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Globalization and invention

In recent years, the importance of patents has increased around the world. The number of patent applications in Japan remains at around 300,000 per year, and patent applications are filed in Japan from all over the world.

In order to obtain a patent in Japan, it is necessary to apply and receive registration at the Japan Patent Office. However, the procedure to obtain rights is complex and requires technical and legal expertise.

On the other hand, with globalization, it has become necessary to obtain patents overseas in order to advance into overseas markets and secure an advantage. However, in order to obtain a patent in a foreign country, documents are required in the language specified by each country's laws, and it is also necessary to follow each country's procedures.
In this way, in order to obtain a patent, it is necessary to bring together a variety of specialized knowledge, so many applicants delegate this to an agent.

Our office has an environment that allows us to obtain patents both domestically and internationally, and we are also able to carry out a wide range of services related to post-patent acquisition procedures, licensing, disputes, etc.

Our office is
(1) We have the specialized knowledge and know-how based on many years of experience necessary to obtain patents,
(2) Specialists who are familiar with all technical fields are employed full-time,
(3) Because we are a large office, we are able to respond to urgent cases regardless of technical field.
(4) As an international patent office, we are able to communicate accurately with overseas agents through collaboration between staff with advanced language skills and foreign staff.
(5) We work efficiently and quickly by collaborating with each country's support office depending on the case.

We are always striving to provide services that meet your expectations by making constant efforts to improve the quality of specifications and acquire specialized knowledge necessary for patent acquisition procedures.


About protection of inventions

When we talk about inventions, we often mean inventions in everyday life, but inventions in the legal sense refer to invisible technical ideas. Things that embody this will be sold on the market as inventions.

This technical idea is a type of information, so once the information is leaked, it becomes possible for others to act as if it were their own invention. Furthermore, once an invented product is sold, others can research the product and sell products with the same content, and because the research and development costs for the invention are not spent, the product can be sold at a lower price. It will be possible.

However, if we ignore the act of stealing ideas without permission or imitating other people's products without making any effort, no one will make new inventions and the development of science and technology will stagnate.

Therefore, a legal system is needed to protect inventions, which are invisible assets, as property rights. As a legal system, there is a law called the Patent Act, and a property right called a patent right protects inventions.

Patent rights arise when a patent application is filed and registered at the Japan Patent Office. Once patent rights arise, you can ask others who imitate your invention to stop selling them, and you can also seek compensation for any damage you may have suffered. In this way, patent rights are effective rights for protecting one's own inventions.