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In the background of the HARAKENZO trademark is a global map wherein countries/regions are sized according to the number of patents registered there in 1991.

Privacy policy

IP Support Center for Regional Vitalization
TOKYO HEAD OFFICE : Patent&Trademark Attorney Tomoharu ISHIGURO
OSAKA HEAD OFFICE : Patent&Trademark Attorney Keiko NISHIDA
OSAKA HEAD OFFICE : Patent&Trademark Attorney Yoshiaki HIGE
HIROSHIMA OFFICE : Patent&Trademark Attorney Naoyuki TAKENO
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Nowadays the importance of intellectual property in society and business is widely known, and we live in an age where IP management and establishment of an IP strategy are essential tools for achieving business success.

Japan is country blessed with diversity. The unique strengths and technological strengths arising from local peculiarities and the knowhow and brand power of local enterprises, groups and organizations are expected to play a large role in supporting the vitalization of various regions.

However, knowledge and information regarding intellectual property is insufficient, and unlike in urban areas, there is little opportunity for rural regions to enjoy comprehensive consultations and support.

This Support Center takes advantage of our background as a large-scale, international and comprehensive intellectual property law firm to provide one-stop support allowing regional groups or persons etc. to make effective use of the powerful tools of IP they have at their disposal in order to vitalize local regions and increase the strength of business enterprises.


"HARAKENZO more " can potentially provide support to:


Support structure

Three locations across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima)

  • All our locations are easily accessible and offer consultations (an initial 30-60 minute consultation is free of charge)
  • Long-distance or ongoing consultations can be carried our via teleconference or web conference systems

A team of experts deeply familiar with all kinds of IP

Providing a trustworthy legal service supported by plentiful experience overseas

  • "HARAKENZO more " provide substantial support via our individual support stations covering 11 countries and regions worldwide.
  • Our Secretariat and Administrative Department functions in expert teams highly familiar with the systems, regulations and procedures of various countries, and is committed to carrying out consistent and reliable IP administration work.

A working environment committed to smooth IP service

  • Our Translation Department and other departments of our firm have non-Japanese staff members and staff members who graduated from universities overseas. "HARAKENZO more " can handle the following languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, German, French, Japanese.
  • Our Graphic Design Department can produce in-house all kinds of drawings and figures necessary for IP applications.
  • "HARAKENZO more " protect your valuable information from leaks, with solid data security that includes the efforts of our diligent IT department and physical security measures.


Tokyo Legal Strategy Department General Manager
Legal Strategy Department
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Yoshihisa SUMI Mr. ISHIGURO, born in 1980, is a bachelor of economics
He is mainly in charge of Trade Mark, Design, and Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

I would like to build such a relationship with clients that the clients can ask for consultation without hesitation, by maintaining mutual exchange of views on regular basis. I will continue to devote myself to:

・Speedy commitment for satisfaction of clients
・Result truly desired by clients

Patent&Trademark Attorney
Yoshiaki HIGE
Yoshiaki HIGE Yoshiaki HIGE, born in 1977, obtained a bachelor of Biology from Konan University. His specialty covers Biotechnology and Life Engineering.

The surrounding of intellectual property changes day by day.
I will take prompt action in response to the change and put emphasis on communications with clients. With such attitudes, I will provide more satisfactory services than expected. I will come into line with you to sincerely support you in exploitations of your ideas.
Osaka Legal Strategy Department Design Division Assistant Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Keiko NISHIDA A good design creates a great marketability, differentiating clients' goods from others.
Seeking for our clients' satisfaction, I strive to protect their valuable intellectual properties including design.
Representative of Hiroshima Office
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Naoyuki TAKENO
Naoyuki TAKENO Mr. TAKENO, born in 1970, holds a bachelor’s degree in material engineering.
He is mainly in charge of machinery, control, electricity & electronics, and information technology.

With the recent growth of importance of intellectual property right, it has been essential to construct an appropriate intellectual property strategy from the technical and legal points of view. Under this circumstance, I will continue to develop myself in order to be able to sincerely respond to our clients’ requests.

For Local Authorities and Public Institutions Supporting Regional Economic Activities

Intellectual Property Management

As intellectual property is abstract and not physical, it requires a sufficient management structure.

