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Search & Analysis Services for Clients Outside Japan

1. JP Patent Clearance Searches / Invalidity Searches for Japanese Literature

Our firm handles all manner of patent searches and analysis, including the above two representative examples. Our large-scale firm has a great number of patent attorneys and technical staff with expertise in myriad technical fields. This allows us to select an expert with relevant experience in the field of the requested search, to carry out search, analysis, or assessment with a high level of quality and accuracy .

2. Analysis by Practitioners with Expert Knowledge of JP Office Actions

The staff that handle searches at our firm are not persons who perform only searches, but rather are experienced practitioners who are well-versed in a wide variety of work related to obtaining and exercising patent rights, including the application process, prosecution, invalidation procedures, and provision of expert legal opinions .

This enables us to propose optimal search methods that suit our clients' needs, and to offer high-quality analysis and assessments.

3. Reports in English and Chinese

Our firm includes many international staff members, including Chinese patent attorneys, that can assist you in languages other than Japanese. Please let us know if you require search reports in a language other than Japanese.

Please direct estimate requests or any other questions to the email address below.

Email :


Achievement in Creation of Stronger Intellectual Property -"HARAKENZO more " will protect your intellectual property making full use of our prominent research skills and accurate analysis-

image001Consistent with the recent globalization, intellectual property is increasingly considered of value as a management tool. In order to utilize intellectual property as a legally protected right, not as a know-how right, it is generally required in every country to pass several procedures, i.e., application, examination and registration to finally obtain the right. However, it is necessary to take complicated steps to obtain the right, which also comes at a high cost. Thus, from the standpoint of efficiently completing procedures and preventing extra costs, search, analysis and patent mapping play important roles.
Careful attention should be paid to competitors' application trends, and it is also necessary to make enough preparations in case of a conflict arising from an infringement of rights. It would also be possible to keep an eye on the trend of your competitors' applications through appropriate search and analysis. If a conflict occurs, a legal opinion of the right, etc. based on a thorough search and analysis will be useful. Patent mapping, which analyzes the collected information from various points of view, is useful for not only understanding past trends, but also for predicting future trends.

Further, when you develop a new product, it is very important to consider the possibility of infringement of your intellectual property by other companies at every stage, from planning the development theme to the production and sales of the final product, and to avoid these conflicts in advance.
Therefore, at various stages, before application to after patent grant, or from planning of the development theme to the production and sales of the final product, "Search, Analysis and Patent Mapping" will be necessary.
"HARAKENZO more " have started our new service, "Search, Analysis and Patent Mapping ", and more than ever we endeavor to provide you with procedural support for obtaining intellectual property and the protections thereof. By making full use of our accumulated search skills, we guarantee to provide you with search and analysis services responsive to your individual needs.


List of Search and Analysis Services

*The following lists are indicated by way of example only.

Flow of Search and Analysis

Inquiries/requests about Search and Analysis

Please contact us at:

e-mail: (About patent/utility model search)

e-mail: (About trademark/design search)

Facsimile: +81-6-6351-5664

Features of Our Firm

"HARAKENZO more " provide high quality services through the combination of accumulated expertise in research and broad range of analytical skills attributable to being an international Intellectual Property Law Firm.
・Because we are an international firm doing patent agent business globally, we are able to conduct search and analysis taking into account of both national and international applications.
・The essence of our advanced understanding of technical features of inventions and holding a high level of analytical skills to conduct an on-target search and analysis derives from our experienced patent attorneys and patent strategy department staffs.
・With experienced engineers conducting the searches and our patent attorneys evaluating/judging the results, we are able to provide advanced and strategic one-stop search, analysis and patent mapping services.
"HARAKENZO more " provide total support for the establishment of a patent blanket. From making a specification of the invention to obtaining the right, in which the patent attorneys/technical experts conducting the search work for your application strategies, such as attending an invention discovery meeting, etc.
・Via our global network of foreign patent attorneys we are able to easily collect worldwide information and references on intellectual property.
・Our vastly experienced internal translators provide high quality translation of the references and reports of the search results.
"HARAKENZO more " provide flexible, customer-focused services that respond to individual requests.
Ex) "HARAKENZO more " could provide various searches even if they are not in the above list, " List of Search and Analysis Services ".
"HARAKENZO more " could comply with your requests about search method and time limit, etc.
"HARAKENZO more " are able to provide choices for a special search method, in which you are able to customize the type and contents of the search and analysis according to your subject.

Ex) - In the case of conducting a combination search between the search before filing an application and the technological trend search of competitors;
Through the search of effectiveness of your application as well as the search for technological trends or application trends of the competitors in comparison with your company, you will be able to comprehend the effectiveness of your own application more exactly.

- In the case of conducting a combination search and analysis between the trademark registration application trend of competitors and information on intellectual property systems in certain countries;
as a result of the search and analysis for the trend of international trademark registration applications of major companies, it turns out that a number of the applications are filed in a certain country/ region, and it is generally considered that the country/region is an attractive market where the actual market development has already been done regarding the subject products. Then, we will collect the information on the intellectual property systems in such country/region, and in view of the search result, you will be able to establish your strategies for intellectual property.


Competent researchers in our firm, i.e., patent attorneys, technical experts, specialized staff with expertise and experience in patent and trademarks, as well as highly experienced researchers, will cooperate with each other to conduct the search and analysis. Based on the contents of your request the appropriate researcher(s) will be selected.


Since the fees will vary depending on the contents and the report forms of the search and analysis, please contact us with the details and we will provide you with a cost estimation. It is also possible to conduct a search and analysis within your desired scope and/or budget.

Due date

"HARAKENZO more " make sure to provide the search report by the designated deadline.
Depending on the contents of the search, we may require some time to complete a satisfactory search. Your kind understanding in this regard is highly appreciated.
Ex) In the case of a trademark search:
Online search - report within 3 working days
Full search - report within 5 working days
Figure search - negotiable


Takaaki KOJIMA
General Manager
Patent Search Team Leader / DX & IT IP Information Station Manager
Senior Specialist

Takaaki KOJIMA majored in aeronautic engineering and has research experiences in control engineering, artificial intelligence, and man-machine interface. He handles intellectual property cases in IT, communications network, user interface, business model, and other fields.

With the abundant business experiences throughout physical fields particularly in the IT field, I will provide advices to dig up inventions and acquire firm protection of rights. Please do not hesitate to ask me on such IP cases. I also have abundant experiences as a patent searcher. I will be of service also in the patent search.


General Manager <in the field of Chemistry and Biology>
Patent&Trademark Attorney / Specially Qualified Attorney For Infringement Litigation

Morio NAKAO, born in 1978, obtained a Master of Environmental Engineering from Osaka University. His specialty covers Biotechnology, high polymer chemistry and Environmental Sanitary Engineering.

I will make the most of my variety of experiences so as to contribute to our clients’ benefit.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems concerning intellectual property such as patent, design, and trademark.


Naoyuki TAKENO
Representative of Hiroshima Office
General Manager
Patent&Trademark Attorney

Mr. TAKENO, born in 1970, holds a bachelor’s degree in material engineering.
He is mainly in charge of machinery, control, electricity & electronics, and information technology.

With the recent growth of importance of intellectual property right, it has been essential to construct an appropriate intellectual property strategy from the technical and legal points of view. Under this circumstance, I will continue to develop myself in order to be able to sincerely respond to our clients’ requests.