France Support Office

In the French Support Office, we work together with Japanese staff (patent attorneys, engineers, translators) to help French clients acquire intellectual property rights in Japan, and to help Japanese clients obtain intellectual property rights in France. We provide efficient and accurate support for acquiring property rights.

Our firm has a large number of experts with extensive legal and technical experience and specialized knowledge, and we have a system that can quickly respond to your company's needs regarding intellectual property protection in all fields. We also have a permanent team that specializes in designs and trademarks (trademarks and service marks).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding intellectual property rights in France or Japan, please feel free to contact our office's France Support Office. We will respond promptly and appropriately. Of course, French is also available.

Intellectual property is expected to play an increasingly important role around the world in the future.
At our office, all of our staff members are committed to working hard to help our clients.

France Support Office Director Tomoko Irisawa

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