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Brand strategy from a patent attorney's perspective

Simply put, "brand strategy" is a strategy for increasing the value of a brand. Brand strategy is generally discussed by academics in fields such as marketing through books and seminars, and conducted by corporate marketers and consultants as part of their work.

In this way, brand strategy is mostly focused on marketing and management aspects, and brand rights are often not mentioned. However, even if a brand is an important intellectual asset, it will not be able to maintain its asset value over the long term unless it is protected by rights. In other words, brands are used to differentiate one's own products from those of others, but if a brand is not protected by rights, other companies may imitate the brand, making differentiation meaningless. Even if you try to do so, in principle you cannot seek protection under the law. And a brand that cannot differentiate itself will not be able to gain customer trust and will be unable to stop the decline in asset value.

Therefore, first of all, securing legal protection by acquiring rights to a brand is the key point of brand strategy from a patent attorney's perspective. After establishing legal protection, we will plan and execute brand strategies as part of marketing and management strategies.

Next, if a brand that has increased in value or a brand that is about to increase in value is imitated or acts that cause confusion, we will seek an injunction to stop such acts or seek compensation for damages. You will need to protect your brand by charging . In such cases, patent attorneys will provide support in preparing expert opinions, sending warning letters, and filing lawsuits, which is also part of brand strategy from a patent attorney's perspective.

The steps up to this point are generally considered to be brand strategies carried out by patent attorneys. However, the brand strategies that we propose and support go beyond the scope of acquiring and protecting brand rights, and include identifying the brand identity before acquiring rights and actually increasing brand value by using trademarks, etc. We work closely with clients at all stages of brand creation and growth, including brand equity, and promote total brand strategy.



Brand strategy as business strategy advisor

Brand strategy is something companies do in the first place. I am very aware of that. Therefore, we do not carry out brand strategy, but only promote the effective and efficient brand strategy of our clients.

As mentioned above, securing brand rights and legal protection, which is normally performed by a patent attorney, is also an important role. However, we do more than just that, as business strategy advisors, we sincerely hope that we can help our clients' businesses succeed.

It is true that we receive many requests from clients for trademark applications on a daily basis. I feel the greatest joy when I receive gratitude. However, even if a trademark is registered, depending on how it is used, it may not increase the value of the brand and remain as a mere sign, or worse, the brand strategy may not work and the trademark may not be used. In some cases, the trademark registration is wasted. For us, it doesn't end once we are registered as an agent; we only fulfill our role as a business strategy advisor when we increase the brand value of the registered trademark and that brand contributes to our client's business. I believe that we have fulfilled our mission.



Promotion of brand strategy by our patent office

As mentioned above, in a company, brand strategy is mainly carried out by the marketing department, and we cannot match their knowledge of that specialized field. However, our perspective, which comes into contact with brands in a variety of fields every day and allows us to view our clients objectively from the outside without being bound by the common sense of the industry, is sure to help us advance our clients' brand strategies in ways never seen before. I believe that it will.

In addition, by being involved in brand strategy, we as patent attorneys are able to execute or change brand strategy with a view to acquiring and protecting brand rights, and are able to swiftly and accurately legalize brands that are growing day by day. will be able to protect you. In this way, you can minimize the risk of being unable to legally protect the brand value you have earned.

I sincerely hope that I can be involved in your company's brand strategy as a promoter. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

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