Intellectual property discovery support

Introduction to intellectual property discovery support services

In the development department of a company, various ideas are generated during daily development work and are utilized in product development. Some of these ideas can generate large profits by securing rights as intellectual property such as patents, designs, and trademarks. However, it is not easy to make accurate judgments about the ideas we generate on a daily basis from a number of viewpoints, including the following.

Is this an idea worth protecting?
How to build a patent network?
What points should I apply for?
What is the timeline for application and business development?
What is the possibility of acquiring rights?
Could it be an important patent?
What about applications from different perspectives?
Is it necessary to expand overseas?

In light of the above circumstances, our office provides the following intellectual property discovery support services.

Regular invention discovery meetings

At the invention discovery meeting, we will advise you on the considerations necessary to lead your idea to patent rights. At the invention discovery meeting, we will advise you not only on acquiring patent rights, but also on acquiring other intellectual property rights such as designs and trademarks, as necessary. Additionally, by holding regular meetings, it has the effect of increasing intellectual property literacy in corporate development departments.

Strategic invention discovery brainstorming

For projects under development, such as plans to release new products, we ask them to explain in a brainstorming format the new features they plan to include, and then consider how to strategically acquire patents and other rights. Masu.
In addition, we will work backwards from future trends in the industry and what other companies are likely to implement in the future, and propose strategies for making advance preparations during invention discovery brainstorming sessions.

Invention discovery meeting based on development proposals and papers

You do not need to prepare an invention description to apply for a patent; instead, we ask you to present your development proposal or paper, and from there we extract ideas that have the potential to be patented, as well as listen to detailed information and discuss the content. We propose the expansion of.

Prior art search and patent/design map creation service

We also provide services such as prior art research and creating patent/design maps as basic materials for discovering intellectual property and considering intellectual property strategies.



Corresponding field

Information technology (IT, IoT) related, artificial intelligence (AI) related, broadcasting/communication related, image related, robot related, big data related, database construction, application development, architecture construction, fintech related, electronic commerce, transaction related, Logistics-related, amusement-related, BtoB, BtoC, fusion technology-related, bio/chemical peripheral technology-related, etc.



Discovering inventions related to IoT inventions

Ideas that can be patented

・There are effects unique to the technical field that cannot be obtained with conventional technology.
・Uses information and devices specific to that technical field.
- Make good use of multiple things.



Even if the technology is common, if there is some ingenuity in the technical field to which it is applied, the content of the information, and the way it is used, and it has a unique effect, it may be possible to obtain a patent.


Screening standards for IoT-related technologies

Advantageous effects of utilizing information obtained when things are connected to networksis considered as one of the factors that work towards affirming the inventive step.


There is no need for "verification" or "experiment" to be conducted.
You can apply for a patent even at the idea stage.

If you are considering a business related to IOT technology, please feel free to request an invention discovery meeting.
Based on our extensive experience, we will provide advice on extracting key points and protecting your invention!


Discovery of inventions related to AI inventions

Discovering AI inventions from diverse perspectives provided by HARAKENZO
In discovering AI inventions that we propose, we consider not only the characteristics of algorithms, but also the characteristics of data types, the mutual relationships of data, the characteristics of pre-processing and post-processing, the newness of the application area, the characteristics of network architecture, etc. We will consider patentability from this perspective.

Flexible discovery flow that fits your business strategy
In addition, the invention discovery we propose provides a discovery flow that flexibly fits your company's business strategy.

“Design-first type” starts from the target and translates it into concrete measures, etc.
Example: Web page value diagnosis service → Outline identification of points → Comparison with prior technology → Clarification of main points → Examination of architecture → Extraction of sub-points at implementation level

"Method-first type" starts from concrete means and performs higher-level conceptualization and horizontal development
Example: Image zero-shot learning algorithm → Point extraction → Higher conceptualization + horizontal expansion → Application to voice diagnosis

"Recurrent type" which recursively combines Type A and Type B

If you are considering a business related to AI, please request an invention discovery meeting.
Based on our extensive experience, we will provide advice on extracting key points and protecting your invention!