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"HARAKENZO more "s Osaka Head Office has the largest number of staff among our offices, and has played an active role as a group of specialists to protect intellectual property rights by conducting our work of obtaining the intellectual property rights, and executing the intellectual property rights for our clients in the world.

As specialists in intellectual properties, we are always trying to enhance our specialties through trainings in our office and outside the office so as to provide the most appropriate services.

Osaka Head Office

Osaka 2nd Office

□ Organizational Structure of Osaka Head Office

Our firm strives to be a "Locally-Based Cloud" firm - achieving close cooperation with local clients while also fully utilizing the convenience of online technologies.
Working in close cooperation with our Tokyo Head Office, Hiroshima Office and Nagoya Office, our Osaka Head Office proactively provides assistance with all IP-related matters through its expert team, including the following staff members

■ Japanese Patent & Trademark Attorneys : 25


■ Japanese attorney at law : 1

■ Chinese patent attorney : 1


■ Staff with Doctoral Degrees : 10

■ Non-Japanese staff : 10


■ Patent Strategy Department Staff : 58

■ Legal Strategy Department Staff : 17


■ Translation Department Staff : 25

* Additionally, members of the Secretariat and Administration Department, system engineers, graphic designers and other staff members are affiliated.

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How can you reach us?
HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK Intellectual Property Law Firm is located at the heart of the business and legal districts of Osaka, the second largest metropolis of Japan. The firm is situated in the vicinity of the Law Court of Osaka, and the Osaka High Court, which allows us an easy and prompt access to the latest legal developments in Japan.

The firm enjoys a great convenience in terms of transportation.
Namely, a combined station of two Osaka Metro lines(i.e. Tanimachi Line & Sakaisuji Line) and one JR line(i.e. Tohzai Line) is placed just beneath the building where the firm is located, and also the building stands at a crossroads of the Route 1 and the Tenjinbashi-suji Boulevard, two of the main streets running through the city.
Directions: model plans to get to "HARAKENZO more " :

□ Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Central Osaka - "HARAKENZO more "

1. take airport limousine buses to Osaka (stopping at either JR Osaka Sta. / 'Maru-Biru' Bldg., Umeda Sta., or 'Harbis Osaka'); and then taxi to Daiwa-Minamimorimachi Building (approx. 10 min.).
2. take trains (e.g. Nankai Railway airport express RAPITO, taking approx. 35 min. to Namba Sta.); change to Osaka Metros to Minami-morimachi Sta. or taxi to Daiwa-Minamimorimachi bldg.
3. from JR Osaka Station; change to Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line from Higashi-Umeda Sta. to Minami-morimachi Sta. (taking approx. 3 min.); go upstairs at Exit No.3 and you will see an entrance of the Daiwa-Minamimorimachi bldg. on your right.

□ Tokyo Sta. - Osaka Sta. - "HARAKENZO more "

Take JR Shinkansen NOZOMI (approx. 2.5h) or HIKARI(approx. 3h) to Shin-Osaka Sta.; and then take taxi from Shin-Osaka Sta. to Daiwa-Minamimorimachi Bldg (approx.15 min.)

ZIPcode: 530-0041
TEL : +81-6-6351-4384
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FAX : +81-6-6351-5664
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