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Online IP Patrol®

With the recent spread of the Internet, even if you are a rights holder, it is not easy to keep track of all infringing acts. Furthermore, in order to effectively eliminate infringement, it is necessary to be vigilant not only within Japan but also overseas. At our firm, we investigate infringement situations and take effective legal action against infringing companies and individuals on your behalf.

Head of Counterfeit Product Damage and Dispute Control Office Patent Attorney Tomoharu Ishiguro

*“Online Intellectual Property Patrol” is a registered trademark of HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, a patent attorney corporation.

Such benefits!

 1. Professional support from patent attorneys and lawyers (Japan and China)
 2. Online patrol by foreign staff in local language
 3. We can work with agents around the world to provide locally-appropriate responses.


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Overview of Online Intellectual Property Patrol®

Compatible with infringing sites

  • We take a legal approach to infringing sites that threaten to damage a company's social credibility.
    The existence of infringing sites potentially threatens to damage the brand image that companies have cultivated over many years. Taking early action against infringing sites will help prevent a decline in sales due to a decline in brand image, as well as a consequent decline in service to consumers.
    Example) Phishing sites, spoofing sites, etc.


Counterfeit product notification

  • We will notify e-commerce platforms, so-called EC sites and flea market apps, of counterfeit products after clarifying the legal basis. With our experience and know-how, we can request prompt response from e-commerce platforms. Counterfeit products violate intellectual property rights and deceive consumers. Our notice points out the existence of counterfeit products on flea market apps and requests that they be removed immediately or take appropriate action. In order to maintain a fair trading environment, we work with e-commerce platform operators to eliminate counterfeit products.


World market research

  • We collect information and investigate counterfeit product sales in foreign countries through local agents around the world. Not only is it possible to collect local information that is difficult to understand through internet research, but we are also able to propose administrative responses through local agents.


Compatible with Japanese customs

  • We will represent you in customs procedures regarding import/export injunctions. By thoroughly implementing border control measures, it will be possible to eliminate infringing products without allowing them to enter Japan.


Dealing with misappropriated applications

  • We provide legal support from searching and tracking to canceling fraudulent applications. Protect your brand and corporate image from malicious applications that are increasing every year in foreign countries.


Domestic market monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring prevents counterfeit products from entering the market at an early stage. We prevent the loss of profits that the company should have earned and the deterioration of its corporate image.   

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