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Are you having trouble evaluating intellectual property in M&A?

In the M&A Support Office, intellectual property experts will strongly support your M&A success!


M&A, including carve-outs of business units, is actively carried out in various industries for the purpose of entering new businesses and markets, expanding overseas, and strengthening competitiveness both domestically and internationally. Particularly in Japan, where there are many small and medium-sized enterprises, it is expected to be a useful means of strengthening competitiveness against large companies and resolving succession issues.

For the success of M&A, business evaluation of the company and the target company is essential.Valuation of intellectual propertyis the key. Intellectual property due diligence, which involves investigating and evaluating intellectual property, is especially important on the buy side. Our M&A Support Office promises to help our clients succeed in M&A by supporting M&A from an intellectual property perspective.


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We accept all inquiries regarding intellectual property in M&A. In addition to intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, unfair competition, copyrights, and variety registrations, we can also handle licensing contracts, know-how, etc.

intellectual property consulting

From the perspective of intellectual property, our intellectual property experts provide powerful support as your business strategy advisors, from M&A strategy planning, negotiations, and contracts to post-M&A management strategy and PMI (Post Management Integration).

Intellectual property due diligence

Intellectual property due diligence to lead M&A to success, including investigation of essential patents for new business entry, investigation of intellectual property rights held by target companies, investigation of risks of intellectual property infringement litigation or employee invention litigation, governance investigation, etc. We will provide you with.

Obtaining and maintaining rights related to other intellectual property

We support the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights that increase corporate value.
We provide agency services such as domestic and international filing of patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, etc., intermediary support, pension management, etc.



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