Various specialized fields handled by our office


Information engineering

computer engineering, software, computer-aided system, telecommunication system, computer network, IT-related technology, business method, and other fields of information engineering

Electrical/electronic engineering

semiconductor engineering, display devices, storage devices, electrical and electronic devices, and other fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and power engineering

■ Control engineering

mechatronics, system engineering, artificial intelligence, and other fields of control engineering

■ Biology

biotechnology (DNA, protein, antibody, vector, transformant), genetics, biochemistry, ecology, environmental biology, cytology, bacteriology, botany, zoology, radiation optics, and other fields of bioscience and bioengineering

■ Agriculture, forestry and fisheries science

agriculture, dairy farming, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, food industry, food engineering, and other fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries

■ Medicine

medical equipment, dentistry, social medicine, psychiatry, pharmacy, and other fields of medical science

■ Physics

superconductivity, laser, optics, dynamics, vibrational dynamics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, material science, astrophysics, geophysics, and other fields of physics

■ Chemistry

inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, ceramics, textile industry, pulp industry, nanotechnology, and other fields of chemical engineering and chemical industry

■ Mechanical engineering

material dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, material engineering, machine elements, precision engineering, automobiles, transport machinery, industrial machinery, ships, aeronautical engineering, and other fields of mechanical engineering

■ Metal engineering

metal materials, metalworking, and other fields of metal engineering

■ Architectural engineering

theory of structures, building materials, and other fields of architectural engineering

■ Civil engineering

urban engineering, traffic engineering, and other fields of civil engineering

■ Environmental engineering

environmental hygienics, environmental pollution, anti-pollution measures, and other fields of environmental engineering



Our firm provides comprehensive services that meet the needs of our clients, from trademark selection to the acquisition and utilization of rights.
Our specialized staff, including patent attorneys, can respond to all kinds of requests, from prior trademark searches using databases such as Brandy and trademark registration applications in various countries, to trademark right renewal management, license negotiations, trials, and litigation. .
We provide comprehensive advice from an international perspective regarding the utilization and preservation of trademarks, which are trusted assets of our clients.



In order to protect our clients' products from the design aspect, our firm also provides comprehensive services regarding design rights.
By making full use of the know-how of our professional staff, including patent attorneys, we will ensure that you acquire the rights, and we will also advise you on how to utilize the rights that you have acquired. Our office uses the latest computer systems and skilled drawing staff to strategically support our clients' product development, from the creation of high-quality, low-cost design drawings to the acquisition of rights.



"HARAKENZO more " also offer our clients reliable services in the field of registration and utilization of copyrights. Our patent & trademark attorneys, lawyers such as patent attorneys and expert staff members offer comprehensive one-stop services on intellectual properties, covering from consultation on copyrights and copyright-neighboring rights, Unfair Competition Prevention Law (mainly Article 2(1)(i) to Article 1), right to use circuit layout, motion for import suspension, and registration of plant varieties, to representation in contract-making and other procedures.


Exercise of Intellectual Property Rights

In our firm, intellectual property rights of various kinds are analyzed their efficacy and are analyzed their possibilities of infringing, or being infringed by, other intellectual property rights. After the analyses, our firm will support our client to license a concerned party, by negotiating with the party on the loyalty payment. Furthermore, through an appeal and litigation (suit against appeal decision / action for infringement), our firm will provide our clients with the firmest protections for their benefits. Our Litigation Certified Intellectual Property Attorneys will request the court to order a person who has injured the business reputation of our clients by infringing the patent right or exclusive license, whether intentionally or negligently, to (i) pay the compensation for damages or reimburse unjust enrichment, and (ii) take the measures necessary for the recovery of the business reputation.

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