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An increasing number of Japanese companies are trying to find a way out of developed countries where economic growth has slowed and into emerging countries where future growth is expected. Brazil, Russia, India, and China (commonly known as BRICs) have vast land areas, abundant natural resources, and huge populations, as well as Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, and Turkey, which are said to be a group with the potential to follow BRICs. - Emerging countries such as Argentina (commonly known as VISTA) are currently attracting attention.

Obtaining intellectual property rights in developed countries remains as important as ever. However, protection of intellectual property in emerging countries will also become an important issue in the future. So why is intellectual property protection so important in emerging countries?

Countries called emerging countries currently have much higher economic growth rates than developed countries, and it is expected that domestic consumption will continue to increase and the income level of the people will continue to rise. Therefore, in emerging countries with large populations, the population with relatively high income levels will rapidly increase. (The total population of the four BRICs countries is approximately 2.7 billion people, accounting for approximately 45% of the world's population). This will create a huge market and represent a huge business opportunity for developed countries. Furthermore, judging from the long-term relationship between relative purchasing power parity and exchange rates, if emerging countries can maintain economic growth while maintaining low inflation rates, their currencies will eventually become relatively stronger as their economies develop ( In other words, the yen will become weaker), and if that happens, the profits from business in emerging countries will be even greater.

Many companies, both domestic and foreign, are entering this attractive market. Products that are successful in such markets are almost always imitated by third parties, and they lose their competitiveness as cheaper products are released one after another.

What is important here is the protection of intellectual property. By obtaining patent rights for methods and products based on excellent inventions, and design rights for excellent designs, we are granted exclusive rights in the country, making it possible to maintain a competitive edge in this attractive market. In addition, by acquiring trademark rights for company names and product names that embody business credibility, it is possible to use those names exclusively in that country, and protection from imitation is possible. If a court determines that a right has been infringed, the infringer can be ordered to be suspended from doing business by the national authority of that country, and it is also possible to sue for damages.

Using the experience and know-how we have cultivated over many years and our network with patent attorneys and lawyers around the world, we also support the acquisition of rights in emerging countries with remarkable economic development. If you are considering applying overseas, we would like you to actively consider applying to emerging countries.

Team Leader: Patent Attorney Masanori Kawato


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