Web Conference System

Our firm utilizes a high-performance, highly secure web conference system at each of our four locations (Tokyo Headquarters, Osaka Headquarters, Hiroshima Office, and Nagoya Office). With this system, regardless of our clients' location/country, we can handle requests and provide consultation with an optimally chosen team of expert staffs from any of our four locations, ensuring that each client and each case gets the best that "HARAKENZO more " has to offer. A brief overview of our web conference system is as follows.

(1) Even clients who are not familiar with web conferencing can easily use our system with only standard equipment (an internet-connected PC with a microphone and a web camera).

(2) Clients can access and use our highly secure web conference system via a standard web browser.

(3) Our firm has plentiful experience with web conferencing in a wide variety of scenarios. We are constantly refining and further improving our process to ensure that our online meetings with clients achieve productivity and results at a level equal to or higher than that of face-to-face conferences.

HARAKENZO Nagoya Office
Nagoya Office
HARAKENZO Hiroshima Office
Hiroshima Office

Television Conference System

"HARAKENZO more "'s Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Hiroshima Office and Nagoya Office are all equipped with television conference systems (based on protocols H. 320 and H. 323). This is a remote conference system using telephone lines (ISDN) and television. Introducing this system enables us to offer to our clients high quality services such as the following (1-3 below).

1. By connecting "HARAKENZO more "'s television conference system to JPO's television conference system, it is possible for us to interview with examiners of JPO via a television.

2. By using the television conference system, it is possible for us to make prompt and effective conference with our clients at a distant place. The television conference system makes it unnecessary for us and our clients to move for conference, resulting in great reduction of time and costs.

3. By using the television conference system, it is possible for us to make real-time conference with foreign patent attorneys and enterprises while we are in Japan.

(*System should be introduced to both users to hold a conference)

  Osaka Head Office
Osaka Head Office

Tokyo Head Office
Tokyo Head Office

Pre-registration Practices
事務所内の写真  Prior Art Search
"HARAKENZO more " conduct rapid searches of registered rights and prior art by making full use of Patent Office databases, private patent document databases, and scientific and technical document databases including JDream3, as well as consulting scientific and technical documents held by libraries including the National Diet Library, and online information.

 Application Practices
"HARAKENZO more " prepare Application documents for patents, etc. as the appointed representative of our clients. Our team of patent attorneys, lawyers and other specialist staff produce high-quality application documents for our clients and are able to carry out online applications swiftly. In addition, we act as a representative not only for Japanese clients but also for clients abroad, carrying out Japanese patent applications via the Paris convention and the PCT/Madrid routes, etc. Regarding applications from Japan to overseas, our lawyers and patent attorneys have a deep and thorough understanding of patent law in other countries. Thus we are able to assist our clients by proposing plans based on the patent acquisition laws in various countries, and producing the necessary application documents for each country.
"HARAKENZO more " also cooperate with patent law offices all over the world to provide firm support regarding complex procedures.

 Interim Practices
In response to notices of reasons for refusal, etc. issued by patent offices in various countries, we can respond in various ways, from formulating and submitting written opinions and amendments to proposing special applications, providing the best possible handling of a case in order to successfully acquire rights.

Registration and Post-registration practices
事務所内の写真  Special trials / injunctions against imports
In response to our clients' intellectual property strategies, we give expert consideration to the validity of rights before carrying out requests for special trials, injunctions against imports, etc. Meanwhile, in response to third-party requests for trials, etc., we draw up thorough plans to ensure the protection of our clients' rights.

 Appraisals/interpretations/examiners' technical opinions
"HARAKENZO more " carries out appraisals of the scope and validity of rights for cases concerning patents, new utility models, trademarks and designs. "HARAKENZO more " also carry out appraisals of whether or not IP rights such as patent rights etc. have been infringed.
"HARAKENZO more " are also able to act as representatives when requesting interpretations of the Patent Office's opinion on the scope of rights or examiners' technical opinions regarding the validity of utility models.

 Acting as representative when concluding agreements
When concluding agreements concerning patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, circuit arrangement usage rights, copyright, neighboring rights or the unfair competition law (particularly article 2-1-1-9), our firm provides extensive advice from the negotiation stage in order to result in the most favorable agreement possible for clients.

When contesting and adjudication or decision by the Patent Office, our lawyers, including patent attorneys, represent our clients officially at the Intellectual Property High Court. In addition, in infringement litigations concerning the exercising of intellectual property rights, our patent attorneys who have passed state exams to hold power of attorney in infringement litigation cases carry out expert investigations, including appraisals of rights infringements, and work together with lawyers associated with our firm in order to handle the case. For example, if a third party has violated our client's intellectual property, or if our client suspects it may violate the intellectual property of the third party, through various litigation strategies and advice, as well as settlement negotiations etc., we work to provide our clients with the utmost in protection.


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