Fusion technology support

An invention is said to be a new combination of old ideas. As science and technology develop, entirely new inventions are born by combining previously unrelated technical fields.

Bio × Energy ⇒ Biomass energy
Bio × Electrical Engineering ⇒ Biosensors, biocomputers
Bio × Information processing ⇒ Bioinformatics
Agriculture × Information processing ⇒ Smart agriculture
Electronic equipment × Information and communication ⇒ IoT
Pharmaceutical × Artificial intelligence ⇒ IT drug discovery
Materials × Artificial Intelligence ⇒ Development of new materials using AI
Medical x Artificial Intelligence ⇒ Diagnosis by AI
Anatomy × Mechanical Engineering ⇒ Wearable robot
Engineering × Food ⇒ Highly functional food

Our firm has patent attorneys and staff with a wide range of knowledge in information science (IT), life science, physical chemistry, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, etc., and we are able to meet your needs regarding intellectual property activities related to fusion technologies. We will respond to you. Please feel free to contact us.

Ph.D. (Agriculture) Atsushi Deji (belongs to Osaka Headquarters)

Interdisciplinary intellectual property information

-[Fusion technology TOPICS] (2021.12.20)New
 2021 BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR ~Protein structure prediction by AI~
・[Patent registration case] AI registered patent case Medication management case (2021.7.12)
 Patent No. 6888862: Medication management system
・[Patent registration case] Materials informatics case (2021.2.25)
 Patent No. 6842731: Production evaluation system, production evaluation method, and program
・Patent application technology trends in materials informatics (2021.1.18)
-Fusion technology registered patent cases vol.1 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.2 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.3 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.4 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.5 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.6 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.7 (2020.06.08)
-Fusion technology registered patent case vol.8 (2020.06.08)
・[Patent registration case] Materials informatics case (2019.10.07)
 Design new compounds that interact with proteins using learning models.

*For more detailed technology related to AI and IoT, please refer toAI×IoT Support OfficePlease refer to


Fusion technology support system

- Actively develop human resources capable of handling multiple specialized technical fields.
- Approximately 110 people in the patent strategy department (20 with doctoral degrees) cover all technical fields.
- Compatible with all fusion technologies

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