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Did you know that you can see a company's position and direction from intellectual property application information?

Analyze patent applications in your company's intellectual property field,
We provide an intellectual property trend analysis report.

Report content

Analysis report [patent]

1. Overall overview

– Easy-to-understand graph showing yearly trends in the number of applications
– Specifications that allow you to understand the status (continuation of rights, final refusal, etc.) at a glance

2. Extraction of noteworthy technology fields

– Top 10 technical fields with the highest number of applications
– Are inventions on important themes being consistently filed?
– Check whether the number of applications is increasing as expected

3. Understanding competitors

Ranking of leading companies and following companies based on the number of citations and citations by examiners
*This can be arranged, so please let us know what arrangement you would like.

<Arrangement example
increase/decrease in number of years
Increase/decrease in patent classification
Use your specified patent classification

*For situations like this
For example, I would like to know the following, but I don't have the time to analyze it.

What are the weaknesses and strengths of your own technology?
Are your products protected by your own patents?
Does your company hold enough patents compared to the competition?
What companies are leading the way?
Which companies should be careful to avoid infringing on other companies' patents?
Which companies can complement your own technology?

Would you like to take a look at your company from the perspective of "intellectual property"?
[Note] Please note that we may refuse to provide a report due to circumstances.

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