Shun KITAOKA, Manager of SDGs x IP Support Station, Patent and Trademark Attorney [Hiroshima]

Toshiro KURODA, Deputy Director General, Patent and Trademark Attorney [Osaka]
Yasutaka OKABE, Patent and Trademark Attorney [Osaka]
Orie JITSUKAWA, Patent Strategy Department [Osaka]
Michiko TOMOBE, Patent Strategy Department [Tokyo]
Kahori KUWAHARA, Patent and Trademark Attorney [Tokyo]
Kodai YAMASHITA, Patent and Trademark Attorney [Nagoya]

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"HARAKENZO more" has been taking the lead in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by introducing flexible work styles to place more weight on work-life balance, and by promoting sustainable economic growth through the practice of decent work that is worth working for.
We, "SDGs × IP Support Station", are working on the principle of accelerating the contribution to the achievement of the SDGs through the collaboration between "HARAKENZO more" and our clients by helping the clients to incorporate the perspective of the SDGs into their IP activities.



Major Activities

We propose clearly describing contributions to the achievement of the SDGs in patent specifications.

  • The SDGs are a very broad concept consisting of seventeen goals. There is therefore a possibility that any invention in any technical field will be able to claim their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs. We believe that claiming the contribution will not only enable your company to demonstrate its commitment to the SDGs, but will also enrich and diversify the contents of the patent specification.

We will provide consultation on the use of WIPO GREEN.

  • WIPO GREEN is an online platform service operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote innovation and diffusion of environment-related technologies, connecting both technology providers and seekers.
  • The use of the WIPO GREEN will upgrade the company's international brand image, expand company's marketing channels, and allow the company to find new business partners.

We will continue to timely provide SDGs-related intellectual property information, including WIPO GREEN, ESG, and decarbonization.

"HARAKENZO more" participates in the "Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform", established by Cabinet Office of Japan.




Department manager
Deputy Representative of Hiroshima Office
Hiroshima Legal Strategy Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney
Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Shun KITAOKA Born in 1981
Research Experience: Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, endocrinology, and immunology
Field of Expertise: Biotechnology, medical drags, and diagnostic drugs

I have accumulated experience as a researcher of biology and medical drugs for more than 10 years in university and pharmaceutical company. Through my research experience, I became acutely aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, which is why I jumped into the intellectual property industry.

With my rich expert knowledge as a researcher, I exert my best efforts not only to enhance protection and utilization of our valued clients' inventions to the maximum extent, but also to boost the entire bio-related industry.


Toshiro KURODA
DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL << in charge of chemical and biological fields >>
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL Toshiro KURODA Mr. Kuroda specialized in Biotechnology and Molecular and Cellular Biology at university and graduate school, where he carried out research into improving the function of proteins and the protein localization.

After graduate school, he worked for a cosmetics company at R&D division carrying out fundamental research and developing new products. Following this, he joined HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK, and became involved in patent prosecution for domestic and international cases in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. After qualifying as a patent attorney and a specially qualified attorney for infringement litigation, he also gained experience in license agreements, expert opinions, consulting, litigation and so on. Currently, he not only carries out patent-related work, but handles cases from all areas of intellectual property, including design and trademark cases.

"In recent years, as the globalization of business has continued, competition has become much fiercer. In this fiercely competitive environment, outstanding technology is of course important, but it is not enough on its own. With only technical superiority, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a distinctive value.

"Therefore, to differentiate oneself from others and to increase one's competitiveness, in addition to technology, it is vital to incorporate design and brand into a multi-layered IP strategy. In order to increase the value of our clients' businesses, I aim to help provide a service that fully satisfies the demands of our clients in all fields of intellectual property."


Yasutaka OKABE
Foreign Department General manager / Translation Department General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Yasutaka OKABE Field of Specialization: Machines, physics, IT
Research experience: Environmental engineering

With my previous experience working abroad, domestic or international, the harsh competition in business, has made me keenly aware how business competition increases the value of intellectual property rights. Keeping that in mind, as a patent attorney I aim at acquiring property rights in accordance with client’s needs, and will make an effort no matter how minor the matter may be.


Michiko TOMOBE
Patent Strategy Department

Michiko TOMOBE Major: Administration Engineering
Specialty: Information Communications, Software, Control

I have being working as a patent engineer making use of my experiences in research and development of next-generation information terminals and in an IT venture company.
My work as a patent engineer is very challenging and satisfactory to me because this work gives me many chances of touching state-of-the-art technologies.
Giving weight to dialogue with our clients, I would like to do my best to help our clients to obtain patent rights that can be fully used in their businesses.


Tokyo Legal Strategy Department Design Division Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Kahori KUWAHARA I majored in the intellectual property law course at the graduate school of business law, and have worked as a patent attorney ever since. With full use of the researches I made in that source and the experiences as a patent attorney, I would like to satisfy our customers' needs as best as I can.


Department manager / Deputy Representative of Nagoya Office / Legal Strategy Department Assistant Manager / Nagoya Legal Strategy Division Manager
Venture/cocreation support station Consultation Chief Advisor / IP Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Kodai YAMASHITA Majored in Law

The acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights has the potential to bring solutions to the issues faced by our clients in the pursuit of their business objectives. It thus constitutes a crucial element of their business plan.

Keeping the above in mind, it is my goal, as a patent attorney, to work for the smooth acquisition and exploitation of our client’s intellectual property rights. In this way, I hope to achieve the central principle of our firm’s philosophy: ”maximize our clients’ satisfaction and benefit”.