PICK UPActivity introduction

Announcement of site release

We have opened a page with related links.

We have opened a page with related links on the main menu. This page contains links to domestic and international intellectual property-related sites. We comprehensively list information on ministries and agencies related to intellectual property, including the Japan Patent Office, courts, various incorporated associations and foundations, academic societies and associations, as well as various related databases. "Knowledge"

specialized team

We have opened a page to introduce our specialized team.

This page provides a brief introduction to each specialized team. Our office deals with intellectual property in foreign countries, intellectual property of universities, academic institutions, start-up companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises, intellectual property in the fields of IT, biotechnology, and agriculture, and intellectual property that is infringed by imitation, etc. Regarding property, we have organized specialized teams in each field consisting of experts.

Foreign Support Office

Added an article on measures against counterfeit products to the Indonesia Support Office

An article regarding measures against counterfeit products has been added to the Indonesia Support Office. Indonesia has developed particularly rapidly in Southeast Asia in recent years, and boasts the world's fourth largest population and high GDP growth rate, making it a major market indispensable for business in Southeast Asia. Additionally, Indonesia currently ranks 17th in GDP and will overtake Japan to rank 2040th in 50-XNUMX.

Online IP Patrol

"Monitoring work for violation of breeder's rights" has been added to the online intellectual property patrol service menu.

We have added monitoring and countermeasures for infringement of breeder's rights to the scope of "Online Intellectual Property Patrol," which monitors and takes measures against infringement of intellectual property rights. Previously, countermeasures against counterfeit products mainly on the Internet were based on trademarks, designs, copyrights, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. In recent years, there has been a call for protection of breeder's rights regarding registered varieties.