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"I want to use a logo that I am satisfied with as a symbol of my company's products and services with confidence."
I think there are many companies and individual business owners who think this way. But don't you have such worries?

I don't know where to ask first.
I am worried about the cost since I will be relying on a design firm or patent office.
What will happen to the copyright issue of the logo I have created?

For customers who have the above concerns, we recommend our one-stop service from logo creation to trademark registration. If you are interested, please take advantage of our free consultation. We will also be happy to arrange an interview upon request.


Features of our services

・One-stop service provided by a large-scale office reduces costs and provides detailed legal services.
・We will not leave any seeds of trouble later regarding copyright issues.
・As a business strategy advisor, I will also help with "brand strategy."
・A member of our patent office with design experience will be in charge of the logo design.
・Patent attorneys at our patent office handle everything from trademark research to application to registration (we handle not only domestic but also foreign matters).
・The copyright of the created logo will be transferred to the customer and we promise not to exercise any rights.

In order to achieve the goal of ``I want to use a satisfactory logo with peace of mind as a symbol of my company's products and services,'' it is necessary to take the following steps, but various problems arise at each step. We will continue to provide services at each stage so that you can continue to use your logo with peace of mind.


When creating the logo

(1) If you decide to hire a designer, you may be worried that the design fee will be expensive.
(2) If you do not conduct a trademark search when creating the logo, there is a risk that the completed logo may infringe on someone else's trademark rights.
(3) If you request both a designer and a patent office, there is a risk that costs will increase and it will take time.

We will respond to your request to start your business using the logo you have created as quickly as possible while keeping costs as low as possible.
With our one-stop service, costs can be reduced compared to multiple clients, and we can create logos and conduct trademark searches without wasting time.


Regarding the use of the completed logo

(1) If you do not register the created logo as a trademark, there is a risk that a third party will preemptively apply for it (existence of trademark broker)
(2) The copyright of a logo created by a designer belongs to the designer, so there is a risk of copyright dispute later (Hikonyan Incident, etc.)

In order to use the completed logo permanently in your business, you must register it as a trademark and clear any copyright issues with the designer.
With our one-stop service, we will file a trademark registration application in a timely manner after providing a logo that satisfies the customer. In addition, we will transfer the copyright of the logo mark created by our company to the customer, and provide a written promise not to exercise any non-transferable moral rights.


About brand strategy

(1) Concerns about maintaining trademark registration
(2) If a logo becomes famous, there is a risk of imitation damage.

Even if you receive a registered trademark, if it is not used properly, there is a risk that it will be canceled (trial for cancellation of non-use). In addition, if a trademark becomes famous, counterfeit trademarks may be used, which could even damage the company's credibility (an example of local gourmet foods that have become famous, such as ``Namie Yakisoba'' and ``Yokote Yakisoba'', suffered damage from counterfeiting. Such).

As a large-scale patent firm, we provide the necessary and sufficient legal services. For example, we will advise you as appropriate on how to use your registered trademark. In addition, in the event of counterfeit damage, we will take necessary measures, such as warning the other party and preparing for litigation, depending on the content of the consultation.


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