishmento of Patent Professional Corporation: ”特許業務法人原謙三国際特許事務所” was established Tokyo Office was launched

Tokyo Office was expanded and relocated
Osaka 2nd Office was launched

Tokyo Office was renamed to Tokyo Head Office
Hiroshima Office was launched
Nagoya Office was launched
Tokyo Head Office was expanded and relocated





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