In particular, meticulous care must be taken when providing support to enterprises that are unused to handling IP, or in cases that include multiple concerned parties.

"HARAKENZO more " not only carries out "substantial work" to facilitate rights acquisition or usage etc. but also has a secretariat and administrative department of over 100 members that provides full and complete support for the "substantial work" to be carried out.

Support work consists mainly of:

  • (1) Data administration and system management, etc.
  • (2) Carrying out procedures with the Japan Patent Office and foreign patent offices
  • (3) Corresponding with clients and foreign representatives, etc.

Once errors such as data entry mistakes, failure to file documents, procedural errors, missing deadlines, failure to pay annuities, communications errors and so on occur, they can lead to irrevocable problems that may cause sudden loss of valuable intellectual property rights, and so managing IP means tackling very serious issues.

At our firm we have an excellent track record of handling bids at central authorities, local authorities and public institutions. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Dealing with Intellectual Property Strategy

The intellectual property laws, which are part of economic law, are revised often in accordance with the state of affairs in society, and the status of intellectual property itself is fluid, based on changes in the business environment or the actions of third parties.

At our firm, through handling many cases day-to-day, we are constantly cultivating a presence whereby we can hedge against the following risks as much as possible and provide advice regarding the effective discovery, creation, acquisition and use of intellectual property.

Examples of risks arising from the fluidity of IP

  • (1) Frequent revisions to Japanese law can make prediction difficult due to complication or insufficient accumulation of precedents
  • (2) There is a risk of unknowingly infringing a third party's IP
  • (3) It may become unnecessary to acquire rights due to a change in socioeconomic conditions in Japan or abroad
  • (4) Lax regulation or administration of related parties can lead to the leaking of information

Handling Brand Strategy

When providing goods or services, it goes without saying that establishing a brand image is important. Alongside forming a thesis of business strategy, when establishing a brand image it is important to decide upon and use a trademark or service mark that is a brand identifier prudently.

At our firm, we provide day-to-day assistance with our clients' business development, from carrying out pre-application trademark searches in accordance with our clients' wishes, to the acquisition of effective trademark, adjustment of right relations with third parties, suggesting measures to deal with possible future disputes, brand strategies and brand management. For more information, please see our Brand Strategy Promotion Station / Trademark Specialist websites.

Education on Intellectual Property

Skills and knowledge regarding IP are very wide-ranging, and each level requires appropriate training and refinement.

"HARAKENZO more " has established an Intellectual Property Training Center to make requests and consultations with us regarding training sessions, lectures, and on-the-job training easier.

< Main types of training >

  • (1) Training sessions/lectures held at our firm
  • (2) Training sessions/lectures given by dispatched lecturers
  • (3) On-the-job training for clients at our firm (for example, a one-month course or a 6-month course; consultations on the length of time are available).

< Main topics of training >

  • General matters regarding various laws such as the Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Utility Model Law, Design Law, Plant Variety Registration Law, Unfair Competition Law, Paris Convention and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), including revisions to said laws.
  • On-the-job training including seminars on IP agreements such as licensing, joint development and technology transfer and measures against counterfeit goods.
    If you are seeking training other than the above, we can offer order-made training, so please consult with us.
    For more information please see our Intellectual Property Training Center website.

For Those Planning to Brand or Uphold the Quality of Regional Specialty Goods

Handling Brand Strategy

When providing goods or services, it goes without saying that establishing a brand image is important. Alongside forming a thesis of business strategy, when establishing a brand image it is important to decide upon and use a trademark or service mark that is a brand identifier prudently.

At our firm, we provide day-to-day assistance with our clients' business development, from carrying out pre-application trademark searches in accordance with our clients' wishes, to the acquisition of effective trademark, adjustment of right relations with third parties, suggesting measures to deal with possible future disputes, brand strategies and brand management. For more information, please see our Brand Strategy Promotion Station / Trademark Specialist websites.

"HARAKENZO more " can also propose solutions ideal for clients operating small-scale enterprises.
For more information, see our Venture and Co-creation Support Station website.

