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In recent years, open innovation has been attracting attention as a method for research and development and technology development, and intellectual property such as patents (open patents) that are ready for transfer or licensing are shared between companies, universities, and public research. It is becoming increasingly important to smoothly transfer information between institutions and companies, and to stimulate the creation of new businesses and new product development among small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this environment, our patent office strives to promote the distribution of intellectual property and hopes to assist you in your intellectual property and business strategies. We have decided to provide a series of services such as contract negotiations and conclusion of contracts when licensing, buying and selling personal property to other companies, universities, etc.

Deputy Director Patent Attorney Toshiro Kuroda

Specific details of the service (examples)


Consultation and negotiation services for technology transfer from multiple angles

Understanding the assets necessary for commercialization - technology, patents, know-how, etc.

It is important to understand what kind of technology is required for commercialization and commercialization. First, it is important to analyze and consider your company's patent network and understand what technologies and peripheral technologies are necessary for commercialization and commercialization, and what technologies are lacking. Next, find out if these technologies are protected by patents and who owns them. In other words, our main focus is not on acquiring patents per se, but rather on buying, selling, and licensing of patents in order to acquire and utilize the technology protected by patents.
Furthermore, even if a technology is acquired, it is meaningless if there is no environment in which to implement it. Therefore, when purchasing and licensing patents, it is necessary to exchange know-how, methods, manuals, etc. for manufacturing and sales. In this case, we may consider signing a confidentiality agreement. We support the realization of effective technology transfer so that a series of assets such as technology, patents, and know-how can be organically combined and demonstrate their true value.


The importance of three-party collaboration

For commercialization, three roles are essential: those who develop the technology, those who promote and sell the technology, and those who embody the technology. For example, the division of roles involves licensing the manufacturing rights for technologies developed by research institutions to companies to ensure stable manufacturing, and recruiting buyers to sell and manufacture the technologies through information sessions and exhibitions. Granting sales rights to trading companies and expanding sales opportunities is also an opportunity to expand your business.


the other party in the negotiation

As you know, the other party is important in a transaction. When transferring technology, it is important to communicate the commercialization concept to the management and planning departments who are exploring how the technology can be used. This is because the management department, planning department, etc. have the ability to come up with ideas and realize how to generate profits from technology, and they also have the authority to make decisions.


Validity of rights

Since technology is protected by patents, if there is a reason for the patent to be invalidated, the transaction of the technology in question will be canceled, which will have a major impact on the negotiation process. Our firm provides investigation services from the aspect of patent validity.


Perspective from the customer's perspective

As in the example above, our firm examines matters from a variety of angles, and of course the matters to be considered will differ depending on the position and circumstances of the buyer/receiver. Our firm takes the customer's perspective and provides advice on technology transfer that meets their needs.


Services related to realizing technology transfer

We provide services for the conclusion of sales contracts, licensing contracts, and other contracts for the following intellectual property rights or technical secrets, as well as services for registration procedures with the Patent Office, etc. (However, we provide services for registration procedures with the Patent Office, etc.) (We cannot accept requests for matters that are restricted.)

・Utility model
(*The above four can be licensed with registered rights as well as pending intellectual property)
・Trade secrets, technical secrets, know-how
・New plant varieties
・Circuit layout
・Works (works stipulated in the Copyright Act)

We can handle license agreements not only between domestic companies and universities, but also between foreign companies and universities and Japanese companies and universities.


Advantages of introducing intellectual property

・Compared to developing the intellectual property necessary for a new business or new product in-house from the beginning, it is possible to commercialize and commercialize it in a shorter period of time (speeding up commercialization and commercialization).

・Compared to developing the intellectual property necessary for a new business or new product in-house, in terms of research and development costs, only a relatively low license fee is required (reduction of investment risk).

・By directing the R&D costs saved by licensing to the development of next-generation technology, it is possible to increase the technological level (improvement of technological capabilities).

・Since the product is protected by licensed intellectual property, it has strong market competitiveness and can protect the market from price attacks by similar counterfeit products (gaining market competitiveness).


Advantages of deriving intellectual property

・Unused intellectual property is a non-performing asset that only requires maintenance costs, but if it is released (licensed) and used by other companies, it becomes an asset that generates income (earning license income). .

- Increasing the presence of universities in the region by making their intellectual property available to local companies and contributing to improving and revitalizing the region's technological level (returning the research results of universities, etc. to the region).

・Opening up intellectual property and increasing the number of companies that utilize technology is proof of the high level and excellence of technological development capabilities, and can be expected to contribute to improving the image of companies and universities and have a publicity effect (technical capabilities appeal).



Prices vary depending on the details of your request, so please contact us and we will give you a quote. We can also work within the amount you have suggested.


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