Tokyo Head Office

Tokyo Head Office

Established in 2005, the Tokyo Head Office of HARAKENZO World Patent & Trademark is located in the World Trade Center (WTC) Building in Minato City, in the center of Tokyo's business district. The WTC Building is just a minute's walk from Hamamatsuchō Station, which itself is conveniently situated on JR Railway's Yamanote Line between Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station ̶ both Tōkaidō bullet train stops. Hamamatsuchō Station is also the first stop on the Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport. This makes for easy access to our Head Office whether you arrive in Tokyo by bullet train or by plane.

"HARAKENZO more " 's Tokyo Head Office serves an important role as both the ” face” of our firm and a gateway for clients visiting our offices from inside and outside Japan. In light of the fact that the office's base of operations is the WTC Building ̶ a major world landmark ̶ we have adopted the promotional phrase ” TOKYO WTC HARAKENZO” for the office.

Our Tokyo Head Office was established with the major goal of proactively providing assistance with all IP-related matters for clients around the globe, as well as those in Tokyo, the greater Kanto region, and surrounding areas. To this end, we are constantly expanding our Tokyo team by recruiting a diverse set of highly-skilled professionals.

 Organizational Structure of Tokyo Head Office

Our office aims to be a ``community-based cloud'' type office that is closely connected to the local community and combines the convenience of online services.
At the Tokyo headquarters, we are actively working to promote general intellectual property support operations through the following organizational structure, while maintaining close business cooperation with the Osaka headquarters, Hiroshima office, and Nagoya office. .

■ Japanese patent attorneys: 16 people 

■ Patent Strategy Department Staff : 41

■ Chinese Attorney-at-law : 1

■ Translation Department Staff : 4

■ Legal Strategy Department Staff : 16

■ Staff with Doctoral Degrees : 7

* And other members of our Secretarial & Administrative Department.

Sumida River Estuary and Sky Tree
Mouth of Sumida River and Skytree
Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba
Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, and Odaiba
Kyu-Shiba Rikyu Garden and Softbank Headquarters Building
Shiba palace and Softbank's headquarters building


Notice of Relocation of Tokyo Head Office to new WTC Building South Tower

On April 2021 (Sat.), 4, our Tokyo Head Office was relocated to the new "World Trade Center Building South Tower" (hereinafter, referred to as "WTC South Tower"), and started business operations at the new location on April 3 (Mon.). 


Our Tokyo headquarters will be announcing the following on Saturday, April 3, 2021.New building “World Trade Center Building South Tower” [hereinafter referred to as “WTC South Tower”]We have moved to We would like to inform you that we will begin operations at our new address from the next business day, April 5th (Monday). 

Date of relocation: April 3 (Sat.), 2021
Date of starting business: April 5 (Mon.), 2021
New address: World Trade Center Bldg. South Tower 29F, 2-4-1, Hamamatsu- cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-5129
No change of telephone number, facsimile number, and e-mail address



The current location is adjacent to JR Hamamatsucho Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo."World Trade Center Building (WTC)"Since 2021 years have passed since its completion, reconstruction work is underway, and in March XNUMX, the building where our office is currently located will be renovated.New building “WTC South Building”will be completed, and in 2025New building “WTC main building”is scheduled to be completed.



Located in Tokyo's prime business districtNew building “WTC South Building”Due to the redevelopment of the area around JR Hamamatsucho Station,“Gateway” to the international city “Tokyo”It has been reborn as a terminal and is directly connected to the terminal below.

i [Air route]

Serves as a terminal station for departures and arrivals to Haneda International Airport."Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station (starting station)"It is directly connected to.


ii [Tokaido Shinkansen]

Within 10 minutes after transferring to the Yamanote Line at JR Shinagawa Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen"JR Hamamatsucho Station"It is directly connected to.


iii [JR Tokyo Station]

Within 10 minutes after transferring to the Yamanote Line at JR Tokyo Station"JR Hamamatsucho Station"It is directly connected to.


iv [Linear Motor Shinkansen]

Within 2027 minutes of transferring to the Yamanote Line at Shinagawa Station, the Linear Shinkansen scheduled to open in 10."JR Hamamatsucho Station"It is directly connected to.


v [Subway]

Subway Toei Asakusa Line and Toei Oedo Line"Daimon Station"It is directly connected to.


vi [Buses arriving from or going to various areas of Japan]

Nationwide departures and arrivals located between the new building "WTC South Building" and the new building "WTC Main Building""Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal"It is directly connected to.


As mentioned above,New building “WTC South Building”The terminal stations mentioned above are concentrated in , and it is exactly“Gateway” to the international city of TokyoIt has become a key transportation route suitable for

Furthermore, in WTC and its vicinity, Hamamatsucho Station and its surrounding areas are under construction, and the station building is being rebuilt to provide new places for international exchange, including an "international conference hall", a "culture and arts hall", "restaurants", a "shopping center", and "facilities offering childcare and medical services with full multilingual support".

[Note] The national bus terminal temporarily closed on September 2020, 9 due to reconstruction work, but it is scheduled to be revived as the starting terminal for national departures and arrivals. Once restored, please continue to use it as the starting and final bus terminal for departures and arrivals nationwide. For example, if you board the train at the departure terminal in major cities nationwide, you canNew building “WTC South Building”You can arrive at

world trade center building

(Image retrieved from press release by WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING, INC.)

Around the World Trade Center Building

Around the World Trade Center Building

Around the World Trade Center Building
Shinjuku area and NEC head office building
Shinjuku Area and NEC's headquarters building
Tokyo Bay and Toshiba Head Office Building
Tokyo Bay and Toshiba's headquarters building
Softbank head office building, Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Gas head office building
Softbank's headquarters building, Tokyo Bay, and Tokyo Gas's headquarters building


Access to Tokyo Head Office






+81-3-3433-5810(Main Number)


+81-3-3433-5281(Main Number)


HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK's Tokyo head office is conveniently located in the World Trade Center Building (WTC) South Tower. The second-floor concourse of the WTC South Tower is directly connected to Hamamatsucho Station on JR and Tokyo Monorail lines. The South Tower will also be directly connected to Daimon Station on the Asakusa and Oedo subway lines once the WTC Main Tower is completed.

Tokyo Head Office Map

In case of taking Bullet train

● From JR Tokyo Station, take the Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line and get off at the third stop, JR Hamamatsucho Station.

● From JR Shinagawa Station, take the Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line and get off at the third stop, JR Hamamatsucho Station.


In case of taking flight

● Take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport and get off at Hamamatsucho Station.


By Tokyo subway line

● From Shinjuku, take the Toei Subway Oedo Line and get off at Daimon Station.

● From Asakusa, take the Toei Subway Asakusa Line and get off at Daimon Station.

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