Dealing with Regional Collective Trademark Strategy

The system of regional collective trademarks was introduced through the revision of the Trademark Law of 2005. After more than 10 years of its applications it has established itself as essential for the protections and cultivation of "regional brands" and is widely used.

Not only agricultural, forestry and fishery products, but also traditional handicraft produced by methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, "local gourmet food" that shows and upsurge recent years as part of regional vitalization, etc. have been registered as regional collective trademarks.

Meanwhile, in the flood of regional collective trademarks, here and there cases can be seen which do not sufficiently increase brand value.

"HARAKENZO more " is not just a simple agent for the filing of regional collective trademarks, as we also actively put forward suggestions for the planning and follow-up of intellectual property strategies for realizing true branding.

Consulting as a "business strategy partner" is also a feature of our firm which employs also a diversity of talented people ("workforce diversity").

Combined with "Handling Geographical Indication Strategy", "Handling Plant Variety Registrations in Japan" and "Handling Plant Variety Registrations Overseas" it is also possible to aim for a further brand strengthening through a hybrid-branding strategy.

Reference website - homepage of the Japan Patent Office -
  System of regional collective trademarks (https://www.jpo.go.jp/sesaku_e/trademark_system.htm)

Handling Geographical Indication Strategy

A Geographical Indication Mark is displayed alongside a statement of the geographical origin of a product, as proof of the established special features of said product and its genuine connection with the geographical region stated (description taken from the section "Displaying Geographical Statements and GI Marks" on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website).

In other words, the acquisition of a GI Mark, which is registered with the MAFF following legal procedures such as hearing the opinions of academic experts, can be a powerful driving force in the advancement of a brand strategy.

At our firm, we offer support throughout the entire process, from carrying out a search to determine the possibility of registering a GI Mark through to the registration procedure.

(Our staff has plenty of experience and knowledge of GI Marks from working on contract cases).

For Those Planning and Executing Expansion from Local to Global

Worldwide IP Handling

"HARAKENZO more " is named HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and true to our name we support rights acquisition and IP affairs in all countries and regions around the world.

Also, in the same way we continually take on consultations from many foreign enterprises and overseas agents, giving us a good grasp of the real differences in IP practice and conditions between different countries and regions.

For those who have concerns or uncertainty regarding overseas business, we offer support as an advisor on business strategy in the field of intellectual property. In particular, our firm has established individual support stations for the various countries and regions with which we have the most consultations and practical results, in order to provide even stronger and more precise support.

Currently, our firm operates the following support stations:

Dealing with Damages from Counterfeit Goods

Regardless of whether or not an enterprise has expanded overseas, the more outstanding its products or services, the greater the effect anti-counterfeiting measures will have on the profitability and sustainability of its business.

As well as providing support and advice on the use of IP in various countries and regions, our firm is able to assist clients with border measures, one of the most effective ways of preventing and dealing with counterfeit goods.

Two border measures are:

For Those Who Require Support in a Wide Range of Specialist Technical Fields

Handling Specialist Cross-sectional Technologies

Since our firm was established in 1976, we have continuously expanded the technical fields we handle in accordance with the demands of our clients. "HARAKENZO more " constantly strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients by cultivating an ideal mix of knowledge and understanding in these technical fields.

< Outline of technical fields we can handle >

Information Engineering

Computer engineering, software, computer-assisted systems, communications systems, computer networks, IT-related technologies, business models, etc. (all fields of information engineering)

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Semiconductor engineering, display devices, storage devices, electrical/electronic devices, etc. (all fields of electrical/electronic/power supply engineering)

Control Engineering

Mechatronics, system engineering, AI, etc. (all fields of control engineering)


Biotechnology (DNA, proteins, antibodies, vectors, transformants), genetics, biochemistry, ecology, environmental biology, cytology, bacteriology, botany, zoology, radiation optics, bioengineering, etc. (all fields of biology and bioengineering)

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Agriculture, dairy farming, livestock farming, fisheries, forestry, food, food processing, etc. (all fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries).


