Our firm provides a variety of intellectual property services in the following fields with highly specialized staff.

Foreign related IT related Bio related Academia related Startup related Agribusiness related Counterfeit products related


Foreign related

Foreign Support Office

Through collaboration between foreign staff and Japanese staff belonging to our office, we are able to acquire and utilize intellectual property rights in 11 countries/regions for clients in Japan, as well as intellectual property rights in Japan for clients from 11 countries/regions. We have built a team system to support the acquisition and utilization of rights.

IT related

IoT x AI Support Station

The IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), which are at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation (DX), are now indispensable for every business, and the importance of intellectual property is increasing. is increasing. Our support office supports customers' intellectual property strategies related to IoT and AI.

SEP/Standardization Operations Support Office

Regarding patents that are essential for standardized technologies and products (standard essential patents: SEPs), it is essential to understand the legal requirements and FRAND conditions in addition to market trends. Our support office provides various intellectual property services related to SEP licenses, such as license negotiations and dispute resolution support.

DX, IT intellectual property information

We post intellectual property information related to DX, IT, and software. Please refer to the materials that are of interest to you.

Virtual Space Intellectual Property Strategy Support Office

While virtual space has the potential to become a new market that provides unprecedented value, the legal framework surrounding intellectual property rights in virtual space is still in the process of development. Our support office works with customers who conduct business in virtual space to understand problems and propose solutions.

e-IP analysis desk

We analyze patent applications in the intellectual property field and provide intellectual property trend analysis reports that provide clues to your company's weaknesses and strengths relative to competitors, companies that are ahead of your company, and companies that can complement your technology. Masu.

Bio related

Bio IP Information

We post bio-related intellectual property information and related court decisions. Please refer to the materials that are of interest to you.

Food and Medical Support Station

In the medical, nursing care, food, and pharmaceutical fields, strategies are required because intellectual property is handled in a complex manner, including patents in a wide range of fields, patents with extremely high value, brands, and designs. Our support office brings together staff with extensive experience in various fields to meet your needs.

SDGs x Intellectual Property Support Station

In order to contribute to our clients' efforts towards the SDGs, our firm provides various SDG-related services, such as preparing patent specifications that clearly state our contribution to achieving the SDGs and utilizing WIPO GREEN, an online platform for environment-related technologies. We provide intellectual property services to our customers.

Academia related

Academia Intellectual Property Strategy Office

Joint research agreements are established by practitioners with doctoral degrees in each field and patent attorneys who are familiar with the actual situation of intellectual property in academia, in order to balance the discovery of research results at academic and research institutions with research activities such as presentations at academic conferences. We provide support including legal matters such as legal matters and license agreements.

Quantum Technology Support Office

In our support office, in the field of quantum technology, which has made remarkable progress in recent years and has reached the stage of looking ahead to practical application, our staff who are well-versed in the field of quantum technology provide invention consultation, so that we can acquire strong intellectual property in the future market. We support various operations such as acquiring and utilizing rights.

Startup related

Venture/cocreation Support Station

HARAKENZO IP ValueUP! In terms of services, we improve the market value of startup companies that create new business models, make intellectual property useful for raising funds, and work together as a team to support them all the way to exit.

Online IP Department

By utilizing an online reservation system and web conference system, a service that allows customers who do not have an intellectual property representative or customers who have never consulted a patent firm to consult about intellectual property rights easily and easily. is.

Amazing DX

Through the collaboration of AI (artificial intelligence) and patent attorneys specializing in trademarks, this is a new information provision service that reduces time and costs to the utmost while handling everything from searches for similar trademarks, domestic and international applications, and post-registration management.

Agribusiness related

Plant Variety Registration/Agribusiness consultation

Experts in all types of intellectual property rights, including not only plant variety registration, but also trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, know-how, etc., provide advice on agriculture-related intellectual property rights, which change day by day, both technologically and institutionally. We will help you.

Local market intellectual property patrol

From the perspective of protecting the agriculture-related intellectual property that our customers own, we look at the distribution status of vegetables, fruits, and plants in local markets in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and their surrounding areas through the eyes of experts in agriculture-related intellectual property. We will patrol and collect various information on behalf of our customers.

Geographical Indication Protection Consultation Office

Geographical indications (GIs) can be protected from a different perspective than trademarks such as regional collective trademarks, and can also help consumers recognize the origin and quality of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food products. We will support you in applying for registration in the protection system.

Regional Revitalization Intellectual Property Support Office

Our support office provides one-stop information, consultation, and support opportunities related to intellectual property, so that unique technical capabilities, know-how, brand power, and other features that take advantage of regional characteristics can be linked to regional revitalization. Our aim is to help customers outside of metropolitan areas effectively utilize their intellectual property.

Counterfeit products related

Online IP Patrol

With the recent spread of the Internet, there is a risk that infringing acts may occur not only in Japan but also overseas, but it is not easy to keep track of all infringing acts. At our firm, we will investigate the status of infringement and take effective legal action against infringing companies and individuals on your behalf.

Import-Export Suspension Support

The distribution of counterfeit products not only reduces sales and damages your brand power, but also puts your company at risk of getting involved in problems related to counterfeit products. Our support office supports measures against counterfeit products to protect your company and your customers.