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Our firm has long-standing cooperative relationships with intellectual property experts (patent attorneys and lawyers) around the world. In particular, we have a strong network with many prominent patent and law firms in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, allowing us to provide worldwide services to our clients.

With the cooperation of these local firms, we have worked on the acquisition of high quality intellectual property rights and the utilization of these rights with sophisticated global strategies, not just for the leading countries but also for medium-developed nations and even advancing countries. Our experienced experts will propose intellectual property strategies from the clients’ point of view, responding to the needs of all clients.


foreign language translation

We provide translation services for a variety of documents related to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, designs, and utility models. We not only provide translation services as part of the application and rights acquisition process, but also accept orders for stand-alone translation services.



Outsourcing of foreign application services

Our office provides translation and/or foreign application services even from the foreign application stage.

Our firm has long-standing cooperative relationships with intellectual property experts (patent attorneys and lawyers) around the world. In particular, we have a strong network with many famous patent and law firms in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and are able to provide services worldwide.

Regarding foreign application services, our patent attorneys and other lawyers who are well versed in the patent laws of foreign countries provide clients with proposals based on the patent laws of each country in order to acquire rights in each country. We will prepare the necessary application documents according to your needs. In addition, by collaborating with local agents around the world with whom we have cooperative relationships, we reliably support complex procedures.

Please feel free to request a quote.



Internal system

In order to provide the best translation services to our clients, our office has established the following system in consideration of the special nature of translation related to intellectual property.


Internal processing system

Translating documents related to intellectual property not only requires accuracy of content, but also requires being aware of rights and using the most appropriate terminology and expressions backed by legal knowledge. Furthermore, specialized knowledge in each field of intellectual property is essential, such as technical understanding, which is essential when translating patent and utility model related documents such as claims and specifications.

By consistently performing translation work in-house, our office has translation staff specializing in intellectual property-related translations, patent attorneys, technical staff, and trademark/design staff with specialized knowledge of intellectual property. We work closely together to create the most suitable translated documents.


Emergency response system

Intellectual property work, like any other business, requires speed, and we often encounter time constraints such as the first-to-file system and deadlines for various procedures. Therefore, translations related to intellectual property sometimes require extremely urgent action.

Our office has approximately 40 translation staff, including foreign staff, so we can quickly respond to urgent requests.


Multilingual support system

Intellectual property business can be said to be one of the businesses that is undergoing the most global expansion. Therefore, translation services are required to support more languages. Our office provides both Japanese (Japanese) and foreign language translations for English, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, German, and French. Of course, we can also provide translations from one foreign language to another.



Types of foreign language translation

Below is an example of our translation services. Translations other than these are also possible, so please contact us.

・Translation of application documents such as specifications and claims (patents, designs, trademarks, utility models, etc.)
(A service that only translates application documents is also available)
・Translation of patent publications (full translation, partial translation)
・Translation of documents required to be submitted by the Patent Office (deposit statement, etc.)
・Translation of non-patent documents such as proceedings and technical documents
・Translation of priority certificate
・Translation of documents sent by the patent office, such as notice of reasons for refusal, notice of decision of refusal, office action, advisory, etc.
・Translation of documents related to investigations, expert opinions, lawsuits, oppositions, invalidation trials, etc. (patents, designs, trademarks, utility models, etc.)
・Translation of contracts
・Translation of reference materials for negotiations, etc.
・Translation of registers, etc.
・Translation of variety registration application
・Translation of related documents required for customs detention
・Native check (review of the translated text created by the client by our native staff)


System for all technical fields

Technical understanding is essential for patent/utility model related documents. Our office has a track record of translations in all technical fields, including electrical, electronic, communications, mechanical, IT, chemical, bio, and medical fields.


Collaborative translation service with experts

We can also provide collaborative services with patent attorneys, technical staff, and trademark/design staff. Please let us know if you have any requests. In addition, our office has support offices for the US/UK, Germany, France, China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc., and we provide support for applications to these countries, as well as applications from these countries to Japan. I'm here. Please take advantage of it.