Medical devices, dentistry, social medicine, psychiatry, all fields of pharmaceuticals, etc. (all fields of medicine)

Physical Science

Superconductors, lasers, optics, mechanics, vibration dynamics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, materials, astrophysics, geophysics, etc. (all fields of physical science)


Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, ceramics, textile engineering, pulp engineering, nanotechnology, etc. (all fields of chemical engineering/chemical industry)

Mechanical engineering

Material dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, material science, machine components, precision engineering, automobiles, transportation machines, industrial machines, water vessels, aeronautical engineering, etc. (all fields of machine engineering)

Metallurgical engineering

Metal material science, metalworking, etc. (all fields of metallurgical engineering)

Architectural engineering

Structural mechanics, architectural materials, etc. (all fields of architectural engineering)

Civil engineering

Urban engineering, traffic engineering, etc. (all fields of civil engineering)

Environmental engineering

Environmental hygiene, environmental pollution, antipollution measures, etc. (all fields of environmental engineering)

For Those Aiming to Use IoT/AI in Various Fields Such as the Mining and Manufacturing Industries, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Industries or Service Industry etc.

Acquiring Rights for Using IoT and AI in All Kinds of Industries

Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are mainly based in the field of information technology (IT), but these technologies will become more and more widespread in the future and be practically implemented not only in general manufacturing but also in agriculture, forestry and fishery industries, traditional craftsmanship, and service industries providing hospitality.

"HARAKENZO more " offer consultations based on our strong record of supporting the acquisition and use of rights regarding many IT-related inventions, and our rich experience supporting a wide variety of business fields as a large-scale, comprehensive patent and trademark law firm.

< Main Features of Our Firm's Support >
  • 1. "HARAKENZO more " have many patent attorneys and technicians deeply experienced in handling IT
  • 2. "HARAKENZO more " offer detailed advice and business support regarding all kinds of inventions using IoT and AI, from utility inventions to business model inventions, including to those not involved in the information and communications industry
  • 3. "HARAKENZO more " can carry out introductions to technology trends and seminars that offer hints on business creation
    (For more information, please see our IoT and AI Support Station website)

For those who wish to protect and use new varieties of cultivated plants in Japan and abroad

Handling Plant Variety Registrations in Japan

"HARAKENZO more " offer various kinds of support related to registering a plant variety in Japan based on the Plant Variety Protection Law.

> Examples of support provided by our firm <
  • (1) Examining the possibility of registering the name of a applied-for plant variety
  • (2) Application procedures and filing arguments, etc. in response to any notifications of reasons for refusal, etc. issued
  • (3) Attending to any on-site examinations carried out
  • (4) Monitoring of annuities after grant
  • (5) Carrying out various procedures such as filing changes of name of applicants
  • (6) In the case of problems arising from cultivator infringement, cooperating with government officials protecting plant varieties to resolve the dispute
  • (7) Procedures for blocking import etc. of infringing plant varieties to Japan

Further, when selecting a name for an applied-for variety, it is essential to check, search for and adjust with registered trademarks protected under the trademark law (as well as pending applications for trademarks).

For more information, please see our Plant Variety Registration Consultation Station website.

Handling Plant Variety Registrations Overseas

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries promotes a project of measures supporting applications for plant variety registrations abroad. "HARAKENZO more " (Tokyo Head Office and Osaka Head Office) is one of three patent and trademark attorneys selected as an official consultation point and designated agent regarding this project.

"HARAKENZO more " can provide support for constructing a global project strategy alongside protection of a plant variety at a national level.

For those who want to safely and effectively "exposure media", including mascots

Preventing and Solving Problems

In today's information-driven society, it is easy to access all sorts of information via the internet, meaning that intellectual property, from copyright to trademarks and designs, now surrounds us in our daily lives.

In particular, there is a greater risk of one's copyright - a right that originates at the point of creation - being infringed by third parties without one realizing.

As well as providing services to prevent or resolve this kind of trouble, our firm also provides support for the smooth execution of projects.

< Main forms of Support >

For those who wish to carry out more effective IP integration at industry focal points

All across Japan, regions has their own historical features and culture that have given rise to various focal points where skills, technologies and industries are integrated in a region. By re-entering the spotlight, these regions can enjoy an economic boost as well as acting as standard-bearers for "Cool Japan."

"HARAKENZO more " can offer powerful support for the formation, sharing and use etc. of the intellectual property rooted in these regions.

< Examples of integrated support >