Government Office Support Office

Purpose of this support office

Since the establishment of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters in the Cabinet in March 11, Japan has placed emphasis on the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights, and has launched an intellectual property promotion plan every year. In addition to the Cool Japan Strategy, Intellectual Property Strategy Vision, emergency measures against pirated sites on the Internet, TPPXNUMX, etc., the Japan Patent Office announced the "Design Management Project" in XNUMX, and these activities will be implemented as a national policy. This shows that the need for an intellectual property strategy is increasing.

The background to this is China's aim to become the world's No. 1 intellectual property powerhouse in order to overcome the intensifying international competition brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the US's national policy and trade war to prevent this, as well as other factors seen around the world. There is a rise in protectionism, etc. The policy Japan should take in order to survive these turbulent times is to further strengthen its intellectual property strategy in order to survive international competition. To this end, it is essential that not only the Japanese government but also local governments, academia (research institutes), and even private companies work together to strengthen intellectual property capabilities as a national strength.

At our patent office, in order to strengthen our intellectual property capabilities both domestically and internationally with an eye to the future, we provide support to the following people, based on our extensive experience in government matters. Our patent office has offices in the main domestic locations of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima, so we are able to provide detailed support rooted in each region.

Head of office: Patent attorney Tomoharu Ishiguro (belongs to Tokyo headquarters)

Examples of people supported by this support office

Intellectual property activities of all ministries and agencies (acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights in Japan and abroad. Targeted at all ministries and agencies)
Intellectual property activities of each local government (acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights in Japan and abroad; applicable to all prefectures)
Intellectual property activities of each independent administrative agency (acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights in Japan and abroad)

Examples of cases in which this support office is actually engaged

In addition to general competitive bidding and designated competitive bidding from government agencies and independent administrative agencies, we also handle projects based on voluntary contracts. Our office has “Intellectual Property Contract Strategy Office'', we are able to handle various types of contract work related to intellectual property as well as various consultations regarding contracts with our firm.


Characteristics of the Government Office Support Office

・We bring together the full strength of our patent attorneys and staff who have extensive experience in handling government matters, and provide legal advice and services related to the acquisition and utilization of intellectual property rights. The Legal Strategy Department of our patent office has a total of over 30 experts in trademarks, designs, copyrights, intellectual property contracts, non-competition laws, etc.

・At our patent office, we leverage our experience in handling industrial property rights in a wide range of regions, from developed countries to the ASEAN region and developing countries, to improve our ability to handle intellectual property. We provide legal services based on our extensive track record and experience in acquiring and utilizing intellectual property rights all over the world, from developed countries to emerging countries.

・We have built an intellectual collaboration system among legal experts from all four locations: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. We are proud of our ability to respond and maneuver according to the characteristics of each region.

・Prior consultation regarding intellectual property is also available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.


Information on various support rooms, etc.

Trademark Support Office / Design Support Office

We support you in all situations, including creation and selection of trademarks (brands and naming), designs, obtaining rights, and troubleshooting.
We have a wealth of information on intellectual property not only in Japan but also in countries around the world, and based on our extensive experience, we will help you acquire rights.

Plant Variety Registration/Agribusiness consultation

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is carrying out a project to support plant variety registration applications overseas, and our office (Tokyo Headquarters/Osaka Headquarters) is acting as the "consultation desk" and "designated agent" for this project. This is one of the five offices selected.
At our patent office, we have established a consultation office related to plant variety registration and agribusiness based on our extensive experience. Please see below for details.

Regional Revitalization Intellectual Property Support Office

At our patent office, we utilize our background as a ``large-scale, international, comprehensive, and intellectual property firm'' to support local people who have unique features and unique technical capabilities derived from the characteristics of the region. Masu.
See below for details.

Academia Intellectual Property Strategy Office

As a business strategy advisor, our patent office strongly supports the intellectual property strategies of academia (public research institutions, universities, etc.) that are at the cutting edge of the times.

Free intellectual property consultation center

At our patent office, we have established a free intellectual property consultation office to support the acquisition and utilization of industrial property rights.

Intellectual property information

・Points to note when registering foreign trademarks that are different from those in Japan
・About submitting oath of use in foreign trademark application
・Lifting of the ban on non-exclusive licenses for well-known trademarks in the public interest (especially in relation to national and public university corporations)
・Regional revitalization content business and intellectual property rights

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