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Recently, the surroundings of agriculture have changed greatly in various aspects.
These changes are not limited to ones derived from environmental factors such as climate change. These changes also include technical progresses such as introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Communication Technology (ICT), and changes in system, such as effects of trade agreements, revisions to agriculture-related laws including the seeds law and the seedlings law. Such changes occur daily.

However, regardless of how greatly the surroundings of agriculture change, what are always positioned at the center of agriculture are living organisms and basic technologies for growing them. Japan, which has rich seasonal changes, is the third in the number of plant variety registration applications, and has an unsurpassed advantage of broad range of breeders.
What is required for developing agriculture as agribusiness by mainly using this advantage and at times using changes in the surroundings of agriculture as wind at the back? Sharing of values and differentiation of values will be surely considered as important more and more. Intellectual properties will play a great role in this regard.

Plant Variety Registration/Agribusiness Consultation of HARAKENZO more has experts in various fields of intellectual properties including not only plant variety registration but also trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, and know-hows, gathered under the flag of "agriculture" and "plants" so as to offer consultation truly dedicated to agriculture-related intellectual properties.
We hope we can assist our clients in producing new values in the field of agribusiness with full use of intellectual properties.


We are willing to give a consultation in various aspects of agriculture-related intellectual properties

Our firm's experts fully experienced in agriculture- and plant-related intellectual properties will respond to clients' requests.
The fields in which our firm's experts are fully experienced are diverse. For example, the backgrounds of technical experts include agriculture, animal science, biotechnology, environmental ecology, and plant taxonomy.

Consultations on agriculture-related intellectual properties

  • Consultations before filing plant variety registration applications, trademark applications, patent applications, utility model applications, design applications etc. in Japan and abroad
  • Services related to technology transfer, enforcement of right, and contracts
  • Services related to investigation on agriculture-related intellectual properties
  • Naming of variety when filing plant variety registration application abroad (especially in China)

Services related to plant variety registration applications and maintenance of rights for plant variety registrations

  • Agency services for filing plant variety registration applications in Japan and abroad
  • Services on management of annual fees for plant variety registrations
  • Consignment of cultivation of seedling for examination and intermediacy in export and import

Other services for filing applications and maintenance of rights for agriculture-related intellectual properties

  • Agency services for filing trademark applications, patent applications, utility model applications, design applications etc. in Japan and abroad
  • Services on management of annual fees for trademarks, patents, utility models, designs etc.

* In order to offer best solutions to clients' requests, Plant Variety Registration/Agribusiness Consultation cooperates with other sections in the fields below.


Agribusiness-related information

Articles related to agribusiness are uploaded on our website periodically.
The topics of the articles include not only intellectual properties but also market trends, state-of-art technology related to agriculture, recent findings on biotechnology, and variation in global environment.


Staffs/call and FAX numbers


Tokyo Head Office

Tokyo Head Office

 Kenjiro FUJITA Deputy director general, patent attorney
 Erika MIYAJIMA (patent, plant variety)
 Kahori KUWAHARA (design, trademark, plant variety, contract) Patent attorney
 Maiko MURAHASHI (patent) Patent attorney
 Yuki YAMAZAKI (trademark, contract, design) Patent attorney
 Aiko SATO (plant variety, patent) Ph.D. (engineering)

Phone :
Mail :


Osaka Head Office

Osaka Head Office

 Yasuo NISHIYAMA (plant variety, trademark, design)Attorney at Law/Patent attorney
 Kazuki MATSUMURA (plant variety, patent) Attorney at Law/Patent attorney
 Yoshiaki HIGE (plant variety, patent) Attorney at Law/Patent attorney
 Nozomi KUROKAWA (plant variety, trademark, design)Attorney at Law/Patent attorney
 Shingo NAGAMI (plant variety, trademark, design)
 Maki SHIMAMURA (plant variety, trademark, design)
 Nao TOTTORI (plant variety, trademark, design)
 Dai NISHIMURA (plant variety, trademark, design)
 Daisuke MURAI (plant variety, trademark, design)
 Shinpei KASHII (plant variety, trademark, design)Juris Doctor degree

Phone :
Mail :


Hiroshima Office

Hiroshima Office

 Shun KITAOKA Patent attorney
 Naoyuki TAKENO Patent attorney

Phone :
Mail :


Nagoya Office (established on March 1, 2018)

Nagoya Office

 Teru YAMAMOTO Patent attorney

Phone :
Mail :



(Former website) Plant Variety Registration Consultation: Introduction of Contents


Since new plant variety and breeder's right has become clearly stated in the Intellectual Property Base Act, amendments have been made in the Seeds and Seedlings Law and also significant changes have been made to the policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. The situation is such that plant variety guardians are allocated in the Incorporated Administrative Corporation National Center for Seeds and Seedlings.

The number of applications for variety protection have shown an increase as below, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan are aiming for the number of 2,000 applications yearly by the year 2010.

In addition, they are also aiming for the shortening of average examination period, down to 2 and a half years by the year 2008.

I would like to introduce the Plant Variety Protection system with cooperation of our support station and patent engineers. "HARAKENZO more " hope this would help your understanding towards the Plant Variety Protection system.



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